Did Mapleshade deserve to be in the Dark Forest? by Emberfern

Emberfern wonders if Mapleshade really deserved to enter the Dark Forest.

Art by Mythic Flame

Hi! Emberfern here, I’m new to BlogClan so I’ll try to be as modest as possible here, since I’m only a young warrior.
Mapleshade killed cats, yes, but she was driven by grief and fear, which she let get ahold of her. A true warrior is doesn’t let things like sadness cloud their judgement, but to be fair, her three small kits had drowned and Appledusk left her for Reedshine. Her heart was empty and full of anger at Appledusk for lying to her, saying that he loved her and only her when in reality he loved Reedshine more, and anger at Ravenwing, who denied her kits of a safe, secure future in ThunderClan—or a life at all, for that matter— and anger at Frecklewish for standing by and leaving Mapleshade and her three kits Petalkit, Patchkit and Larchkit to drown in the river.
Anyone could say, “oh, I saw RiverClan warriors on the other side of the bank. I thought they’d be okay.”
No. Clearly they were not okay. And the three kits— how could any true warrior stand by and watch a queen and her kits struggle?! Frecklewish broke the warrior code that day, the rule “no warrior must let a kit be in pain or danger, no matter the Clan.” (That’s not the exact wording, but it’s the gist of it.) Mapleshade merely wanted her kits to live a enriched, healthy life. That’s what all good queens want. All good cats in general want. But clearly, Ravenwing didn’t want that. Frecklewish didn’t want that and neither did Appledusk. (According to Mapleshade.)
So the question still remains unanswered: Did Mapleshade REALLY deserve to be sent to the Dark Forest and forgotten?
No. In my opinion, she only wanted to provide the best for her kits and she let grief wash over her one too many times. Any queen would be distraught at her kits dying, while a Clanmate that obviously could have helped merely stood by and didn’t help.

It’s possible that I’m wrong and if I’m missing something, it would be appreciated if somebody could point it out for me! Have a good day Clanmates!


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  • Trauma does not make way to excuse murder. It’s irresponsible. Yes, Mapleshade’s treatment was cruel and went strictly against the Warrior code but her reaction wasn’t a justifiable one. She was driven insane, but she should have talked to someone about it. Before you claim, “Well she didn’t have anyone to talk to”, that’s not true. Mapleshade did have someone to talk to, and it was a barn cat who offered to help her and let her stay with him. She attacked him.
    I don’t believe Frecklewish was right in her situation. All of the condemned cats had kitten blood on their paws. Oakstars’ grief and anger had blinded his sense of judgement and it was his choice that led to the down-fall of Mapleshade and her kits. Mapleshade’s reaction was understandable, but like I said, not justifiable. StarClan sent Ravenwing a vision about the kits true linage. When Mapleshade appears in the Dark Forest she’s happy and swears to make ThunderClan and RiverClan suffer for what they did to her. I love Mapleshade, I do, but she deserved the Dark Forest punishment. She used the Dark Forest to her advantage and did more damage there than she did when she was alive. Mapleshade is a villain, and that’s what makes her so much fun.

    • Yeah, I agree that she deserves the dark forest… I don’t think it was Mapleshade’s fault though, since she thought her kits wanted her to avenge them

      • Ah, you see, her kits never actually wanted her to avenge them. They were a part of her subconscious. Basically, she went crazy.


      • Ah, I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child, but I take you don’t know either. No need to yell.
        Frecklewish wasn’t justified in her actions. I’m not defending her. I’m only pointing out facts.

  • I agree, but I do like Frecklewish, and I will actually defend her on her choice to not save Mapleshade’s kits 😛 So Frecklewish was so happy that Mapleshade was having her dead brother’s kits, and Mapleshade let her believe that. So when she found out, she was angry (although I don’t agree with her choice on wanting to cast Mapleshade out. That’s so not cool), and when she saw Mapleshade’s kits in the river, but RiverClan warriors helping… I’d assume that; given that she still despised Mapleshade, that she thought the kits would be fine since cats where already there, and if cats where there, she didn’t want to help them when she thought they didn’t need her help. But I think if the kits had been alone, with no obvious help, she would have helped them! I don’t think Mapleshade should have killed Frecklewish, but I’ll defend Mapleshade on any other of her choices

    • What RiverClan warriors? Mapleshade arrived to the camp after the kits drowned. Wasn’t Frecklewish the only witness?

      • When Mapleshade attempted to cross the flooded river after being exiled, she had her kits with her. The current was too strong and all of her kittens were swept away from her. A RiverClan patrol spotted them in the middle of it and Appledusk was in this particular patrol. They couldn’t save the kittens and they drowned, but not before they were able to grab their bodies for them to be buried. She was led to RiverClan, they buried her kittens, Appledusk declared Puddleshine as his mate, and Mapleshade was exiled, etc. Technically Frecklewish was the only cat who could’ve helped Mapleshade when she saw how bad things got, the RiverClan patrol arrived after almost all of her kits were swept downstream. So technically yes and no. They were already dead when the patrol came so- You decide!

  • Mapleshade deserves the Dark Forest. It does not matter what the other cats did to her. She murdered three cats: Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk. Keep in mind it wasn’t even Appledusk she tried to kill. It was Reedshine, a pregnant queen. She tried to kill a pregnant queen who had done nothing to her. She killed Appledusk by accident.
    It does not matter what her motive was. What Appledusk did to her is irrelevant. She killed cats. Dark Forest for her.


      • But that’s not right. Mapleshade’s kits were harmed and it goes against the Warrior code right? Mapleshade was going to kill unborn kittens, and regardless if the father was cheating, the kittens shouldn’t have to suffer for their parent’s problems. That’s like saying your boyfriend cheated on you so now you’re going to go kill his side-chick and her unborn child. It’s not right, nor is it justified. Mapleshade’s actions cannot be defended. Besides, it’s because Oakstar broke the Warrior code by harming her kits that led to their death. Why would Mapleshade cause more suffering? Because she’s evil and insane. That’s why I love her.
        No need to yell! <3

  • mapleshade did not dererve to be in the dark forset. appledusk#failed on mapleshade
    is appleduskes full name!

  • no she didn’t deserve the dark forest, i think there should be a separate place for cats like her, who do bad things, but only because they are driven mad by greif, somewhere they can see their kin.