Cadvent 15

Today we have a good helping of 🐈 + 🎄which makes me very happy.

Our first picture of the day was found by Riverfrost. A cat has to be the best tree ornament ever, 💖

A BlogClan cat next 🥳 This Redblaze’s other cat, Misty (Do you remember Merlin?) What a pair of gorgeous cats. 🌟

I love this next picture, found by Needlepaw. Such blue eyes! And so snowy ☃️

Mojocloud found the next one. Sci-fi seasonal cats. I love this one too. 🌟

And, finally, another tree cat, found this time by Flowerpaw. This kittypet looks utterly blissful, as would any cat in the sparkliest place in the world. 🎄

Thank you, everyone, for these lovely picture. I am feeling the Holidays now and it’s making my toes tingle with excitement. ❤️


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