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How to tell if a cat will be leader by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit shares some observations they’ve made on predicting the next leaders of the Clans.

Art by cavyvillage (Reddit)

Hi, Whiterabbit here, and I was wondering if it was possible to tell if a cat will become a leader. There are mostly spoilers for leaders super editions, plus minor spoilers for most of the series. Anyway, I started looking for things that leaders have in common. Here is what I figured out.

1. Rough childhood/early adulthoods
Leaders usually have rough childhoods. Both Crookedstar and Tallstar’s mothers didn’t really care about them. Crookedstar even ran away from the clan as a kit. Tallstar’s mother, Palebird barely realized that he was still a thing, because her other son, Finchkit, died. Bluestar’s mother died sometime during her first moon of being an apprentice, and her sister died soon after she became a warrior. Firestar actually knew all of the cats that gave him his nine lives, and he was still young. That’s just sad. Bramblestar was born in that first time of disaster in the first series. Firestar saves him when he is a kit because he is stuck in the camp when the fire happens. I’m not sure if he’s an apprentice or a kit by the time the dogs come, and he is seen killing Bone in The Darkest Hour, to avenge Whitestorm’s death. When Onestar is still a young warrior, WindClan is driven out by Brokenstar, and then they are attacked by TigerClan where they watch the death of Gorsepaw. The list just goes on.

2.If StarClan chooses them, or if they start to get messages from StarClan
Firestar has always had dreams that tell him about the future, and when Bluestar was younger, Goosefeather told her that she would blaze through the forest like fire, only water could stop her. All of the cats that went on the journey to the sun-drown place had cool destinies. Feathertail was the prophesied silver cat, and Stormfur joined the tribe (which isn’t that cool, but it’s something). The apprentices on that journey became deputies, and Bramblestar became a leader. Tawnypelt is definitely the most senior warrior of ShadowClan, and her mate was a leader and her son was a leader. So, this second strategy for telling whether a cat will become a leader, but you can see that it doesn’t necessarily work for only leaders.

3. If there is a super edition written about that cat, then they are probably a special character. If you already know why they are special, like Yellowfang, then their special thing is obviously not becoming a leader. There are many super editions about leaders, but there are also ones about Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, and Hawkwing, two of which are sent on that journey to find the sun-drown place. These cats are also all deputies, so their chances are even greater of them becoming a leader. If they don’t have a super edition, but they are the star of a book series or something, like Firestar, then they are probably going to be important.

So, my predictions are that
-The next leader of RiverClan will be Reedwhisker, just because there is nobody else better that I can think of, and he is Mistystar’s only surviving kit. You can comment if you have anybody better.
-The next leader of SkyClan will be Hawkwing and after that will be Rootspring
-The next leader of ShadowClan is tricky. I think that Dovewing will be one of those cats like Tawnypelt, who is a senior warrior of ShadowClan, but she will never become a leader, but her opinion is almost as important as the leader’s. In fact, she’s a lot like Tawnypelt because they both started in ThunderClan, and moved to ShadowClan. You can comment if you have anybody that you think should become the next leader of ShadowClan.
-The next leader of ThunderClan will be Squirrelflight, and then either Lionblaze or Bristlefrost. You can comment on which one you think.
-The next leader of WindClan will be Crowfeather, and then I feel like it should be Heathertail because she was a talked-about character and because she was Crowfeather’s apprentice. She probably got on Crowfeather’s bad side, though, because she mated with Breezepelt, but that doesn’t matter.
Okay, that was my article, I hope you liked it, goodbye from Whiterabbit!

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  • Great article! I agree with pretty much all of this. Yes we need a Heatherstar 2! I would really like Ivypool and Violetshine to become leaders but I think that is pretty unlikely. For shadow clan, I think Cloverfoot… Because she is deputy and not really any other reason….

  • My opinions:
    Thunderclan: Lionblaze/Lionstar. It feels obvious. Squirrelflight and Bramblestar should just… die out lol. Their time is over. Lionblaze is a strong and loyal natural leader, and he has experienced enough to become a leader.
    Windclan: Crowfeather is too old, in my opinion. So then… Heathertail? I’m not really sure about this one.
    Shadowclan: Cloverfoot. I mean, she was the deputy and I don’t really see any other cats who are fit to become the leader.
    Riverclan: Like any other people, Reedwhisker is simply too old lmao. I know Riverclan cats live long, but Icewing seems like a better choice. Icestar sounds great, also.
    Skyclan: Perhaps Hawkwing? It doesn’t really sound right, though, and Needleclaw would’ve been a good leader.

    • Technically, Icewing is currently unable to become leader of RiverClan because she was exiled by Bramblestar/Ashfur (I read the 4th book), since Mistystar agreed to it, and then she joined ShadowClan. So unless she is invited back into RiverClan, she can’t be leader.

  • First of all squirrelflight is amazing without her,leafpool,crowfeather,and bramblestar the clans wouldn’t exist why? Because they are jayfeathers parents!! Without jayfeathers the clans would have been wiped out buy the dark forest.

  • I think one of the Erins said that she liked to imagine Ivypool as leader and that she would be ready sometime. I hope there is an Ivystar. ThunderClan hasn’t had a strong, female leader since Bluestar!

  • I once thought Yarrowleaf would be leader ‘-‘

    Hawkfrost Fan 100%

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