[Firepaw, Bluestar, and Tigerstar as Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and Voldemort respectively]

Warrior Cat Characters Compared to Harry Potter Characters by Lightningstar

Art by HappyCokex3

Lightningstar compares characters from Warriors and Harry Potter!

This…will be VERY VERY fun. This is my personal opinion, if you have a different character, say so in the comments, I’d love to see them all. And, without further ado, here they are.

Firestar = Harry. This is obvious, in my opinion. They are both incredibly brave and both are great leaders. Both were outcasts, with Firestar being a kittypet, and Harry being a boy who didn’t know a thing about magic, and was also an outsider with the Dursleys. Also, they are some of my favorite characters from all the books I’ve read. (Actually all of these characters are my favorites)

Bluestar = Hermione/McGonagall. These are some of the most tough buttkicking characters in their respected series, as well as all of them being smart. Also, at first none of them would break the rules but they eventually all learned to and did. All of them are incredibly brave and loyal.

Sandstorm = Ginny. I’m not referring to young Ginny, but 4th year and later Ginny. Ginny was a very hard to get kind of person (even though it might not seem so, since she had a lot of boyfriends), and so was Sandstorm. She didn’t fall for anyone easily. Granted, she fell for Dustpelt, but that was when they were apprentices. When she was a grown cat, she realized they weren’t matched well. Also, both are very brave, kind and loyal, and both fall in love with the main character.

Ravenpaw = Neville. Like Firestar= Harry, this is obvious. Both of these characters are incredibly shy, scared, and nervous, and are bullied easily, but get their courage and help the main characters a lot once they overcome their shyness, fear, and nervousness. They are also good friends with the main characters from their respected series.

Dumbledore = Whitestom/Yellowfang. Now first off, no, the fact that Dumbledore has a white beard and white hair, and Whitestorm’s prefix being white doesn’t have anything to do with this. Also, there are two characters, not one, who match with this HP character. The reason that these two Warriors characters equal Dumbledore are because they are wise, brave, funny, and intelligent. Also, Yellowfang and Dumbledore both have dark secrets.

Graystripe = Sirius/Hagrid/Ron. First off, Ron is more similar to Graystripe towards his later life (5-7), but there are certain moments in his younger life (1st to 4th year) that are very similar to Graystripe. All of them are brave, all of them are smart (in their own ways), and all of them are loyal. There’s a lot of things they have in common. Also, all of them, minus Ron, have been accused of something that they didn’t do.

Side note: I couldn’t find a cat that fits with Luna, so if you guys have a suggestion, please say so in the comments, and I’ll add that.

Thank you so much for reading this. I love Harry Potter and Warrior Cats very much, so this was a fun article to write. I also wrote an article about which bad Warriors characters equal which evil Harry Potter characters, which should come out hopefully around the time this article is released. Thanks again for reading this. Lightningstar out!

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  • Good article! I think Ginny is Fernpaw/cloud. Why? Well, both of them are females (that’s not a real reason), both of them ended up with mates we didn’t expect them to, they both will or have died bravely, they both survived fires and they both had kits/children! I think Luna would be DovePAW/Mothwing/Brightheart. (Dovepaw because they were both quiet, gifted and adventurous, Mothwing because they’re not afraid of what they believe in, they are smart, and they have lost important cats/people in their lives and Brightheart because they were brave but quiet and shy, and suffered for a while but worked their way up again.)
    Voldemort- Tigerclaw/Hawkfrost/Brokenstar
    Cho – Leafpool
    Hermione – Hollyleaf/Sandstorm
    Draco – Dustpelt/Brambleclaw (reply to find out why!)
    That’s all! Do more articles, Lightningstar!!

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