Breaking Theories 1: Snowkit is Snowtuft by Cinderpaw

Cinderpaw analyses a popular Warriors theory

Spoilers for The Prophecies Begin, Omen of the Stars, and Squirrelflight’s Hope.
Hello, Cinderpaw here! Welcome to part one of my new series, Breaking Theories, where I take popular Warriors fan theories I don’t believe, and try to disprove them. I will try to do this in a way that does not hurt people’s feelings, and don’t feel hurt if you like any of these theories. I just believe there are major flaws in them. And with that out of the way, lets dive into the first theory, Snowkit is Snowtuft.

This theory has bothered me ever since I discovered it, because I think it has a lot of flaws, and not enough evidence to combat these flaws. Here are my major problems:

First, how did Snowkit end up in the dark forest? He is a kit who did absolutely nothing wrong. I have heard people claim that the hawk was working for the dark forest like how Midnight worked for StarClan, but there isn’t any proof. It is all just speculation. What if the hawk was working for Tigerstar? Scourge? Leopardstar who was the secret villain all along? All of these theories, especially the one about Leopardstar, sound silly. The thing is, they are on the same level as the hawk working for the dark forest. It is just speculation. Other than that, Snowkit did nothing wrong. So why would he go to the dark forest?

Second, snow would make sense as a common prefix for white cats. We have Snowfur, Snowstar, Snowbush, Snowbird, and Snowdrop, which are all other warriors with the prefix snow. We also have Snow, Snow Hare, Snowy, and Snow Falling on Stones. Snow is very common in names, and therefore, there is no reason to assume these characters are one and the same.

Third, and most importantly is the fact that if a cat dies as a kit, IT NEVER GROWS UP. This is the problem I see overlooked the most often. Snowtuft is very obviously a fully grown cat, and in StarClan, if a kit dies a kit, it never grows up. We see this with Juniperkit, Dandelionkit, and Flickerkit in Squirrelflight’s Hope. Yes, StarClan and the dark forest are very different, there are some similarities. Although it has never been explained, because a kit never went to the dark forest, It makes more sense for the same thing to happen in The Dark Forest.

And that concludes the first ever Breaking Theories. If you have a theory you want me to break, or if you want to yell at me about how stupid and wrong I am, please do so in the comments.

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  • Scourge wasn’t even a clan cat! Well he was but BloodClan had no warrior code, no StarClan no kits, apprentices, elders… Leopardstar? Leopardtsar was scheptic about other Clans because what happened to TigerClan!!! I understand oit’s a theory, but the definition of a theory is SOMETHING THAT HASN’T BEEN PROVED BUT THAT SOMEONE THINKS THAT CAN HAPPEN FOR SOME REASON not something that WOULD BE COOL TO HAPPEN. Seriously I love this article!!

    • "She has only one horn in this so it looks like someone has impaled her with a stick" (Doc, Plaguepaw/doctor) (She-cat) says:

      Even old me disapproves XD

  • "She has only one horn in this so it looks like someone has impaled her with a stick" (Doc, Plaguepaw/doctor) (She-cat) says:

    I actually approve of the Snowtuft theory-

    1. Snowkit didn’t have to die after he got clawed by the hawk, he could’ve lived a long life, he was already practicing fighting tactics before he ‘died’, Snowkit could’ve easily fought back.
    2. There has very rarely been a white tom, with blue eyes, with the prefix “Snow.” You can go back very far and find very little. Sure, maybe a few names, but it’s utterly small compared to some other prefixes.
    3. Refer to 1. He could’ve lived longer than that.

    Good article by the way 🙂 Imma go make this into an article-

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