Cadvent 14

There are twinkly lights all over my house. 🌟 So let’s get started so I can share my twinkly merriment.

Iceflower found this picture. It’s just perfect. ☃️

And Moonspirit drew this fabulous kitty, the bestower of all candy canes. 💖

Here’s Pineblossom’s brother’s dog, Scooter. He is just adorable. “He loves bandannas so he’s donning a special one for the season :D” Thanks, Pinestripe 🥰

And here is a gorgeous picture found by Rosettestream. ❄️

And, finally, a perfectly seasonal picture found by Starkit. 🎄

Thank you all for five more fantastic contributions to Cadvent. You keep making it merrier ❤️🌟


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