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Related Leaders by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit takes a look at leaders who were related to each other.

Artist unknown

So, I am making a new article, this time about leaders. I have noticed long strings of leaders who come from the same family, and I felt like talking about it.

So, let’s start with Oakstar. His son was Pinestar and he was also a leader, hence the name. As we all know, Pinestar’s son was Tigerstar, who also became a leader, but perhaps not a very good one. And then, out of his four children, Bramblestar became a leader. His other child from that litter was Tawnypelt, and she gave birth to the second Tigerstar. That is five related leaders and five cat generations is a lot.

Now, let’s figure out why this happens. I think that leaders are more likely to chose highborn cats to be their deputy. So they would be more likely to choose leaders’ children or deputies’ children to be their new deputies. The leaders figure that if the father or mother was a good deputy, then the child will be too.

Another thing I realized about leaders is the leader chain where one leader mentors some apprentices, and one of the apprentices becomes a leader. I’m not sure who Sunstar’s mentor was, but I seriously doubt that it was Pinestar. Anyway, Sunstar was Bluestar’s mentor after Stonepelt died, and he chose her as his deputy. Firestar’s mentor after Lionheart and Tigerclaw was Bluestar, and she chose him as her deputy. Firestar’s apprentices were Cinderpelt, Cloudtail, and Bramblestar. Cinderpelt became a medicine cat, therefore she could not become a leader. Cloudtail didn’t believe in StarClan and he was a little too pricklyish if you know what I mean. So, the perfect choice was Bramblestar. So, before a Veil of Shadows came out, I thought that either Berrynose or Sparkpelt would be the next ThunderClan leader, and I was really hoping that it wasn’t going to be Berrynose for obvious reasons. I don’t think that Sparkpelt could be the next leader either, just because. But, Berrynose died in the battle at the end of A Veil of Shadows, and I was kind of relieved.

Anyway, let’s try and figure out why this happens. Well, it makes sense that a leader would trust the cat they mentored if they could be trusted, just because they would know the cat better. Sunstar chose Bluestar as his deputy because they kind of knew each other and Sunstar knew that he could trust Bluestar. Bluestar chose Firestar because she went crazy, but she might not have been so quick to accept his words if he had not been her apprentice. I think that Firestar chose Bramblestar to give him a chance, just like Bluestar had given him a chance. He wanted Brambleclaw to prove he could be a loyal deputy, in hopes of making the clan forget and forgive for things that Brambleclaw didn’t actually do.

Okay, I hope you liked my article! Goodbye!

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  • Now, this is what happens if you walk into a spoiler.
    Not whining at you, Whiterabbit, just saying. I’m going to die. AHHHHH.
    Anyway, leaders have a ‘reign’. Thornclaw pointed out Firestar’s family was getting all the leadership-needing-positions. That’s true.

    The mentor-apprentice thing, I think it may be because the mentor knows his or her apprentice best, and has time to observe their apprentice’s skill and talent.

  • Fun fact: Bramblestar and Bluestar are related. Unknown and unknown had Daisytoe and Flashnose. Flashnose had Swiftbreeze and Daisytoe had Moonflower. Moonflower had Bluestar and Swiftbreeze had Leopardfoot. Leopardfoot had Tigerstar and he had Bramblestar. Bramblestar and Bluestar are 2nd cousins twice removed I’m pretty sure

  • Oof, could you at least put a spoiler at the beginning because now I know something I shoudn’t’ve as I haven’t read Veil of Shadows yet :c

  • Oh I just reread Into the Wild, and Graypaw literally says that leaders usually only mentor deputy’s children.

    • it’s odd because i don’t even think i’ve seen that happen

      • it’s a shame because that would make for an interesting character plotline

    • well looks like that never happened, so I guess Graypaw was just making an exaggeration.

      Sandstorm is (presumably) Redtail’s daughter, and she gets shipped off to Whitestorm instead.
      Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are (presumably) Bramble’s kiddos, but instead, they get shipped off to Bright (temporarily), Ash, and Bracken respectively.
      Alderheart and Sparkpelt are Squilf’s kiddos but they get shipped off to Mole (temporarily) and Cherry respectively.
      Pouncestep and Lightleap are Dove’s kiddos but they get shipped off to Snowbird and Stonewing.
      Crowfeather is Deadfoot’s kiddo but then he’s shipped off to Mudclaw.

      • Mudclaw was the deputy
        Dovewing wasn’t deputy, Clovertail(?) was

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