5 fav couples and least fav by Mangonose

Mangonose lists their favourite and least favourite couples from the series.

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

lol i spent like 2 hours writing a trash article im not posting :”3

anyways, welcome to my article, were i talk about cats uwu

ok ill stop im srry

sooo, i have mixed feelings about shipping in warriors. i like it, but im also no crazy about it

so lets not waste anymore space, and ill WRITE

starting with my least favs:

5. Thornclaw and Blossomfall
so ik nobody rlly cares about this ship, but i do
i hate the age difference. i rlly do. it sucks, and it can die. its ganna gross.
like c’mon blossom, hes more than twice ur age. hes like less than a year older than firestar, srsly

anyways i wont rant on this for too long

4. Reedfeather and Fallowtail
so ik we barley get to know anything about this pairing, but i already dont like it. i dont think there good for eachother. think about it, fallow has his kits, he steals them from her, fallow says having kits with him was a mistake, and then they go there separate ways, probably never thought of eachother again, and probably never loved eachother
this is like the smallest forbidden romance story that bugs me more than it should

3. Leopardfoot and Pinestar
again. age difference.

2. Reedshine and Appledusk
Appledusk sucks. any ship with appledusk sucks.

honorable mentions:
Spottedleaf and Firestar
Thistleclaw and Snowfur
Goldenflower and Tigerclaw

1. isssssssssssss

yea so another one we dont get much info on
its pretty much the same story with fallowtail and reedfeather but worse

they love eachother, and then smokey has his kits, and constantly bugs him to take in her and darktail
and then when he makes in clear he wants nothing to do with them anymore, she turns darktail evil. bet ur very proud of urself smokey, best mother ever

now before i do this, some of these wont be canon, like bluefur and rosietail, or ivypool and hollyleaf

5. hollyleaf and cinderheart
i think these two are rlly cute, and during hollyleafs story she mostly thought of how much she missed cinderheart, and they always had eachothers backs during PO3

4. longtail and mousefur
idrk if this counts as a ship, but i ship it
mousefur was like the most stubborn elder ever, and then longtail brought the light out of her
and when longtail died, just aaaaaaaah mousefurrrrrr
also it was awesome to see in squirrelflights hope them being warriors together and training and dandelionkit and juniperkit

3. FirestoRm
yes i love themm
there awesome 2gether
just being like “i hate u” for the first two books and then having two kits XD

2. JayxHalf
ik a lot of ppl dont think that the development is good, but halfmoon rlly brings out the light in jayfeather, and even grumpy jayfeather gets that he loves her, and i think its rlly sweet (plus jayfeather is epicly awesome)

honorable mentions:
willowbreeze and crookedstar

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  • Everyoen has opinions! I keep reminding myself. *Sister holds back from tearing the screen up with bare hands* *Sister then lets me punch her amazing punching bag pillow and relax* Whew so….. I’m A BIG SHIPPER OF SPOTTEDXFIRE!!!!!!! All I had to do is read Spottedleaf’s Heart. But ThistlexSnow is NOT MEANT TO BE!!! Who killed Thistleclaw? I know by a RiverClan patrol, but who sunk their amazing claws into his throat? I’ll love them forever!!!! Lovely article!

  • I agree with everything you said except hollyxcinder, probably bc im a big cinderxlion shipper. I do feel like it is a big bromance between them. Honestly, I didn’t like thornclaw and blossomfall either, but I don’t get firexspotted, probably bc I haven’t read Spottedleafs Heart yet.

  • I like and dislike all the same I also really like JayxHalf and HollyxFallen