My Favorite Parts in The Broken Code by Icebreeze

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Icebreeze lists five of their favourite parts from the new arc!

This is my first article, and I will be saying my favorite parts of the most recent sub-series. I really like this sub-series, because it shows character, and action. I also like the imposter side of things, and how tricky the situation is. So here are my top parts from that sub-series:

1: It has to be my favorite part, when Squirrelflight pretends to be dead to not go back to the imposter. It really shows how brave she is. It is sad and kinda annoying when “Bramblestar” (notice the apostrophes meaning imposter) saw her.

2: Another part that is good, is the fight between the imposter (teamed with RiverClan and ThunderClan and WindClan) and the exiles, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. That part was cool, since it reminded me of the Battle of the Dark Forest, and that was a…well…interesting battle. It also showed how strong the Clans had become.

3: The part where Shadowsight’s spirit/ghost went to visit the impostor, and he got a confession out of him. (Spoiler Alert) We think Bramblestar’s imposter is Ashfur. This is because he says, “Squirrelflight. I came back for you!” The Squirrelflight realizes. He wanted to be mates with her when he was alive. Then he was killed by Hollyleaf when she was in rage.

4: All the Gatherings during this confusing imposter time. The Gatherings really showed how determined and brave some cats were (most cats were for the imposter). Most Clans (RiverClan, most of ThunderClan, and WindClan) were for the imposter. At first, SkyClan trusted the imposter, but then their loyalties changed, so at the Gatherings, they were for the imposter. Only ShadowClan disagreed with the imposter. They were the smart ones. The exiles helped ShadowClan (and SkyClan once they did not trust the imposter).

5: Another good part was when Rootpaw gets his warrior name, because he waited so long. He really shows strength and hope when finding Shadowsight. He really proves himself to be a warrior, and Rootspring really fits him.

I enjoyed saying my favorite five parts. Those are truly my favorite parts in this sub-series, and I may plan to make more editions for different sub-series. Thank you for reading!

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