Q&A With the Mods! by Ebonyrain

Ebonyrain interviews some of the mods!

The Blogclan that the mods see and experience is very much different from what the everyday user sees, and a lot of the differences are shrouded in mystery. Unfortunately, most of us will never get the chance to mod comments, so today I, Ebonyrain, brought three of Blogclan’s very own speedy mods, Viperfrost, Cheetahspark, and Goldenfawn, to answer questions that you guys submitted! Hopefully this clears up a lot of misconceptions and you find this interview enjoyable. Let’s begin!

EBAY: Wolfspirit asks “Do mods have any secret pages that other Blogclanners don’t know about? You don’t have to say what it is but I’ve heard something like that before… I’ve heard of a moddo HQ, so is there anything like that?”

VIPER: Well Rainie has a bunch of pages that she concealed from me. How dare she :c

CHEETAH: There is technically a page only mods can access but that’s only for like… information about Blogteam, and we never use it.

VIPER: Yeah. I didn’t even see that page or know it existed until a year into my modship so…

GOLDI: It’s much less interesting than it’s made out to be.

CHEETAH: We talk about mod-related business on another platform, though :))

EBAY: So Briarpaw has asked, “Any tips for taking over the purrs?”

VIPER: So first you kill the current leader-

CHEETAH: I personally don’t like… take over the purrs on purpose. It just happens. I never understood the struggle with the purrs, but good luck in your journeys I guess?

GOLDI: Comment in a very quick succession while a mod is online and also bribe us.

VIPER: Yes please bribe us.

EBAY: Willowkit asks, “How many comments do you mod daily?”

GOLDI: That’s hard.


EBAY: I need exact numbers only. No rounding.

VIPER: 6,542

CHEETAH: Uhh 102-ish

GOLDI: 200

VIPER: It depends.

GOLDI: If cleaning out the spam folder counts like 600.

EBAY: Blueheart asks, “Do you ever miss just checking the blog?”


VIPER: No because I never really checked all the pages because I’m a socially awkward little gremlin.

GOLDI: If I don’t want to mod comments I won’t 😛

CHEETAH: Y’all don’t go through every single page of the tavern but forget to reply?

VIPER: Nooooo

CHEETAH: Hmm I don’t really miss it because now I know when someone’s replied to me, and I still go through pages.

EBAY: Monkeypaw asks, “How are mods so speedy?”

VIPER: We’re actually born with an innate ability to shove children out of the way while we mod comments.

GOLDI: It’s just our thing.

CHEETAH: I’m just so bored all the time that I mindlessly refresh my dashboard over and over again.

EBAY: Flamecloud, Crookedmoon, Pineblossom, and Valkyrie ask, “What is the best part of being a mod?”

GOLDI: Making friends! Opening chat has opened a lot of conversations and friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise.

VIPER: My favorite part is slowly taking over the blog as I prepare them for my plans.

CHEETAH: I have no idea. All of the parts.

EBAY: Next question. Flamecloud asks, “What does the extra special modding screen look like?”

VIPER: I would show you but I wouldn’t want to dox somebody by accident.

CHEETAH: I can’t post a screenshot because there are IP addresses, but we have like a dashboard, a comment section, a posts section, etc.

GOLDI: And on the side we have a thing for like everything, so like for adding posts, the calendar, forms…

Ebay insert: I believe it’s just the regular account dashboard we all have but with a few extras.

EBAY: Stormtail asks, “Why did you apply to be a mod?”

CHEETAH: Because why not? Stormtail why wouldn’t you apply to be a mod?

VIPER: I applied because there were applications. I operate on the principle of not wanted to regret missed opportunities, so I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring. I didn’t think I’d even be considered as an option, but here I am so-

GOLDI: I applied because I wanted to be helpful and stuff.

EBAY: Valkyrie asks, “When did you first become a mod in Blogclan?”

VIPER: Um all of us were 2019.

GOLDI: …I’m gonna go check.

VIPER: May 2019.
Goldi you literally-
we all became-
it was the same-

GOLDI: I WANT TO SEE THE DAY. Ok it was April. April 12th, 2019.

VIPER: Cheetah: I became a mod when I emerged from the netherverse in the year 3000 B.C.

CHEETAH: Whoops I disappeared what did I miss?

EBAY: It’s okay Viper answered for you.

EBAY: Shadefrost asks, “What went through your mind when you were announced as one of the new chosen mods?”

CHEETAH: I remember feeling similar to what a heart attack would feel like. That made no sense-

VIPER: My heart stopped for a full second.

GOLDI: I slammed my knee into the table and I was in class.

VIPER: I also thought my world was going to explode because my childhood dream was achieved.

GOLDI: At first I looked at the list and thought I didn’t get it because I saw Viper as the allegiances mod so I was like why is Icy being cruel, but then I saw.

EBAY: Blueheart asks, “What is your favorite icecream flavor?”


CHEETAH: Jslajklaj same Viper!!! Mint chocolate chip is the best.

VIPER: YES CHEETAH. Who cares about being a mod when you can get ice cream recommendations.

GOLDI: Neapolitan or cotton candy.

VIPER: I’ve never had cotton candy.

GOLDI: What? How dare you. Goldi walks out of article.

EBAY: Falconpaw asks, “Viper, did you really kill the tulips?”

VIPER: It was actually the mod team. They’re framing me. I know for a fact that [REDACTED] stomped on at least five tulips and [REDACTED] killed their leader. Question them about these crimes.

EBAY: I’ll have to redact these names…

VIPER: You’re suppressing the truth :c

CHEETAH: I did what now? I love tulips.

EBAY: Ok Shatteredmask asks, “What does this mean: ^W^”

CHEETAH: I have no idea.

GOLDI: Yeah I don’t know.

VIPER: It’s actually a symbol of Bob’s rebellion. It shows to the other rebels that a meeting is scheduled in a quarter moon. All such symbols should be obliterated at first sight. Wait where did you find this? What, who are you? You’re not Ebay-

That wraps up the first ever mod Q&A, and I hope everyone learned just a little bit more about what it’s like to be a mod and have realised that mod or not, we’re all just using a site we love! If you have any more questions, remember that you can always ask them on the Ask Blogteam page or see if you could contact any of them directly. Thank you Viper, Goldi, and Cheetah for letting me interview you and for everywhere who submitted questions. I hope you all have a splendid day!

CHEETAH: ebony has been taking away my human right to not use proper capitalization and punctuation this entire article for the sake of “looking professional” and i will not stand for it, i am nothing without the blanket of lowercase letters

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