Cadvent 19

Owing to a typo this was almost Cadvent 29.

Fortunately I have proofreading skills.

Let’s get started on Cadvent 19.

Thank you, Iceflower, for finding this super-cute picture 💖

And Minktail found this! 🥰 Wook at that wickle face! ☃️

And here is a BlogClan pet! Yay! Rosepelt’s Favourite Chicken, Chickarica. Who knew there were so many pet chickens in BlogClan? 🐓🥳 Unless I keep posting the same chicken and then forgetting I’ve posted it. But who forgets Christmas Chickens?

Specklepaw found this little bunch of cuties. 🌟 Thanks, Specklepaw!

And, finally, Shatteredmask has sent some Hanakkah artwork. 🌟 Here’s Ashfurfire. Gorgeous! ☃️

Christmas Cakestar


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