Cadvent 18

Have you finished school for the year? Were you even at school? Your experiences must have all been very different and strange. I hope you’ve been coping in these Trying Times.

Let’s soothe our ruffled spirits with more seasonal kitties ☃️

Meadowstripe found this wonderful picture 💖

And I love this illustration found by Coldheart. It’s just plain cute. ☃️

Mojocloud found the next picture. Which warrior do you think it looks like? 🐈

Here’s a kittypet picture found by Pinestripe. I suspect this cat is deciding which ornament to pull off the tree next ☃️

And, finally for tardy, some lovely BlogClan art. Here is an adorable picture drawn by Mintpaw. 🥰 “These are two cats, who found themselves under the mistletoe”. Awww 🎄


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