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My least favourite to favourite cats by Crystalpaw

Crystalpaw shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello It’s Crystalpaw, and I’m going to show you my favourite cats to least favourite.This is my first article, hope you like it! 10 is highest and -5 is lowest. A tiny bit of spoilers.
10: I don’t actually have a favourite cat.
9: Half moon, brave and nice cat. Awesome leader. Love the JayfeatherxHalfmoon ship, one of my favourites.
8: Spottedleaf, awesome cat! I don’t like the SpottedleafxFirestar ship though
8: Onewhisker (not Onestar, because he is bad.)
8: Ravenpaw, Ravenpaw is nice, and I just like him.
8: Cinderpelt, I mean who doesn’t like this awesome medicine cat?
7: Hollyleaf, even though she killed Ashfur, she was an awesome and loyal cat. It was really brave of her to sacrifice herself for Ivypool.
7: Ivypool, risked he life each time she went into the dark forest, and also risked her life when she betrayed them. I think she is one of the bravest warriors.
7: Cinderheart, A remake version of the awesome medicine cat, she deserved to have her second life.
7: Sorleltail, I know her as a cat who has had a lot of kits, she is nice and she lost a lot, but still fought.
7: Leafpool, great sister, died well trying to save kits from a rock fall.
7: Jayfeather, awesome cat due to blindness, and I like his sarcasm.
7: Bluestar, I actually like Bluestar, but not after Tigerclaw became her deputy
7: Shadowsight, I like the medicine cat, a lot actually.
7: Lionheart: Loyal and good warrior.
6: Squirrelflight, nice sister, I like her.
6: Bramblestar, he is ok.
5: Lionblaze, meh pretty good but not to good.
5: Poppyfrost, don’t know much about him, but he is good!
5: Redtail, you figure more about him in Bluestar’s prophecy, and ya he is a pretty good warrior.
4: Dovewing *sigh* she just isn’t that good, everybody likes her, and I don’t like that. “I am the ruler of ThunderClan!” She’s just bad.
3: Breezepelt, he is mean and tried to kill Jayfeather and Poppyfrost. Why dose he have to be so mean to Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze?
3: Berrynose, He is mean, I just don’t like his personality.
2: Ashfur, I hate Ashfur, everybody thinks he I should possessing Bramblestar, and that seems like something he would do, he kinda belongs in the dark forest.
2: Rainflower, she only cares about good looks, like when her son, Crookedstar, fell and broke his jaw she didn’t care about her anymore, like who does that?
2: Appledusk, he basically started the dark forest. Let me tell you how, since he was such a bad mate, and was ‘loyal’ to his clan, he made Mapleshade angry, also if he wasn’t there Mapleshade wouldn’t have had his kits so he wouldn’t have been exiled from his clan. Now with no Mapleshade, there wouldn’t be a Thisleclaw, and with no Thisleclaw or Mapleshade, there would be no Tigerstar, with out a Tigerstar there would be no Darktail (I know Darktail doesn’t have anything to do with the dark forest though.) With also no Tiger star there would be no Hawkfrost, and that’s how Appledusk basically made the dark forest.
1: Mapleshade, I fell sorry, for her but at the same time I HATE her.
1: Crowfeather, he is not a good dad, broke the warrior code, He is not nice to Breezepelt, and I think Breezepelt, would be an OK cat, if his dad wasn’t so bad.
1: Tigerheartstar, They are literally afraid of him in Squirrelflight’s hope, and in other books, to. He broke the warrior code by leaving the clan. He cares to much about Dovewing, like, When a cat got hit in the head by a tree (or something like that) he went over to Dovewing, who was perfectly fine, and asked her if she was fine. Didn’t care about the pour cat who got hit in the head by a tree, he even kind of killed him by lettting him hunt in a tree.
-1: Clawface, he killed one of my favourite cats!
-1: Darkstripe, he didn’t really kill a cat, I think he TRIED to, but he is mean, don’t like him.
-2: Thistleclaw, just evil and wrong.
-3: Hawkfrost, helped train in the dark forest, tried to kill cats, almost all the dark forest cats have the same description, because they all tried to kill cats, and are evil.
-4: Tigerclawstar who doesn’t hate him? He tried to take over ThuderClan, and kill Bluestar!
-4: Scourge, I guess I like him a bit more then -4 (to lazy to change) but I still hate him.
-5 Darktail, he tried to kill and take over the Clans! He literally destroyed ShadowClan!
Hope you enjoyed! (I didn’t really like it)

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