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Tigerstar’s sins by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit lists some of the crimes that the first Tigerstar had done.

Artist unknown (found on Pinterest)

Hi, Whiterabbit here, and today I decided to focus on Tigerstar’s sins. (the first Tigerstar)

So, first of all, I am going to list the cats that Tigerstar directly killed, as in bite to the neck, blood gushing out.

Now, this is going to be a list of cats that Tigerstar indirectly killed and how.
-Bluestar, because she lost her last life jumping into the gorge to save her clan from the pack of dogs that Tigerstar led to the camp.
-Swiftpaw, because he was killed by the dogs that Tigerstar trained.
-Stonefur, because Tigerstar ordered Darkstripe and Blackstar to kill him to scare Graystripe’s kits.
-Whitestorm, because he died in the battle against Scourge, whom Tigerstar brought to the forest.
-Scourge, because he died in the battle against the clans after Tigerstar brought him to the forest.
-Bone, because he died in the battle against the clans after Tigerstar brought Scourge to the forest.
-Firestar, because he died once in the battle against Scourge, and once because of Tigerstar plotting with his sons.
-(himself), because he died because he brought Scourge into the forest and Scourge killed him.
-Whitethroat, because he was chased onto the Thunderpath by Firestar because he was accused of murdering Runningwind when Tigerstar actually did.

Tigerstar also attempted to kill some cats, directly and indirectly. I can’t count how many times he has attempted to murder Firestar, but it has been at least three, almost definitely more. Tigerstar has also tried to kill Bluestar multiple times, but I think that it was only twice. Also, Bluestar probably never would have gone insane if he hadn’t betrayed her. he caused her to think that every at in the clan was a traitor.

Tigerstar also crippled Cinderpelt, therefore dampening her chances of ever becoming a warrior and it is also his fault that Brightheart has the terrible scars on half of her face.

So, in conclusion, Tigerstar was a very bad cat, and it was his fault that five ThunderClan warriors, plus a leader’s last life, plus two of a different leader’s lives, a WindClan warrior, a RiverClan warrior, and a ShadowClan warrior died. Two destructive rogues also died because of him, which one could consider good, but the only reason they died was that Tigerstar brought them to the forest.

Okay! That was my article on Tigerstar’s sins, and comment if you can think of any cat damaged by Tigerstar that I didn’t list here. Goodbye!

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  • I didn’t even really try talking about the cats who were influenced and died or frowned upon because of him after he died, this is a collection of stuff he did while he was still alive.

  • here is my fav Warrior cat list (Lower the number the more I like)
    11. Gorsepaw
    10. Bluestar
    9. Whitestorm
    8. Spottedleaf
    7. Silverstream
    6. Feathertail and Jayfeather ties!
    5. Leafpool
    4. Ivypool
    3. Tigerclaw(Tigerstar)
    2. Tigerheart (Tigerstar)
    1. Bramblestar
    So it might change from time to time, but I don’t think the part about bramblestar will change!

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