Tigerstar, Dovewing, Leafpool, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze by Thornfeather

Thornfeather gives their opinions on various Warriors characters

Ok….the title is very long sorry about that guys! Now….I’m going to tell my opinions about Tigerstar the second,Dovewing,Leafpool,Lionblaze,Hollyleaf!
But first…
I will state how popular they are.
Tigerstar the second….Doesn’t have many fans.. But he doesn’t have many haters either… He’s just..neutral from the fandom and people…Dovewing….Every Dovewing lover says that Dovewing is hated by many people. But that is the past. Now,in the real live NOW………almost everyone i meet,and almost everyone i see is a Dovewing fan…;-;
I hardly see Dovewing haters at all!
Leafpool is Liked very much,but hated as much as she’s liked in the fandom.
Lionblaze has neutral likes,but some people hate him strongly.
Hollyleaf is like Lionblaze,so many people like her,but some people really hate her.
Now time to start!!!
Ok,i just have to admit….I HATE TIGERSTAR THE SECOND. Like, He meets Dovepaw secretly at night. Um,yeah,that’s ok. But he lets Ivypaw get caught instead of Dovepaw. I HATED HIM,AND TIGER X DOVE by the second he did that! Also,he was arrogant,and childish,and that his behavior like he almost WANTED to break the warriorcode and have forbidden love in AVoS(A Vision of Shadows) By sitting with Dovewing like almost all the time,and going porposely on the trip to find Skyclan with her,Not to mention discussing and meeting secretely AGAIN. And,In Tigerheart’s shadow,he was just like,
Dovewing:I’m going to leave come with me or i’m just going
Tigerheart: Uh ok.I’m just gonna stay with my clan,i have to be loyal,and my clan is falling apart without me
And he just betrays Shadowclan to just be with Dovewing and follows Dovewing
Like , Tigerheart!!!!!just make up your mind!!!!!!!!!
And after he betrayed Shadowclan he just trots in and immediately becomes Leader of Shadowclan.

M hm..Dovewing ….I really hate her! But not as much as Tigerstar the second…
I said much things about why i hate Tigerstar the second,that the reason there is combined with the reason why i really hate Dovewing. I don’t really want to say things twice,so i am going to say something else why i hate her.
She is whiny. I get it,she was young,and she didn’t really want her powers. But it is still whining. And She whines and complains the whole time! Like, She whines about having powers,and whines about Losing them! Also,she moons about Tigerheart and whines and complains about Love the whole time,i really got stressed reading OoTS.

Leafpool..I LOVE LEAFPOOL! Many people hate her for lying to jay,lion and holly,and others hate her for loving Crowfeather and Crowfeather loving her. But i still love her,despite everything,i love her. she’s somewhat like me,and i am really a big fan of Crowfeather and Leafpool relationship.Also,i’m really happy cause Crowfeather still loves Leafpool(people say it according to Squirrelflight’s hope,although i didn’t really read that book cause i don’t have it).

I love Hollyleaf too! One of the rare ones who both love Leafpool and Hollyleaf… My nickname for Hollyleaf is Hollybae! I get that she’s annoying sometimes and she is sometimes like, “OH NO THE WARRIORCODE IS BROKEN WE WILL ALL DIE” But i still like her. And many people hate her cause,you know,the’Ashfur incident’ but i think it’s because she killed him to not tell the secret,but noticed nothing had changed and told the secret herself,or she didn’t want Ashfur to talk about it cause she’s not one of the related ones,and wanted to tell that herself. I don’t know for sure though ^^;;;;(And im a BIG shipper of Holly x Fallen)

I like Lionblaze. I like his personality,his everything actually but most of all,i like that he pushed Heathertail away and chose Cinderheart,and will always love her. He and Cinderheart is so sweet!! πŸ™‚

Now here was my opinions about these cats,Feel free to post your opinions on the comments! But don’t criticize or disrespect my opinions though,that feels bad!!(Ex:It’s disgusts me that you think like that!)

So um,See ya!

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