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Frostwhisker shares their thoughts on the super editions. Which ones have you read?

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Ah…Super Editions. We’ve all laughed, we’ve all cried during one of Erin Hunter’s stand-alone novels. In my very first BlogClan article, I’ll be rambling on about my favourite Super Editions and cats who deserve one!

Much of the Warrior’s fandom want the other cats of the Three Prophecy — Lionblaze and Jayfeather — to have a Super Edition or novella all to themselves. The most popular suggestions are Lionblaze’s Battle and…of course, the classic joke — Jayfeather’s Stick.

With the exception of Firestar’s Quest and Hollyleaf’s Story, each Super Edition or novella takes place an arc or so after the cat has retold some of the main series books. For example: Bramblestar’s Storm, Squirrelflight’s Hope, Leafpool’s Wish and Dovewing’s Silence are all some time after they are the main characters.

But Jayfeather’s Stick and Lionblaze’s Battle would take place within Power of Three or Omen of the Stars, when the cats themselves are already telling the story. It would be an extra book to the arc. For me, Super Editions are about the thrill of hearing a different cat’s view on the story, hearing a new tale like the Sisters, or seeing how the character has developed since you read from their perspective last. I loved TNP Squirrelflight, but I also adore wiser and older Squirrelflight from her Super Edition. It was so interesting hearing her thoughts and feelings seasons later!

So, yes — I do agree that the two brothers should have stand-alones. But maybe they should take place when Lionblaze is leader (we all know it could happen) and is struggling to keep the secret that they’re harbouring a rogue. Jayfeather’s could describe his helplessness as he is moved to the elders den and redcough sweeps ThunderClan, or his feelings perhaps a few moons after Leafpool’s Wish, as we see in the bonus scene of Lost Stars.

Alternatively, we could have a Cinderheart’s Decision, which retells her choice to not be Lionblaze’s mate after she discovers his part in the Three Prophecy. I loved Moth Flight’s Vision, and would really like to see another Super Edition from the Ancients: Half Moon struggling as Jay’s Wing vanishes, or Bright Stream actually surviving the eagle and creating another Tribe. The Tribe of Towering Wave — crested by Bright Stream and Clear Sky’s kits — is mentioned in my Fan Fiction, and I thought this theory to how it developed is really quite interesting! A Rock Super edition would be epic, or maybe a Fallen Leaves one.

When Briarlight, Gray Wing and Swiftpaw died I was really sad, but Yellowfang’s Secret was another level! I leapt up and started cursing Brokenstar out loud! I’ve literally never been so upset for a book character!
Ever since her line “a puny apprentice! Easy prey for Yellowfang!” I’ve loved this cranky old Persian as if she was my own cat. It’s really not fair that she lived for four main series books, while Blackstar — who was only born a few seasons after Yellowfang — died many arcs later in Bramblestar’s Storm. I loved the books that Yellowfang lit up with her brittle and grumpy comments, and I was so sad when she died. The Erins adding another novel for her to have a spotlight caused a great celebration for dedicated fans!

Sometimes the right choice can be the hardest one.
Put your energy into today and stop worrying about the past!
– Yellowfang, the most cranky, stubborn, impatient and loyal cat you would ever meet.

Cinderpelt, her apprentice, was just an incredible cat: the way she lived, the way she died, the way she healed, the way she fought — all with honour, dedication, loyalty and kindness. She honestly deserves a Super Edition and more! Cinderpelt’s Sacrifice would describe her agonising transition from warrior apprentice to medicine cat apprentice. Her experience with Littlecloud, I thought, was very shortened and with a Super Edition it could be more drawn-out. What I think would be interesting, is if Cinderpelt knew about Silverstream and Graystripe too, because she’d seen them together or just guessed — or maybe she could know about Crowfeather and Leafpool. She seems like a cat who could really understand cross-Clan love.

Her brother, Brackenfur is such and amazing yet underrated cat of ThunderClan. He suffered so much grief and pain. Like Crowfeather, nearly every cat he loved was separated from him or died — but Crowfeather was noticed for it. Brackenfur wasn’t.
This may sound like an over-exaggeration, but the title Brackenfur’s Darkness pretty much sums up his life. The beautiful Sorreltail, his only love, was killed in the Great Battle, Honeyfern by a snake, and Molepaw…he was probably one of those unrelevant characters who only deserved to die by greencough. Cinderpelt was crippled and then killed. Seedpaw drowned. Why did the Erins have to make him so miserable? He more than deserves a Super Edition.

Briarlight. Poor, poor Briarlight. Such an awesome and noble cat doesn’t need to die via a stomach ache. WHYYYYYYY?????? WHY DID YOU MAKE HER SUFFER???
Okay. Ahem. As I was saying, Briarlight was such and unique and optimistic character. During a paragraph in OotS or VoS describing her struggles and expressions, I would always get excited. Her Jayfeather episodes were absolutely adorable and I just loved the way she was so modest about her exercises. Twigbranch adored her and I just think it wasn’t right for her to die so soon. I was dismayed.
Briarlight’s Dream would talk about her passion of becoming a warrior as an apprentice, and describe in detail her horrific injury, and confusion when she can’t feel Jayfeather touching her back. She would express her agonised frustration as every cat fussed over her and maybe some dramatic arguments with Millie. Many long pages would be spent dwelling over what was left of her, watching her littermates play, and her bitterness as she was named a warrior although she could not walk.
At the very end, she would describe a Gray Wing-like death and a few moments in StarClan greeted by all the important leaders. Rest In Peace, Briarlight. Your soul lives on in all of us.

Last but not least…Stonefur! Stonefur didn’t really have a part in TPB apart from his noble death. Since then, I have adored him and I know that he should have a Super Edition. He died without fear and even though he knew he would die he faced up to Blackfoot anyway. If I slipped into his paws, I would have done nothing for Feathertail and Stormfur — I’m a coward! But Stonefur was willing to give his life and I find that just heartbreaking but so incredibly brave. Hip, hip PURR-ray for Stonefur! (Okay that was a terrible cat pun just ignore that).

That’s it for now, but I will announce the runners-up: Dustpelt, who entered with his story about being betrayed by Tigerstar; Silverstream, who submitted her wonderful tale about her and Graystripe; and Whitestorm, who suffered knowing that his father was Tigerstar and his mother dead. Sorry guys! You didn’t make it to the finals!
I hope you enjoyed my very first article! Frostwhisker over and out x

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  • I think Briarlight and Brightheart definitely need a super edition!
    I think Brackenfur is overrated, not underrated, though I love him.
    And for Cinderpelt’s one, it’d be nice for that, but I think she wouldn’t have enough story for a super edition? But it’s too long for a novella, and I don’t want a book with a dozen time-skips, like Redtail’s.
    Good article!


  • I think the Briarlight and Brackenfur are really good ideas for super editions! I never even thought about him losing all of his family, though I did cry when Sorreltail died. Nice article!

  • Sandstorm needs one called Sandstorms loss. It could be her thinking about all she had lost when she was in Starclan. It would also show us some of Starclan. I tried to write it once but soon was confused.

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