Forest vs. Lake: Which One Rules? by Gracepaw and Blxssom

Uses official art by Wayne McLoughlin (editor unknown)

Gracepaw and Blxssom debate over which territory featured in the Warriors series was better.

Gracepaw: Hello Blogclanners! This is Gracepaw and my best friend Blxssom, and we’re going to do a debate on which Clan territory is better: The Forest Territory or the Lake Territory!

Blxssom: Hey, Gracepaw, I can do my own introductions. I’m not a kit!

Gracepaw: *Snickers* Well, who was playing moss ball instead of taking it to the elders?

Blxssom: Hmph! Anyways, personally, I think the lake territory was the better one. I mean, it’s an important place. Cats died on the journey to find the lake!

Gracepaw: It’s not all that important.

Blxssom: It is too important! Starclan themselves sent the clans a prophecy leading them to it, so it has to be important!

Gracepaw: You can say the same thing about the forest territories, because of the “Sun Trail” prophecy. That’s how cats like Turtle Tail and Gray Wing came to make the clans!

Blxssom: Well, was there a great battle between the dark forest and the clans at the forest? I don’t think so!

Gracepaw: Oh yeah, Blxssom? Did you forget about the EPIC battle between Clear sky’s cats and Tall Shadow’s cats? Where the first spirits of Starclan first appeared?

Blxssom: Of course I didn’t, but don’t you think a battle between the dark forest and Starclan is a little more EPIC than a bunch of living cats fighting! Not to mention the Dark Forest battle was set in a new territory!

Gracepaw: EXCUSE ME. The cats were not fighting in a new territory anyways. They had been living there for many moons. Also, the Dark Forest prophecy was fulfilled ONLY because Firestar came into the clans while they were at the Forest Territories. Take THAT, Blxssom!

Blxssom: Sure, but Firestar was a great leader, and he died at the lake, so the lake should be more important!

Gracepaw: Blxssom, what about all the first leaders and medicine cats? And their descendants? Those innocent kits that Brokenstar indirectly killed? All the cats who died at the Forest Territories?

Blxssom: I admit, those were very important and innocent cats, but a lot more innocent cats died protecting their clans against the Dark Forest. And besides, the “Power Of Three” prophecy was fulfilled at the lake.

Gracepaw: Okay, maybe you have a good point there but what about all the layers and layers of history of the Forest Territories? The clans have lived there for over probably so many seasons. The clans have lived there longer than the Lake Territories. The Forest is where the Clans were born, and they would have stayed there if they hadn’t met a little misfortune that caused the Clans to move to the lake.

Blxssom: Most of the cats from the past came back to fight in the great battle, and I really believe that history was relived when all the great cats of the past came back from Starclan, the Dead Ancients and yes, even the Dark Forest! The story of the Great Battle will be passed down from generation to generation for seasons to come. Also, I think the Clans were really lucky to find a new, better place for their territories.

Gracepaw: The Forest Territory is better than the Lake, and you know it! The Tale of the First Battle has been told longer than the Tale of the Great Battle anyways.

Blxssom: Well, I gotta admit, we put up pretty good arguments, Gracepaw. But we’re forgetting about the actual territories. Sunningrocks was where a bunch of needless blood was spilled. In the lake territories, there is no needless death.

Gracepaw: Yeah right, Blxssom. Although I do agree that we are having a good debate. The battles were not needless, because the clans were fighting for what they believed in, in this case that Sunningrocks should belong to them. Sometimes a war is needed to create peace! Besides, there is needless blood spilled in the Lake Territories. Russetfur died at the paws of Lionblaze. That was a definitely unnecessary battle. After all, a good warrior doesn’t need to kill to win a battle.

Blxssom: That is true, Lionblaze shouldn’t have killed Russetfur. She was a great cat and didn’t deserve to die like that. But, it says in the Ultimate Guide that it was her choice to go to the battle, and she didn’t regret laying her life down for her clan.

Gracepaw: Alright, alright, that’s true, Russetfur didn’t die needlessly. But did I mention that Thunderclan was less bossy in the Forest Territories? For Starclan’s sake, Firestar was so bossy. Sure, he was a good leader, but he still has some of his kittypet softness. Not that I support Tigerstar(claw). Riverstar, that’s a leader we’re talking about. He’s awesome. He’s so wise, so caring. I respect him so much! GO RIVERCLAN!

Blxssom: NO, GO THUNDERCLAN! GO FIRESTAR! You know what, Gracepaw? We should make an article later about Riverclan vs Thunderclan. So watch out for that!

Gracepaw: Sure, that’s a good idea. And stop stealing my lines!

Blxssom: Haha, sure. Anyways, I’m out of ideas.

Gracepaw: Me too.

Blxssom: That was a good debate.

Gracepaw: Yeah.

Blxssom: So now, we can just wait for Blogclan to vote, which one is better: Forest or Lake! Lake is definitely better!

Gracepaw: Yeah, right.

Gracepaw: So, if you think I’m right, type forest in the comments, and if you think my best friend Blxssom is right, type lake in the comments!

Blxssom: *sigh* Yes, yes. Anyways, Blxssom and Gracepaw signing out!

Gracepaw: Look out for our next article together as well as our separate ones!

Both: Bye!

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