Which cat has the most varied blood? by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit wonders who in the Warriors universe has the widest ancestry.

Art by Nizumifangs

Hi, Whiterabbit here! Since there are so many cases where cats break the warrior code, I decided to figure out which cat has the most varied blood (blood from different “clans”). Let’s get started!
So, we know that the cats in the warriors series have a rule that you are not allowed to mate with a cat from another clan, but this leads to the warrior cats all being incredibly inbred, so it is a good thing that cats like Firestar come in and make half the clan their kin. Anyway, which cat(s) have the most blood from different places?
Well, Shadowsight and littermates gets kittypet from Cloudtail, ThunderClan from Brightheart, and ShadowClan from Rowanclaw. There are other cats that have blood from three different places, and thanks to all those codebreakers, the clans aren’t so inbred. But who has the most different blood?
Maybe something having to do with Tigerclawstar, since he managed to spread his blood to three clans, but we already have Shadowsight etc., so I don’t believe there re any other cats. What about other half-clan cats?
One of the most code-breaking cases, Leafpool and Crowfeather, leads to Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. Also, since Leafpool has kittypet blood from her father, Firestar, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf have WindClan, ThunderClan, and kittypet. That is another group of cats with blood from three different places, but can we think of any cats with four?
Well, if I’m correct, I think I have one. Willowbreeze was half WindClan, wasn’t she? She and Graypool were half WindClan, according to Crookedstar’s Promise. Then, Crookedstar mated with Willowbreeze and had Silverstream, who was therefore 3/4 RiverClan and 1/4 WindClan. Then, Silverstream mated with Graystripe, which brings ThunderClan into the mix, therefore Stormfur and Feathertail are 3/8 RiverClan, 1/8 WindClan, and half ThunderClan. Then, Stormfur moved to the tribe and had kits with Brook, which brings the tribe into the mix, and therefore Pine that Clings to Rock and Lark that Sings at Dawn are 3/16 RiverClan, 1/16 WindClan, 1/4 ThunderClan, and half tribe. So, Pine and Lark are the cats with the most different blood from different places.
If I missed any cats with blood from five different places, then you can tell me in the comments. Goodbye!

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