Giving Awards To Warriors by Snowpaw

Art by Silverzoul

Snowpaw gives out awards to different Warriors characters

Welcome back! This is my 2nd article and I just had a good idea for one, because I’ve been reading a lot of old articles….. Anyway, back to the subject! In this article, I will be giving awards to some cats in Warriors! This is just my opinion, so if you don’t agree, that’ alright with me! 🙂 Let’s dive right in! (That sounded so cheesy….)

Most Loving Couple! goes to Crookedstar and Willowbreeze! (Runner up – Leaf X Crow)
They loved each other so much, and I cried when Willowbreeze died! They are one of my favorite canon couples ever! However, I do not like Silverstream. That’s another article’s worth, though! The runner up for most loving couple is Leafpool and Crowfeather! Leafpool ran away from ThunderClan to be with her love. Crowfeather loved Leafpool, and Leafpool loved Crowfeather! Then, she had go back to ThunderClan, and things got awkward.

Worst Loving Couple! goes to Spiderleg and Daisy! (Runner up – Tie between Crow X Night and Shell X Rain)
Okay….. I- he- Daisy mated with Spiderleg for no reason! (I mean like, there were some, but) They didn’t love each other, and Spiderleg never spent any time with his kits. That is heartbreaking to me! The runner up for worst loving couple is a tie! Between Crowfeather and Nightcloud and Shellheart and Rainflower. Let’s start, shall we? Crowfeather and Nightcloud, sitting on the moor. N O T L O V I N G. *sits down* *sighs* Why, Nightcloud? WHY? Terrible couple, terrible son. Must run in the family. Next in the tie is Shellheart and Rainflower! They are so proud of their sons, and then the accident happens, and all of a sudden, Rainflower COMPLETELY ignores him. He just looks different! I am going to refrain from writing everything because we need to get on the next award. *a tear runs down my cheek* *sniffle*

Most Loyal Cat! goes to Hollyleaf! (Runner up – Lionheart)
Okay, I know. I know. Not everyone likes Hollyleaf, but we all have to agree, she is the most loyal cat (I can think of 😛 ). I haven’t read much about her lately, but I know that she is so loyal, it gives me chills. And Runner up for this is Lionheart! He is awesome! He is kind, loyal, and smart. He welcomed in RustyFirepawheartstar, and was incredibly loyal. (I totally don’t have a crush on him)

Worst Loyal Cat! goes to Pinestar! (Runner up – I can’t think of one)
Pinestar ran off to be a kittypet! He was the leader!! You- You can’t just do that. It’s against the warrior code! *scoffs* It’s sad, and kind of deceiving, because he had all that time, as a warrior, as deputy, but he HAD TO DO IT AS LEADER! Anyway, that’s all for Worst Loyal Cat!

That’s all for today! I hope you like this article! May StarClan light your path!

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  • The worst mate is NightxCrow and it states in Bramblestar’s Storm that Spiderleg was running after Daisy. The worst loyal cat is Darkstripe cause he betrayed the clan he was born to, and he then betrayed Tigerstar when he died

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