Ashfur vs. Mapleshade by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit takes a look at the paths that Ashfur and Mapleshade walked down.

Art by ShidatheUmbreon

So, this might seem kind of weird, like comparing these two cats? But it actually makes a lot of sense. Mapleshade loved Appledusk and Appledusk claimed to love her back. Ashfur… had feelings for Squirrelflight and StarClan knows what those feelings were, and he thought that Squirrelflight was accepting him as something like a mate when she said that he could… be there? Oh whatever. Anyway, Appledusk didn’t really love Mapleshade, at least, not anymore. Squirrelflight didn’t really love Ashfur either. Appledusk actually liked Reedshine, and she had his kits. Squirrelflight actually liked Brambleclaw and “had his kits”. Mapleshade tried to kill three cats. Ashfur tried to kill four cats. Mapleshade hated Reedshine for capturing Appledusk’s love. Ashfur teamed up with Brambleclaw to try and kill Squirrelflight’s father in another attempt to hurt her. Mapleshade’s only mission was to kill the three cats that ruined her life. Ashfur’s mission was to kill as many cats as he could that he thought would hurt Squirrelflight. In that sense, Ashfur seems worse than Mapleshade, the results add up.
In conclusion, Ashfur is worse because
-He tried to kill more cats than Mapleshade
-He way, way overreacted, it was just heartbreak that happened to him, like, every warrior experiences that, and most of the time they (hopefully) don’t try to kill their leader. Mapleshade had a valid reason, she wasn’t just betrayed, she was exiled!
-Mapleshade wanted all of the cats that had help force her into exile to die, but Ashfur’s only mission was to break poor little Squirrelflight’s heart, like she had broken his. She had no idea that he had feelings for her, as it always seems to happen, and she probably would have been nicer about it if she found out earlier.
-As for the last one, they’re equal.
So, if Ashfur was that much worse than Mapleshade, then why did he get to StarClan, while Mapleshade didn’t! That is so unfair. Some people say, “Well, Ashfur didn’t mate with a cat from another clan”. I have two arguments for that
1. Well, Appledusk did. And the little devil floated straight up to StarClan like he did nothing wrong. Like he didn’t break Mapleshade’s heart so thoroughly that he put his and her clan in danger, like he didn’t cheat on a cat carrying his kits, like it wasn’t partially his fault that his own kits died, that three RiverClan warriors to-be were lost that day.
2. Well, Mapleshade didn’t plot to murder her clan leader. She did nothing that was so against the warrior code that it could get you sent into exile. But, she was sent into exile, and Ashfur wasn’t, and you know I don’t actually mean this part, but ThunderClan kicks Mapleshade out, then they should kick Graystripe out too. Graystripe didn’t just kill some little half-clan kits, it was his fault that a RiverClan warrior died. He loved her to death! (ha-ha?) Okay, this is getting out of hand. Anyway, the point is, Ashfur=Dark Forest. Mapleshade=StarClan. Appledusk=Dark Forest. Squirrelflight=StarClan.

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  • yes mapleshade DESERVERS to be in starcaln. apledusk also just said um imma breack up with you wich complety broke mapleshades heart. she defently derevers to be in starclan

  • 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:

    Try telling that to Yellowfang :b .

  • Both Ashfur and Mapleshade deserve the Dark Forest. I know Mapleshade was avenging her kits, but that does not justify murder. Neither does being exiled. I don’t think Appledusk deserves StarClan but I don’t think he was bad enough to go to the Dark Forest either. They should make some place in-between the two for cats like Appledusk to go to.

  • Uh- you made it seem like ashfur overreacted about squirrelflight not liking him, but so did mapleshade, in a way. I’d say they both overreacted by literally trying to murder, thinking it was a solution. They both could’ve just took a few breaths, and find a better way to live without thinking of vengeance all the time and they could’ve made some better friends and just trust in Starclan to light their path, but no. They stay stuck thinking of ways to murder the cats and make evil plans, they don’t even think twice about if their gonna go to the darkforest or starclan.

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