Worst 10 mates and fathers in the whole Warriors world by Gracepaw

Gracepaw lists some of the worst parents in the series. Do you agree that these cats weren’t the best parents?

Art by ursiday (tumblr: cloudtail)

Gracepaw is here and I’m going to write my fourth article (because I did two more with my best friend Blxssom) and this time I’m going to look at the worst she-cat parents. Let’s start!


Not very honorable mention:
Sasha the former kittypet, last seen as a loner(rouge?), Tigerstar’s mate, as well as Hawkfrost and Mothwing’s mother.

Although, before we get into the article, I would like to say that Nightcloud does not deserve to be called a bad mother. What about the scene in “The Sight” when she took care of not only Breezepaw(pelt) but Lionpaw(blaze) too. She was a very kind and loving mother. The Erins just suddenly made her seem like a evil mother who made her kit grow up the same way too, when it was really Crowfeather, because he was feeding Breezepelt’s ambition and evilness, even though he said something about “He’s been making his choices for a while now” In The Last Hope.
Plus, the descriptions in the Ultimate Guide where it says “Nightcloud coddled her son, encouraged him to believe her was better than the other warriors, and in doing so, never gave him a chance to prove his own worth.“ Yeah, but if you think about it, every queen does that. The queen thinks her kits are perfect, and are going to be the best warriors in the clan. She encourages them, and they believe that they should work hard.
To be honest, I think the Erins wanted to shine the spotlight on Leafpool and make people sympathise with her. After all, where did that kind mother go? Did she transform into a Cinderella’s Stepmother character? No, I think the kind mother stayed right where she was, but the Erins just showed Nightcloud when the bad parts of her came out.

NUMBER 10: Yellowfang
Yellowfang, a Shadowclan medicine cat, then the Thunderclan medicine cat, is number 10. Why? Well, it’s because she killed her kit twice. Once with deathberries, once by breaking his neck. I love Yellowfang, I really do, but killing your kit is not a very good way to be a mother, even if it was necessary.

NUMBER 9: Dewy Leaf
Moon Shadow’s and Sharp Hail’s mate, and Sun Shadow, Crow Muzzle, Dancing Leaf, Falling Dusk, Melting Ice, Morning Star’s mother, is the 9th worst mother. My reason is this: when her mate, Sharp Hail was scolding Sun Shadow and hurting his feelings, she didn’t even say a word. She didn’t defend her kit against the words that cut like sharp hail (that must be where Sharp Hail’s name came from) and instead watched it happen. So she is the 9th worst mother.

NUMBER 8: Brightflower
Yellowfang, Nutwhisker, Rowanwhisker, Marigoldkit, and Mintkit’s mother, and Brackenfoot’s mate, gets the 8th place on this article. I hope I can explain why before someone goes Tigerstar and unleashes a pack of dogs on me. When Mintkit and Marigoldkit died, she turned on her OWN DAUGHTER, faster than you can swallow the traveling herbs, without listening to her reasons first.
Brightflower had no excuse to do this. Yellowfang looked distraught at the death of her tiny kin. Brightflower just took Brokenstar’s word. She could have gone to see the site herself, and investigated. I understand that she was grieving, but that isn’t a very good excuse, so Brightflower gets the 8th place.

NUMBER 7: Featherstorm
What is up with the Shadowclan mothers and fathers? And the cats of Yellowfang’s family tree? Yellowfang-Well, Yellowfang herself. Brightflower-Yellowfang’s mother. Raggedstar-Yellowfang’s mate. Can’t they be better parents? *Gasps* Starclan have sent a vision to me that there will still be one more cat from Shadowclan that will be on this list. And I have a feeling everyone knows who it’s going to be… And she’s still connected to Yellowfang in a way…
Anyways, Featherstorm is mother to Raggedstar, Scorchwind, Dawnpaw, Volepaw, and Mosspaw. Her mates were Hal and Blizzardwing. Featherstorm was a bad parent to Raggedstar and Scorchwind, not protecting them like Goldenflower from all the taunts about their father being a kittypet. She was definitely better to her second litter, but then that is because their father is not a kittypet.

NUMBER 6: Quince
Tiny/Scourge, Ruby, and Sock’s mother, Firestar, Princess, Luna, Filou, and Tommy’s foster father, and Jake’s mate is in 6th place. This cat has almost the exact same reason why Pinestar was put on the bad fathers list. After all, if Quince has stopped Ruby and Socks from taunting Scourge/Tiny so much, he might not have become leader of Bloodclan. Then Whitestorm would have lived…..

