Cadvent 22

Hej alla!

We’ve made it to the final three days! I hope you’re all doing well, getting some good vibes going, staying warm (naturally).

I haven’t got any commentary to offer today, so shall we jump right into things? We have an incoming transmission coming from a certain Briarblaze, I wonder if we can tune into their wavelength. Ahem, give us a second to tweak the signal…

My dog, Razkyl! He is looking at the sign of JOY and basically I am imagining he’s saying “I’m full of joy for the holiday seasons!”

That may be because he wants some more loving! <3

Fantastic, let’s have a look!

”To leave the warmest bed I’ve ever known.”

Brill stuff!

Next up, we have some more tremendous content sent in by our very own Plumecloud (dependable as always)! Absolute 10/10 on the lighting here.

”Gleaming, twinkling, eyes like sinking ships on waters, so inviting I almost jump in.”

And now… it’s Meadowstripe’s turn to take the stage! We’ve got some chaotically strewn baubles, a nest of needles, a mischievous look just past the camera. It’s all good stuff. Thanks Meadowstripe!

”Showed you all of my hiding spots.”

And we’ll be continuing the motif now, as Flowerpaw offers us this! Cats have a certain dedication to their craft – you have to admire it.

”Your ivy grows and now I’m covered in you.”

And last but absolutely not least, we’re finishing up today with some content from a certain Jinx. Let me retune the signal and see if we can get them on the line…

My sixteen year old Spanky, and his brother Sammy- The real Santa Paws!


“I think he did it, but I just can’t prove it.”

Thank you everyone, as always, for your tremendous submissions! Kate sends her appreciation for another great year of Cadvent content!

Just like the last few days, I’d love if anyone could offer the whereabouts of where their submissions came from (if not OC, of course!). Credit is always a valuable thing to offer where possible, y’know?

Keep the spirits up, we’ll be back tomorrow as we head into the penultimate day of Cadvent! I wanted to type “semi-final”, but that felt a bit malevolent for the season. See you there, BlogGang!


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows. (picrew by @makowwka)


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