The Top 5 Noblest Deaths In Warriors History by Blxssom


Blxssom lists some of the most noblest deaths in the series

Hey everyone! Before I start, I just want to say that you might not agree with the cats I have chosen, and this article is completely based on my opinion. Anyways, these are my choices for the 5 cats in Warriors who died the greatest deaths!

𝟝: Spiresight
Spiresight was one of the guardian cats that accompanied Tigerstar, Dovewing, and their kits back to the lake. But on the journey back, a drawbridge incident occurred. Pouncekit almost fell into the water below, but Spire saved her. Sadly, he fell in instead of Pouncekit. Tigerstar was so grateful that he saved his kit, he gave Spire a warrior name in his honor, which was Spiresight. I believe saving a kit is really something to be proud of.
Feathertail was one of the four cats chosen to make the journey to the sun-drown place. She and Crowpaw grew close during their travel. Fullfilling a prophecy of the Tribe of Endless Hunting, she made a stalactite fall from the cave ceiling, killing Sharptooth but herself as well in the process. Feathertail died saving the cats she cared about most, her brother and Crowpaw, and that’s why I think she deserved to be included in this list.
𝟛: Yellowfang
Yellowfang was the cat that gave birth to Brokenstar, the Shadowclan leader that banished her. It’s pretty harsh getting banished from your own clan by your own kit! She was found on Thunderclan territory by Firepaw, and later made Thunderclan’s medicine cat. Yellowfang died when a fire struck the camp. She could have saved herself, but instead she attempted to save an elder. Sadly, the smoke was just too much for her. She was found by and died next to Fireheart. Yellowfang was truly one of the noblest cats in Thunderclan.
𝟚: Bluestar
Bluestar was truly a noble cat. She even sacrificed her own kits to save Thunderclan from being ruled by the evil Thistleclaw. Fireheart was being chased down by the very dogs that killed Swiftpaw and badly injured Brightpaw. He was about to meet his end when Bluestar arrived. She headbutted the dog holding Fireheart in its jaws into the gorge, but she fell in as well. She was later hauled out of the river by her kits in Riverclan, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She weakly asked them to forgive her for abandoning them, and they forgave her. Bluestar died with her kits and Fireheart at her side. If it weren’t for her, Thunderclan would have never had Firestar as their leader, and they would have lost the battle with Tigerstar. I think Bluestar was one of the most important cats in Thunderclan!

𝟙: Firestar
Firestar was one of the oldest cats in the whole series. He lived for about 8 years, which is pretty long in Warriors time. He brought back Skyclan, brought up 2 healthy kits, and lived his 9 lives to the fullest. His death was during the battle between the Clans and the Dark Forest. He lost his last life fighting his greatest enemy, Tigerstar. When he finally won, a tree nearby was struck by lightning and set on fire to symbolize his death. His apprentice and deputy, Brambleclaw, mourned him, but when he went to recieve his nine lives, Firestar was waiting to give him one.

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