[Dovewing and Ivypool sit beside and look at each other]

Dovewing: The Most Misunderstood Warrior by Brightspark

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Brightspark analyses Dovewing’s character

Alright, so you probably know Dovewing, that she-cat with one sister and special abilities who is a spoilt, selfish, and whiny brat………..?
Not quite.

First of all, when Dovewing was very forcefully told about the prophecy, she was barely an apprentice! She panicked for a bit, of course, but what would you do if you were told that you were part of a special mission that would save your country when you had just become a kid?
You would be startled and confused, of course.
This is exactly what was going through Dovewing’s mind.

Second, here’s a question.
If your sister got special powers and abilities would you…..
A. Be jealous but calm and at least try to express your feelings toward her and settle it?
B. Be jealous and cast your sister out completely and ignore her?

If you answered B, then you’re Ivypool.
Of course, A is hard, but Ivypaw didn’t try hard enough. Yes, she tried, but she just gave up.
Yes, she did spy on the Dark Forest in the end, but let’s think why she ended up there.
Yes. Spite for unwanted abilities that were obviously a burden. Ivypaw was young, but that does not excuse her actions in any way.
That is why Dovewing is a much better sister.

Third, Dovepaw only snapped at her sister because Ivypaw was purposefully infuriating her and taunting her, and frankly, Ivypaw didn’t deserve Dovepaw’s love at that moment. I mean, she purposefully pushed her sister over the line, and by then, it was towards the end of OotS, she should’ve been mature enough by then to understand that acting out of jealousy is never tolerated.

Fourth, think about how badly you would react if, you could see and hear as far as you wanted, and then could only see or hear normally. Now, before you say, “Lionblaze and Jayfeather didn’t react as badly as her!” Remember that Dovewing is much younger than them. I would probably react a million times worse than her.

Fifth, about the Bumble X Dove ship..
Bumblestripe is the guilty one here.
He basically pressured Dovewing into being his mate and having kits. That is already a toxic relationship.
And then the rest of the Clan also pressured Dovewing into mating him.
There’s such a thing as peer pressure. That is exactly what Dovewing felt.
She had good reason to feel creeped out.

Sixth, she is not a Mary-Sue.
For example, she is:
sometimes whiny
brags a lot
sometimes mouse-brained

and more.
Which already proves she’s not a Mary-Sue, as a Mary-Sue is a perfect cat.

Hope you enjoyed this article! What’s your opinion? Bright out!

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  • Cool article. I don’t exactly care about who or what is bad, but I geuss I like both of them. I understand Ivypool, and this article gave me some light on dovewing. Also I don’t think dovewing is a Mary Sue and I never have, so I don’t know where that came from.

  • The reason why I hate her is because she was extremely disloyal in turning her back on the clanmates and family who had cared for her and trained her up and gave her warmth to have kits and be mates with Tigerstar II in Shadowclan.
    Extreme disloyalty.

  • I feel more respect towards Dovewing now. While I still like Ivypool better, I can understand how she feels and respect her for it.

    I also don’t really like Bumblestripe. He was kind of like Ashfur in this scenario, but he wouldn’t give up on Dovewing. I think he should have been with Blossomfall instead because then he could have helped her when it seemed like Millie hated Blossomfall.

  • Dovewing:
    I like her but not as much as Ivypool.
    Why: Main Idea
    Got special treatment and alll the apprentices like her and didn’t want to hunt with Ivypaw.
    Then goes on a very special quest and Tigerheart loved her and kept wanting and persuades her.
    Snaps sometimes, but Ivypool does too.
    Ivypool doesn’t like Tigerheart, and then Dovewing and Ivypool fight.
    Ivypool: goes into the Dark Forest and hangs with evil cats
    Dovewing: cheats Bumblestripe even though he’s kind of annoying.
    Dovewing: Spies on the Dark Forest and tells Ivypool to not go there even though she’s been quite hanging out with Tigerheart for a while.
    Snaps at her.
    Ivypool: Fine.
    Dovewing falls in love with Tigerheart and tells Ivypool to support her even though she never supported Ivypool. (runs away with Ivypool and gets EVERYTHING)
    Ivypool: No way! (gives sister a cold shoulder) (I would do this too honestly, so I don’t blame her.)
    Dovewing: who cares? I want to live with Tigerstar and have kits and BE WITHOUT YOU. (goes to ShadowClan and lives happily ever after)
    Ivypool: (cries and becomes miserable)
    Flashback: Dovewing goes away
    Tigerstar: Come on and bring those kits.
    Ivypool: no way…
    Dovewing: Bye sis, have fun with your NEW kits while I have the best mate and the best life ever without u.
    Ivypool: I thought you wanted to be my best friend. (goes away and thinks: I never really deserved this…)
    Flashback: Dark Forest battle (after)
    Ivypool: (goes and sits with the other trainees)
    Dovewing: (thinks that Ivypool didn’t deserve sitting with the others but does nothing anyways.)
    Flashback: Losing her powers:
    Dovewing: I lost my powers 🙁
    Ivypool: Did you just lose your powers? You didn’t even see that squirrel up there.
    Dovewing: Yes…
    Ivypool: (feels bad for Dovewing and Hollyleaf)
    Flashback: No one cares
    Dovewing: (not a mary-sue)
    Squirrelflight: Don’t you care about the Sisters?
    Dovewing: Who cares? They are just a bunch of rogues who don’t even care about the Clans.
    Jayfeather: She does have a point.
    Squirrelflight: (Stares at her former Clanmate)
    Dovewing: Sometimes THUNDERCLAN cats just do what THEY think is right and don’t even care about their Clan (leads Squirrelflight and the others to the border.)
    Squirrelflight: You cared more about your mate and kits than ThunderClan and your sister, so I don’t know what you are talking about.
    Everyone: Shadowsight is the BEST!!!
    Me: I like Shadowsight, but he’s a bit too overated, and Bristlefrost is my favorite character in the Broken code other then Squirrelflight.
    Everyone: Bristlefrost is annoying.
    Me: At least 90% of people like Shadowsight over Bristlefrost, so that’s not surprising.

    • OMG I FOUND A BRISTLEFROST LOVER! Shadowsight is really overrated. I also like him but not that much. Squirrelflight is my favourite character and bristlefrost is my second fav throughout all the arcs. I don’t get how bristlefrost is annoying just because she is worried about rootspring and wants to be with him. I think bristlefrost’s pov is some of the best.

  • I agree with you on EVERYTHING! I used to like Ivypool more, but now it is sliding to nuetral. The only thing I don’t agree with is the Bumblestripe thing. Bumblestripe loved Dovewing, and she didn’t love him back. And she was mean to him. But for some reason, Bumblestripe didn’t give up. Another thing that lowered my likes for Ivypool was the fact that people say that she is so great and amazing, and another person said the same thing in another article. I don’t like Dovewing completely more though. Okay that was long. Awesome article! I really enjoyed it!!! 🐱

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