My top 10 faveorite noncannon ships and why they didnt happen by Shinepaw

Shinepaw shares their favourite non-canon ships. Which of these do you like?

Art by Hoverpelt

hello! this is my very first post on blogclan! anyways hope you enjoy the list! this is comletely my opinion so im sorry if you favorite ship is not on here!

10. mothpool (mothwing x leafpool) –
i think this ship is a amazing idea but there is a ton of things that would keep it from being a good ship not just the fact that they arent medicene cats
9. dasytail (dasiy x cloudtail)
this ship way a one way ship dasiy loved cloudtail so much but cloudtail was alrady taken by brightheat so this ship never happened
8. halffeather (jayfeather x halfmoon )
this ship is so cute!! i think it would have become real if jay feather was a acinent cat and wasnt just there for a littel while

7. heatherlion (heatherpaw x lionnpaw)
this ship would defintly happened if it wasnt for tigerstar and hawkfrost forseing lionpaw to stop meeting heatherpaw in the tunnels and trin with them

6. fallenleaf (fallen leaves x hollyleaf)
this ship is adorable even more so in the novella hollyleafs journy and fallen leves reaction when she died in the last hope is heart breaking.

5, velvetheart (velvet x alderheart)
very cute but i think alderheart never would stop being a medicene cat and velvet would never stop being a kittypet

4. sorrelpool (sorreltail x leafpool) –
this ship is very very close to being number 3 but i think that when they became friends sorreltail was already starting to have intrest in brackenfur so this ship never really reached its full potintal

3. briarjay (briarlight x jayfeather)-
i love this ship but i did some reasherch in the books and i relized why this ship never happened . briarlight always felt that she was getting in the way of jayfeather in the medicene den and i belive this is why this ship never happed

2. bluetail (bluefur(star) x rosetail)
this ship is a great ship rosetail was always the one bluefur(Star) turned to for comfurt when her family died, sadly rosetail always wanted her to get together with thrushpelt this is why i belive this ship never happened

1. cinderleaf (cinderheart x hollyleaf)-
i know this ship is not as common but i absolutly love this ship!!! these cats are the best of friends intill hollyleaf killed ashfur and ran away into the tunnels. when she comes back cinderheart is already with lionblaze i belive if she hadent run away this ship would happened

anyways i hope you enjoyed my very first post and have a great day!

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