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  • – all cats including rogues,loners,kittypets go to starclan
    – in the timeskip between the darkest hour & firestar’s quest, tallstar told firestar about his relationship with jake
    – snowkit isn’t deaf in starclan
    – mosskit, snowkit, badgerfang and all the dead kits love playing together!
    – scourge is a singapura cat

  • I believe that Snowtuft was alive during Houndstar’s reign over ShadowClan, and that Firestar never actually LOVED Spottedleaf, but she was really nice to him when not many others were, so he was attched, and after she died, she gave Firestar helpful visions, so he felt lost without her.

  • Human headcanons, because these are so much fun to make!
    -Honeyfern often babysits for her neighbors.
    -Velvet has a stuffed animal she sleeps with and she secretly takes it to school in her backpack whenever she’s nervous about a test.
    -Foxleap loves to play basketball.
    -Jessy always dreamed of living in a treehouse in the forest. She has one in her backyard that she and her mom built and she loves to pretend she’s in the middle of the wilderness when she’s in it.
    -Spottedleaf is that nurse who has to be called in to help with the little kids because she’s the only one they’re not terrified of.
    -Hailstar is the president whose kids interrupted his important speech and made the whole nation laugh but he was cool about it.
    -Honeyfern has decent grades because she actually studies responsibly and when her classmate Lionblaze sneaked out with his girlfriend the night before a test she agreed to help him practice for it before class the next morning.
    -Velvet was abandoned by her parents but she was adopted into a nice family and loves them a lot.
    -Cinderheart broke her leg when climbing down from Jessy’s treehouse but luckily her friends and sisters knew to call the hospital and after days of physical therapy she healed. She had to be in a wheelchair for a while, though, and struggled with that, so Honeyfern helped her move around in it until she got the hang of it.

  • Part 2 of human headcanons:
    -Velvet could stay in her pajamas all day if it wasn’t for school.
    -During sleepovers Jessy stands guard in the morning to make sure the people who didn’t get enough sleep are actually allowed to get rest instead of getting pulled out of bed to play at six o’clock.
    -Velvet’s bed is covered in stuffed animals. She has a countless amount of them and yet she somehow manages to keep track of all their names.
    -Because of a traumatic experience when her house caught on fire, Velvet is now extremely anxious that it might happen again and she often begs her adoptive parents to check that all the fire-alarms are working properly.

  • Voice head canons!

    – Willowshine sounds like Princess Leia from Star Wars.
    – Whitefang sounds like Usnavi from the In The Heights movie.
    – Frogleap sounds like Paani from Octonauts: Above And Beyond.
    – Honeyfern sounds like Eliza from Hamilton.
    – Tigerstar 1 sounds like Scar from The Lion King.

    One Last Time

  • Warrior cat clan headcanons! WindClan Part One! (I’m doing WindClan and not ThunderClan or somethin cause I already have a ton of headcanons for WindClan, but not many for the other clans :’) )

    – WindClan has a very strong belief in StarClan, and believe that they watch over all cats, even if they are outside the clans, and believe they go to StarClan as long as they don’t, like, murder anybody for no reason or something. 😛
    – Because of this, they have always known about the Dark Forest, but they don’t know it by that name. WindClan called what is now known as the Dark Forest as The Void of Stars, a place with black skies, no wind, no moor, and monsters that will stalk you and hunt you down until you finally give up, and they devour your soul. The greatest fear of most WindClan cats is never seeing the stars again. This is why Onestar is so afraid of going to the Dark Forest, or as he knows it, The Void of Stars.
    -WindClan cats have much longer vigils than most clans. They bring the bodies out to the highest spot on the moor and leave their closest friends and/or kin stay, occasionally switching between cats, and spending 2-3 days praying for their friend/kin a safe and fast passage to the stars. They think that if they don’t do this, the monsters that lurk in The Void of Stars to drag them away.
    – If a WindClan cat gets permanently injured, they are a lot more tolerable of it than a lot of the other clans. (Except for SkyClan) They get a choice; Stay a warrior that maybe won’t be in as many battles or hunt as much prey, and get mandatory med cat checks and a lot more breaks, or stay in camp as an elder/permanent queen, that still get mandatory med cat checks.

    I’ll add on more later! 🙂

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