top five overlooked things that firestar did by Sunfur

Sunfur shares five things that Firestar did that tend to be overlooked when thinking back on his life.

Art by Romashik Arts

Hello this is Sunfur here with my first article here that I hope you enjoy my first article on blogclan
Warning:spoliers to the fifth series 1 series and Firestar’s Quest
1. “Saving” Skyclan
If he hadn’t saved Skyclan all the clans could have been destroyed because the clans needed help when they were fighting Darktail’s kin and I also impressed with him with all the courage and bravery that took him. So you might want to think about that the next time you read firestar’s quest
2. Warning bluestar about tigerstar
This probably took a lot of coarage and effort to do and even if it didn’t even do that much information. He had a lot of bravery to stand up against tigerstar and telling bluestar because bluestar could’ve make him leave the clan off the bat and if it did work bluestar would kick him off the clan right away
3. “Saving” windclan
even though they mention this in the first series sooooo much (I mean a lot) I don’t think that people overlook it to much because the whole entire warriors series could have changed and how people think about it because the whole entire warriors series is about the four clans not the three or two clans and I would honestly probably not read warriors
4.letting Graystripe and Silverstream be mates
Things that are overlooked doesn’t mean that I can’t put bad things that are overlooked him letting Graystripe and Sliverstream be together was a terrible idea. First of all there from different clans which makes a huge point. It got Thunderclan and Riverclan almost getting into a fight, next for a lot of Fire and ice and some of the forest of secrets he was gone and it got him in trouble (i think i haven’t read the first series in a long time) and I kind of felt like that there wasn’t enough Graystripe.Finally, the warrior code gets in the way. Multiple times throughout the warriors series they say that if they didn’t have the warrior code they would be no better than rouges that was very long
5. Defeated Brokenstar
The people who read Yellowfang’s secret would definitely know what I am talking about Brokenstar was probably the second worst leader in warriors (in front is Tigerstar) his clan (which you can see in Yellowfang’s secret again) was basically a example of a clan without the warrior code which was terrible. Intill firestar came shadowclan was suffering a lot which Brokenstar thought made shadowclan stronger firestar decided that he couldn’t stand what shadowclan was doing and brought justice to shadowclan. I especially liked what he was doing because it involved a lot of bravery and couarge

So that’s it and anyone who thinks that firestar is overrated might want to think about that again my starclan light all of your paths and Sunfur is out


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  • I wouldn’t give Firestar too much compliment… he’s an ok character, but I feel like they tried to make him very important throughout all of the series, like they did when they made him 1 of the three. Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze could have persuaded the leaders to join together by themselves, so it seems like they just threw Firestar in there to make him a part of another important prophecy

    • Honestly, I can’t agree to that, Firestar was my absolute favourite. Some people dislike him because he was too perfect and I kinda get what you mean, but then again, he did make quite a few mistakes, also there’s nothing wrong with being good hearted and a strong fighter, without Firestar a lot of great things wouldn’t have happened.

  • Great article! I feel like people don’t talk about firestar a lot and if they do, it’s probably that he’s overrated. He was a little too perfect in the books, but he has made mistakes. But again, there are people who don’t like fire star because of his mistakes. I’m a fire star defender, because he really didn’t do anything wrong. People just don’t like him.

    • Same, so far I’ve only read The Prophecies Begin, Firestar’s Quest, Skyclan’s Destiny, Bluestar’s Prophecy, Crookedstar’s Promise, Yellowfang’s Secret and Tallstar’s Revenge (along with spoilers for like all of the other books). I could tell just from those books that Firestar was brave and did things other cats wouldn’t easily, but usually people dislike that, I don’t really get why.

  • Firestar is a brave cat 😀
    You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • In my opinion on the worst leader of all time is stoneteller(not crag of half moon the other one) he just is selfish and he’s a jerk on purpose because he doesn’t want help and puts danger in the way for all the cats. Then he ignores the tribe of endless hunting

    If you want to see some good list of the top ten here’s one

    • No, he’s interesting enough. I think he is WAY not perfect not even close. although I agree that it is very slightly annoying that firestar is like in ALL the books (at least, I’m pretty sure)

  • I agree, Firestar is pretty overlooked in general, but I do think that he wasn’t a very engaging character. Great article!

  • I think Firestar made a lot of mistakes but, I mean, every cat does. Like when he he broke the warrior code by feeding Riverclan. He is still my absolute favorite though.

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