Who is possessing Bramblestar? by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit wonders who is inhabiting Bramblestar’s body. Please note: this article was written before Darkness Within came out.

Art by thewisestdino

Hi, Whiterabbit here with the most popular subject at the moment (drumroll please) who is possessing Bramblestar?
The question that is on everybody’s minds: Who is possessing Bramblestar. A Veil of Shadows ended on the worst possible cliffhanger, with Squirrelflight saying “I know who the false Bramblestar is!” “and if I’m correct, it’s even worse than we thought” or something like that. Anyway, when you are trying to figure out a problem, start with the facts. We know that the warrior isn’t currently living, so they are in either StarClan or the Dark Forest, but it also says that the cat has lived a life and gone to StarClan, so it isn’t a Dark Forest cat. We know that the cat has blue eyes from the time that Bristlefrost glanced over and saw Bramblestar’s eyes turning blue, and from the part where the spirit cat steps out of Bramblestar’s body and meets with Shadowsight in their spirit forms. We also know that Squirrelflight is the one to say that she knows who it is, so it is a cat that Squirrelflight would guess before anybody else. The cat was devastated at Squirrelflight’s “death”, so either it is a random cat that is really good at playing Bramblestar in terms of love, or it is a cat that truly loved Squirrelflight and was bitterly hurt when she passed him over in favor of Bramblestar. Yes, I quoted the ultimate guide for a reason even though it is way outdated. Anyway, the cat is also obviously evil, because he wouldn’t have killed so many cats if he really wanted to follow the warrior code and was a good cat that was trying to show the clans not to abandon the warrior code. Now, what cats questionably got into StarClan. Mudclaw, Ashfur, and Leafpool all just barely got into StarClan. Mudclaw had amber eyes, and Leafpool has yellow eyes, which leaves Ashfur. Dark blue eyes. It also makes sense that Ashfur would want to get revenge on Bramblestar for capturing Squirrelflight’s love instead of him. That also explains why Squirrelflight would be the first one to realize. Ashfur might want to get revenge on the cats that wronged him, and if every cat had been properly following the warrior code, Ashfur wouldn’t have died. Ashfur is thinking “If Hollyleaf had been following the warrior code, she wouldn’t have even injured me in the first place, and I wouldn’t have died. Hollyleaf was probably thinking “I can’t let the secret get out! I don’t want to be thrown out of ThunderClan. I just plan to wound him enough that he won’t get the chance to go to the gathering.” (and then, a few books later, Hollyleaf herself tells the truth at a gathering). Anyway, all clues except for the being evil one point to Ashfur. Now, let’s think, who else could it be. Probably a more evil cat. Aha! Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost has blue eyes. Hawkfrost is evil. Bramblestar killed Hawkfrost. Who wouldn’t want to get revenge on the person that killed you? However, Hawkfrost went to the Dark Forest, and Mothwing would have realized before Squirrelflight if it had been him. How about more villains. I made a list of them below.
Now, let’s see. Our first suspect is Tigerclawstar. Tigerclawstar would want to get revenge on Bramblestar for killing Hawkfrost and smashing the possibility that his two surviving sons would become the two leaders of the forest. Tigerstar uses his kin or maybe kin, and every generation of cats, Tigerstar tries to walk in at least one cat’s dreams. His great-grandson, Shadowsight, even though he is a medicine cat, is no exception. He would probably use Shadowsight because he is inexperienced, The problems with Tigerstar are that he has amber eyes which they state a whole bunch, he went to the Dark Forest, he died in the great battle, and Tawnypelt would have noticed before Squirrelflight. That is too many problems for him to be the false Bramblestar.Now, let’s take a look at Scourge. You might be going oh, I never thought about Scourge. Now that we know that cats become ghosts when they die if they are not part of StarClan or the Dark Forest, this makes some sense. Bramblestar did kill Scourge’s deputy as an apprentice. (Bramblestar and Ashfur were actually working together in that book). Scourge became a ghost and has been following the clans and plotting revenge ever since the first series. That theory is a little too conclusiony as in, not very likely, but it still could have happened. Maybe. Yeah no. Probably not. And I doubt Scourge’s eyes were blue. And, Squirrelflight wasn’t alive for Scourge. Onto the next suspect, Sol. Well, Sol’s eyes are yellow, so unless they change colors, I don’t think it is Sol. Plus, Sol persuaded ShadowClan to stop believing in StarClan, so there is absolutely no reason that he would persuade the clans to start believing in the warrior code. I also don’t even know if he is dead, and there’s the Squirrelflight problem again. I doubt that it is Sol. I just can’t believe that it would be. Also, Lionblaze would have realized before Squirrelflight. Now, our final suspect is Darktail. His spirit would have had to swim to shore when it died or something for this to be a possibility, and when Bramblestar died the first time, wasn’t he being carried closer to the lake for burial. Darktail also definitely fits the evil part of the description, and his eyes are blue. The only parts that he doesn’t fit are that two series in a row with Darktail as the enemy is just too much, and, Violetshine would have noticed before Squirrelflight. I like how for every suspect, there is a different cat who would have noticed, from a different clan. For Ashfur, it was Squirrelflight (ThunderClan), for Hawkfrost it was Mothwing, (RiverClan), for Tigerclawstar, it was Tawnypelt (ShadowClan), for Scourge, he was so long ago that I have no idea, for Sol, it was Lionblaze (ThunderClan), and for Darktail, it was Violetshine, (SkyClan). I don’t think that WindClan can help at all with this mystery. Oh, whatever, I’m kind of getting off-topic, so goodbye! Whiterabbit out!

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    Okay it’s kinda obvious.

    It’s Ashfur.

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