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Lavenderfox shares their opinion on Firestar. Do you like this ThunderClan leader?

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Hi peoples/cats! I am Lavenderfox! Today I will be talking about Firestar, and why I think he is annoying. Hear me out please, before you go ballistic and scream “FIRESTAR ISNT ANNOYING!!!” In my face.
Anyways, let’s get a move on! Warning!! Major spoilers for like, every book up until the last hope! You have been warned..
Reason number 1.
He is in literally EVERY book (up until the last hope I’m pretty sure). He is like “Oh hi! I’m Firestar who has been alive for 96 moons!” Yes I looked it up. Here is the exact writing: “Age:
Approx. 96 Moons (8 years)[7][1] at death[8]” don’t mind the numbers, I found it on a wiki. I know he is the main character, but he has been the main character for a while… longer than he should’ve been.

Number 2.
He is in like, every prophecy! Bud you need a break from prophecy’s. So, he gets a whole entire series to himself, then he gets to be the fourth cat! Seriously?!?! At first he is all like “Hi! I’m Fireheart and I’m apart of a prophecy! It is: Fire alone will save the clan! Yaaaay!!” And then a few series later he becomes the fourth cat! Like what? That’s sort of messed up.

Number 3.
He is almost always a hero. Don’t get me wrong, being a hero is a good thing! But when your heroic too much it gets annoying. So this is how it is: Firestar arrives in Thunderclan, still currently Rusty. He becomes Firepaw, and soon saves Ravenpaw from Tigerstar. Becomes Fireheart. Rescues Windclan, becomes friends with Onewhisker (think that was his name, I haven’t read the first series for a while lol). So more things happen, Bluestar dies and Firestar becomes leader. Yaay. Creates Lionclan with Windclan to beat Tigerstar. They win, Tigerstar is killed by Scourge. Soon after Firestar kills Scourge. Okay I’m going to skip things, this would take forever describing everything (sorry if I got events mixed up too, I haven’t read the first series for a while so yeah). Anyways he rebuilds Skyclan, stays a bit blah blah blah. See what I mean? Half of those events involve Firestar.

Reason 4.
This ones short, but anyways my last reason is: He will sort of get in other clans space, help when not asked stuff like that.
So he legit takes charge when the clans are searching for a new home. Thunderclan still is more in the spotlight! He marches forward and says “Okay peeps! I’m taking charge! Nothing you can do about it..” it’s annoying.
Anyways, in conclusion I am trying to say: Firestar needs to give others a chance. Do you agree? I could probably list more reasons, but then the article would be super long. Byeee! Stay safe!

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  • first of all y’all r mean. Firestar is my fav and he is 1 of the most important cat in the book! Without him the dark forest would of won. Also he gave some of his lives to save other cats. Like when he pushed that apprentice out of the way of a falling brach that took a life from him. Also when he saved the newly remade skyclan buy killing the rats leaders , but buy doing so he lost a life. Also when he killed scourge, he also gave a life to do so. And when he gave his last life to kill tigerstars spirit. If it went for him the clans would have been lost!!!

    • halfpaw who finally drew her profile pic and is the fluffiest chimera cat who used to be cinnamonpaw who likes indie pop (you can call me pumpkin/cinnamon/halfpaw/ or halfheart) says:

      True, but those are the GOOD things he’s done. He was always in a a prophecy, always makes thunderlcan in the spotlight

    • thats the reason i hate firestar. it looked like firestar had no flaws and he looked like the most, heroic cat in the clans or something.

    • halfpaw who finally drew her profile pic and is the fluffiest chimera cat who used to be cinnamonpaw who likes indie pop (you can call me pumpkin/cinnamon/halfpaw/ or halfheart) says:


  • ugh. firestar is my third favrote cat! he is not conplety oratted. but i can agree that he is super old and is in every propachy. serisosly chose someone else

  • tigerstar’s like:
    join me!
    firestar says:
    No u are evil and trying 2 destroy the forest!
    a few minutes later:
    Firestar: Windclan, join my and we shall be one and the same thing!
    Tigerstar dies.
    a bit later:
    Firestar: We must all join together into one great big clan!

    u can argue that tigerstar wanted 2 lead all the clans and firestar just wanted all the leaders 2 have a say, but this really isn’t true, firestar is the one who leads everyone

    i agree with all of what this article says,
    as well, firestar is way 2 young when he gets an app and way 2 young when he becomes deputy and way 2 young when he becomes leader and firestar does not get old!
    i mean before he dies, he is old, but he is always in perfect condition and just like he was when he was a newly made warrior!

  • 4 reason 4, well, the other clans let him take charge, if the other clans didn’t want him to lead them, they would have said so and Firestar would’ve stepped down.

  • I think Firestar is underrated because everyone says “He’s overrated…” He’s a great guy, and the way he resolves things with words, not claws, makes him someone we all need to look up to.

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