NUMBER 5: Wind Runner (star)
Here’s a line from Secrets of the Clans/ Enter the Clans.
“Stay here,” Windstar hissed to the rest of the patrol, and sped across the thunderpath. She was furious. Gorsefur was not only her deputy; he was the father of her kits.
Ummmmm, hello? Isn’t Mothflight supposed to be one of Wind Runner’s and Gorse Fur’s kits, along with Emberkit, Morning Whisker, and Dust Muzzle? Did Wind Runner forget? Moth Flight is an awesome cat. Why would you forget about her? (Moth Flight is my favorite cat because I relate so much with her)
And then this line from the next scene:
“This is your punishment, Mothflight.” Windstar’s eyes were as cold as the north wind.
Why is Windstar being so cold with her daughter????
Although those cold, stone-hard words ultimately allowed Mothflight to find the Moonstone, (My favorite place in the whole warriors world) that still doesn’t change the fact that Wind Runner was frosty towards Moth Flight, just because she was dreamy. Even though it says differently in Mothflight’s vision, she still treated her unlike Dust Muzzle. So she is the 5th worst mother.

NUMBER 4: Cinders
Cinders is Sol’s and his three other littermates’ mother. The only time she appeared was in the flashback in the manga Beyond the Code. I had totally forgotten about this cat until I re-read the whole Skyclan and the Stranger manga series a few days ago. (to be exact on 8/3/20)
Now I regret the fact that I forgot to put Sol’s unnamed father on the Worst Fathers list, because he really was a horrible father. Cinders is a bad mother. After all, Cinders always complained about how a cat like she had to live in such harsh conditions, leading me to believe that she was a spoiled cat before she kitted.
And then she complains every time Sol’s father comes around with some prey. Hey, Cinders, be more nice to your mate, and one scrawny piece of prey is better than none! Eventually, she dumped her kits on Twolegs to take care of them. She is a bad mother and mate, so she earned herself the fourth spot on this list.

NUMBER 3: Lizardstripe
Starclan’s vision they have sent me is true, because we have LIZARDSTRIPE here on the list. And Yellowfang is connected to her, because Lizardstripe is Brokenstar’s foster mother. Lizardstripe is a really, really bad mother.
She tells Raggedstar and Yellowfang,
“What a miracle. If I’d known toms could have kits, I would have made Mudclaw have these brats of mine himself.”
What kind of mother calls her kits brats? And what kind of cat blames a kit for being born when the real person they should blame is their parents? She is a terrible, terrible cat, and so she is the third worst mother and mate.

NUMBER 2: Palebird
Palebird is Tallstar, Finchkit, Bristlekit, Flykit, Rabbitkit, and Wrenflight’s mother. How did someone so noble as Tallstar be born from a real bad mother like Palebird? After all, take a look at this scene from Tallstar’s revenge.
“Talltail?” Palebird stared at her son.
He stared back. Had she forgotten him already?
Palebird snatched her gaze away. “You know they weren’t supposed to be out of camp.” She gave Wrenkit’s head a brisk lick. “Why in the name of Starclan were you playing with them, Talltail?” she snapped. “You should have brought them straight home.”
Again, we have another mother treating her own kit like he/she is not hers. Talltail(star) is supposed to be one of her kits, yet she treats her litter with Woolytail better than Talltail(star). She deserves the place of number 2 on this list.

NUMBER 1: Rainflower
I think we all saw this coming. Rainflower is a really hated cat among the fans of the Warriors world. The third mother on this list that treats her own kit like he/she is not hers! *Exasperated*
After all, she neglects Crookedkit(star) just because she doesn’t like his looks. For Starclan’s sake, Rainflower, just because a cat looks different doesn’t mean he/she can’t contribute to the clan! I mean, look at Deadfoot. Brightheart. Tree. Briarlight.
They have some strange things about them, like a useless paw, a one-eyed face, six toes on a foot, or even a crushed spine! But that hasn’t stopped them from being a proud member of their clan. Briarlight worked hard and earned the respect of her clanmates many times over, and helped Jayfeather out. Tree helped the cats who were stuck as ghosts become members of Starclan. Brightheart turned into a fierce warrior, just as good as any other. Deadfoot even became the deputy of Windclan.
How would you counter that, Rainflower? What really matters is the spirit, and not how they look. I bet if Rainflower was a Twoleg, she would be leading the protest against african-americans. Just because they look different!
Rainflower really is the worst mother. So all hail Crookedstar, who made it through her coldness! The number one spot really belongs to her.
I will conclude this article here, this has gotten long enough. Thanks for reading this article! (and congrats for making it through all my rants!) Gracepaw, signing out!

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  • Do not even with Windstar/runner. Mothflight almost killed her mate, Gorse, how was she supposed to feel? Most of her kits were dead. Windstar wasn’t a bad mother, her kits just had bad luck.

  • Great article! I definitely agree with you about Rainflower! And have you ever noticed that Emberkit(the kit with a Clan name) was the first to die? *foreboding music plays* . . .

  • I love Crookedstar. He might not have trusted Lepoardfur before she became leader of RiverClan,but he was strong,and survived lots of things. That’s why he earned a great spot. But I can’t belive his mother was terrible! JUST SO UNFAIR!
    Good artical!

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