Why does ShadowClan keep almost getting destroyed? by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit  examines why ShadowClan is under threat so frequently

Hi, this is my second article and I hope you enjoy!
Okay, so, we all know that ShadowClan is supposed to be the fiercest, scariest, and strongest clan of all, as well as being cunning and lots of the Dark Forest cats are from ShadowClan too. (Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Clawface, other Brokenstar supporters). Anyway, if ShadowClan is supposed to be so strong and “the best”, then why has it almost been destroyed four times?! Yes, it has been almost destroyed 4 times! ShadowClan seems to also be the most vulnerable to threats. It is always the first clan to be attacked by an enemy. Anyway the four times it has almost been destroyed are listed below.
-During Brokenstar’s rule. When Brokenstar was leader, he killed 75 percent of the kits, which he apprentice too early and forced to fight. If he had continued doing this, all of the queens would a. stop having kits, or b. all of their kits would die, the warriors of ShadowClan would die, and there would be no more ShadowClan cats. That would have meant that the clan would be destroyed, but luckily, ShadowClan drove Brokentail out when they had a chance.
-During Nightstar’s rule, or maybe I should say Nightpelt, because he was never actually given nine lives, the clan almost died due to a greencough epidemic in ShadowClan. Brokenstar had forced Yellowfang, the more experienced medicine cat out, which left the clan with one medicine cat until Littlecloud became one. The one medicine cat, Runningnose, could not deal with all of the sick cats, and because Nightpelt only had one live, he and his deputy both died, and ShadowClan was left leaderless, with barely any ShadowClan warriors left, and certainly none capable of leading a clan. If Tigerclaw hadn’t come in time, ShadowClan would have been crow-food. I guess there is one good thing that Tigerstar did.
-During Blackstar’s rule. You might not count this, but when Sol convinced ShadowClan to stop believing in StarClan, ShadowClan literally stopped being a clan, because they did not believe in the warrior code or anything else. That is bad. That is not a clan. But, luckily, some smart apprentices tricked him and then real StarClan cats came, so Blackstar kicked Sol out and started believing in StarClan again. Woohoo. Happy ending.
-During Rowanstar, or maybe Rowanclaw? Anyway, you probably already guessed this one by the time you read the R in Rowanstar, but I will mention it anyway, that it is Darktail, who came in there, and got all of the young warriors to follow him, leaving the older warriors until he captured them, at which point the leader, the deputy, and the deputy’s mother/leader’s mate were the only ones left of ShadowClan. Darktail also almost ruined RiverClan and SkyClan before they made the journey as well, leaving just ThunderClan and WindClan, though I do think that he was also picking on ThunderClan. That’s kind of odd, because Onestar’s clan, WindClan, was the one that he was part of, so yeah.
Anyway, now we can see how ShadowClan has been almost ruined. I don’t really know how ShadowClan got this creepy fierce and strong reputation, because I would say that SkyClan had a leader that fit that versus Tall Shadow, who was nice and calm. But then again, SkyClan isn’t nocturnal or else a lot more cats would be getting injuries from falling out of trees at night. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article! Whiterabbit out!


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  • I feel the reason it keeps getting destroyed is because it’s the “villain” clan.

    • I don’t really think that Shadow is the villain clan anymore. In the first series definitely, but later on, no.

  • Well, it’s not technically the “best”, but I see your point.
    I think it’s because… uh… well, we don’t see RiverClan and WindClan? ThunderClan has bad things, but… well, I think it’s because of their thoughts. They’re probably easy to manipulate if you get the correct words out.

    ShadowClan is in a bad place too. They’re next to the rat place, where rogues live, and they also border ThunderClan with the Thunderpath.

    I think it’s all chance… or maybe the Erins needed a… you know, villain Clan, and villain Clans usually get the worst stuff.

    For their reputation, it’s probably the place and name.

    Good article!

  • Good points, I agree <3 But I still think ShadowClan has earned the name of being the most ferocious clan. They seem to have the most aggressive leaders. All the leaders you listed pretty much wanted to rule the forest and boss the other clans around, and the cats in ShadowClan aren’t as nice or thoughtful of others as ThunderClan or SkyClan is.

  • Because since ShadowClan sounds scary and villain-y, the Erins decided to use it as a “villain clan” because there has to be one for the drama, and there are conveniently next to ThunderClan where everything happens.
    Also, RiverClan can’t be evil because its used for HalfClan relationships, and the only time WindClan is relevant is Crowfeather. Also, when they reach the lake RiverClan is basically nothing now so

  • Great article! By the way, I love your name! ShadowClan and SkyClan have suffered the most in Warriors, but I believe that ShadowClan was and is the most strong Clan during the impostor crisis…happy holidays people!

  • Great article. I wonder what’s up with ShadowClan that it keeps getting destroyed? My theory is that there was one incompetent leader after Tall Shadow, then everything went downhill.
    You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • It frustrates me that out of all the clans, THEY have to suffer. What’s up with that Erins!!! Now they’re totally not scary as they used to be. Now they will be like any other clan!!!!! Come on!!

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