More of My Favorite MAPs

Briarpaw shares more of their favourite MAPs. Which one of these have you watched?

Video thumbnail of the Five Giants MAP

Hey, Ria here! I’ve been in a MAP watching mood lately, so… here’s a part two! These have no ranking, (meaning that #1 isn’t necessarily my favorite out of all of them) but I’ll mention if I like one MAP more than the others.

1.) The Five Giants

Luckily, the MAP put the warning in it already instead of me having to go through the whole thing to check.

Spoilers up to A Vision of Shadows!

The art is beautiful and the animation is super smooth. The character designs are so clear that you know who everyone is. It stays on one clan for a couple parts, then switches to another. Also, the music choice is great and each part fits perfectly with it. I love how they show when a new cat becomes leader. (It reminded me of the Avatar state kind of.) The only issue I have is it’s a bit confusing after they switch clans and they go back in time (if you know what I mean, sorry I’m bad at explaining things). Also, it took 3 years to make. That’s crazy. The MAPs that have taken the longest that I know of took about 1 year, but 3 years? Wow.

2.) Do or Die

Spoilers for the first series!

Blood and small gore warning!

Okay, wow, is this MAP underrated. the animation is amazing and the song goes perfectly with Firestar’s story. Each event fits in perfectly to a part of the song… to be honest, it feels like the song was made about Warriors and for this MAP. It fits in that well. It’s also easy to follow along!

3.) Everything Moves

Spoilers for The second half of PoT and the Skyclan and the Stranger arc!

I’m sure this will be stuck in your head after watching it. it sure is for me. What makes this great is the amazing animation and Sol’s complicated design. I watched a video from TenelleFlowers on youtube explaining how to design Warriors cats for MAPs. One of the things they explained that you have to keep it simple, or the animators will have a pretty hard time with their part. Well, I noticed that Sol’s design was pretty complicated, so cheers to the animators for animating it so well!

4.) Non-Stop

For a 48-hour MAP, this has amazing quality. All the animators made such detailed art. I honestly can’t believe they did it in 48 hours, it would take me a day to do just one of those pictures. The downside to this is it’s a bit hard to follow and since it’s in black-and-white, it’s a bit hard to distinguish the characters- specifically Firestar and Onestar- but it’s still worth watching for the amazing art and music. ‘Cause who doesn’t love Hamilton music?

5.) Smoke and Mirrors

Blood warning!

This MAP is pretty creative, I don’t think I would have thought of that myself, and Spottedleaf here seems to be the present-day Mapleshade. I really like the idea of this!

Alright, that’s all I have for now. I’ll see you around the blog!

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