Cadvent 16

Welcome to the sixteenth day of Cadvent. I hope you’re all merry and bright. We have some chilly kitties today, which seems apt since I’m currently writing a leaf-bare scene for Leopardstar’s Honor. (BTW You’d be surprised just how many ways there are to misspell Leopardstar.) 🐈

Our first picture was found by Coldheart, though I’m sure these cats have warm hearts despite their cold paws. 💖

Minktail found the next picture, a pretty little tortoiseshell 🌟

Next we have a BlogClan pet. She lives with Pinestripe. “This is my cat Kisa enjoying the Christmas tree. She’s always loved Christmas.” What a beautiful cat. And very wise. 🎄

Wavesplash found these very chilly cats. Brrr.

And here is a video discovered by an old BlogClan friend, Sundance. A Christmas tree that must surely have been designed especially for cats. 🎄

Thank you, all, for you pictures. I hope tomorrow to bring you cosier cats to warm the final few days before the Holidays. ☃️


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