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My Opinion On Foxleap And Icecloud by Brightspark

Brightspark shares their thoughts on Foxleap and Icecloud!

Foxleap and Icecloud are very, very close to my favorite background characters. That being said, I’d like to share with you why exactly I like them.

Of course, you can’t like a character that’s flat and bland. Plain characters that have little personality are often ignored by the fandom. And why is that? Because characters like this are not interesting! At all!
Foxleap and Icecloud had lots of character and depth. When they were apprentices, they had that “I can’t wait to be a warrior!” vibe that many apprentices have. They were bright, energetic pranksters that would do practically anything to become warriors.

When they do become warriors, however, their potential as characters that could’ve been vital to the plot of the Warriors series is ruined, and their former excitement to become warriors is ruined.
They do not serve anything to the plot or develop much before they become warriors.
I think if the Erins had made them slowly mature from excitable, fun apprentice to strong, proud warrior and still not entirely waste their personalities as apprentices (which is possible), they would’ve been much more interesting and intriguing to read about.
I think of Foxleap and Icecloud as sort of the second and third Squirrelflights. As far as I can see, their personalities are similar to Squirrelflight’s as well as one another’s personalities. If they had a slightly similar development to Squirrelflight’s, they would’ve been perfect characters.

They are also killed off rather quickly and without much attention. Which means that they no longer even served as filler characters.
At least Foxleap’s death was written in Dovewing’s Silence, but I don’t like that Icecloud wasn’t even given a death scene. And that she was killed by greencough, which seems to be the easiest, quickest way to kill off “unneeded” background characters that were put in just to have character for a few books, like Molepaw.
I think they had potential, and it was just…wasted. Their character was ruined after just a couple books, and I don’t like it one bit.

I’d really enjoy it if they were more important to the plot in the future, I just feel like they were characters that I had so much hope for, and then they just died.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Bright out!

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