Cadvent 20

Helloooooo, BlogClan!

It’s Josh here for today’s post! (I’m Kate’s child; I mostly works behind the scenes on BlogClan, just in case I’m a new face and you have no clue who this “Hazel” is!)

Kate messaged me the other day to say that she’s snowed under with work* (but no actual snow! – no white Christmas over in the UK this year, alas), so I’m here to fill in with the last few days of Cadvent! An honour indeed, after all the years popping into her office to find her scheduling the mornings’ posts!

Five more sleeps until Christmas, so let’s get some cheer in here, shall we? You’ve all been hunting down (and making!) some great content.

First things first, some grand work by our very own Cinderwhisker! Some great colour detailing on the scarf here!

Next up, we have some beautiful content scavenged by the lovely members of BlogClan. I wasn’t able to find the original sources for these images below – but if anyone knows where they first came from, I’d love to hear you holler in the comments below.

Courtesy of Rosettestream, we have a brill winter duo – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of the fashion here…

Next, the fabulous Iceflower sent us this beautiful cat-and-tree combo picture!

And Coldheart has found us some grand vector art (of what, on second look, appears to be Clifford the Big Red Dog’s enormous cat counterpart dwarfing a Christmas tree). Totally digging the energy!

Plumecloud has offered us the most intense Christmas energy it’s possible to contain in one image. I’m loving every single part of this!

Again, I would totally love to be able to offer credit to the original creators here (and would welcome anyone who can hunt them down!). But I’d also like to thank you lot for tracking down all this Christmas cheer!

Now, let’s finish things off with… okay, so it might not be Cadvent-related exactly, but it’s certainly Katvent instead. We have some fantastic original content from our wonderful Kat; her festive boy Sully in front of an equally festive Christmas tree. Glam as always!

Once again, thank you everyone for your submissions!

Go, go, have the best day you can have! Take care of yourselves, stay safe, think of something you’re happy to have in your life. And see you all again tomorrow!

Thank you for having me!

*(when Kate says she’s snowed under with work – yes, she’s talking about a new Warriors book. Yes, she is sneakily telling me all the details. Yes, I am going to be a tease about it.)


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows. (picrew by @makowwka)


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