Squirrelflight Mate/Family by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit looks at Squirrelflight’s family and mate.

Official art by Owen Richardson

There are spoilers for POT
We all know about Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw vs. Squirrelflight and Ashfur, and how Squirrelflight had to choose who she wanted to be with, and Ashfur got angry because she chose Brambleclaw. Let’s look at this some more. Both Brambleclaw and Ashfur are related to Squirrelflight. If you don’t believe me, I can tell you how. Squirrelflight is related to Brambleclaw because they are second cousins. Sandstorm is Squirrelflight’s mother, and Sandstorm’s father is Redtail. Redtail’s sibling is Leopardfoot, who’s son is Tigerstar, who gave birth to Brambleclaw. Ashfur is related to Squirrelflight in a much simpler way, he is her “half-uncle”, which means that he was Sandstorm’s half brother. Sandstorm’s mother is Brindleface, and Brindleface gave birth to Ashfur and Ferncloud in a younger litter fathered by a different cat. I, personally, am glad that Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw instead of Ashfur, or else she would be giving birth to her own cousins (which Ferncloud did) because her uncle’s kits are her cousins. Anyway, we have established that Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw because he was better, and he was probably the better choice family-wise. Well, who did Ashfur have kits with? Anybody? Although it is “official” that Ashfur is the father of Dovewing and Ivypool, I refuse to believe that, because in the series, 1. It never said that and 2. I don’t know if it is just my guesswork, but I could swear that it said that Birchfall was the father of Dovewing and Ivypool. I don’t think that there are any other cats that Ashfur could have mated with. Now, let’s discuss other cats who could have been with Squirrelflight. I know that there doesn’t seem like any other ThunderClan warriors that could be Squirrelflight’s mate, but I thought of 2 possible kitties for the job. One of them is not very likely, and one of them would have been pretty likely if he had survived. In (Midnight, I think), Stormfur was thinking about how Feathertail liked Crowpaw, and then he started thinking about him and Squirrelpaw, and their relationship, but I don’t think there ever was a relationship. And it probably wouldn’t have gotten very far. Anyway, my other cat that I think could have been with Squirrelflight was Shrewpaw. Poor Shrewpaw. He died on the ThunderPath trying to catch a bird for ThunderClan because they were starving. I think that Squirrelflight was pretty friendly to Shrewpaw and vice versa, and I think that they could have had a thing if Shrewpaw had lived. Now, that was my article on Squirrelflight and love/family! Hope you liked it.

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  • Yes, it did say that Birchfall fathered Dove and Ivy. I don’t know where you would have gotten Ashfur from.

  • Yeah, Birchfall is actually the father of Dovewing and Ivypool. Whitewing even held back her warriorship to be with Birchfall.

  • The theory of Ashfur being Dovewing and Ivypool’s father is a complete headcanon. It’s confirmed Birchfall is.

    Shrewpaw and Squirrelpaw did seem close, and although Redtail isn’t Sandstorm’s father now, if you think like that, her love interests were all her close family, probably seeing each other at family reunions or something like that.

    Stormfur had a crush on Squirrelpaw, but quickly faded as he fell for Brook, and Squirrelpaw later confirms Stormfur’s just a friend, and that her heart belongs with ThunderClan and Brambleclaw. He knew half-Clan relationships don’t work out(He never knew about Leaf x Crow, wow… or maybe he did by passing rumors. But anyways), so he would’ve dropped the crush.


    I personally don’t think Squirrel x Storm would have sailed bc it was all like a ‘notice me senpai’ stuff and Storm x Brook rocks… and i don’t think Shrew x Squirrel would sail either,like squirrelflight WAS friendly…….but i don’t think she liked him. like,if he had lived it would be an all bluethrush thing..

      • He was Spiderleg’s littermate. He was in the apprentice den together with Squirrelpaw, Spiderpaw and Whitepaw I think. He died hit by a monster

  • I love Squirrelflight and Squirrel X Bramble! 😀
    You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

    • really? i dunno. there was so much age difference! They weren’t glued together! Their destinies weren’t glued together!

    • Well, Bramblestar DOES do horrible things, and I strongly dislike him. I wished Squirrelflight would choose Ashfur in TNP. But now… well. If the imposter is SOMEBODY, I’m going to cry.

  • Birchfall is Dovewing’s and Ivypool’s father, but I like the idea of them being Ashfur’s kits better. They should have done that in the books, and Ashfur just became Whitewing’s mate to make Squirrelflight jelous

    • Yeah, not many people are actually on Shrewpaw’s side, mostly cause he didn’t have much development and he died out of the blue.

  • I’m sorry to say that Snadstorm’s family is no longer canon. Sandstorm’s parents aren’t Brindleface and Redtail officially anymore. Sandstorm would have assisted to Brindleface’s funeral otherwise.

    Also Ashfur would be Squirrelflight’s half-uncle, not second cousin