BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange 2020: Your Gifts! – Part 1

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s gift exchange! 😀⛄

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s gift exchange! We had record turn outs! 😀⛄

With so many participants, I had to make two posts. Click here for part 2! If you can’t find your name, it’s probably there. If it’s not there please let me know as I’m bound to have make at least a few mistakes! 

Ctrl + f to find your name easiest. If you can’t find it by your current name, try warrior names or nicknames. Ex: Goldenpaw is named as Goldenfawn. 

I want to thank you all for making this gift exchange awesome to organize and do (even with so many gifts). You made the experience as smooth as possible and are all fantabulous! 

I also want to thank the amazing volunteers that helped with last minute submissions, Mapledrift, Moonbreeze, and Viperfrost!

A few people may have two gifts due to last minute submissions! 

Now, without further ado, your amazing gifts! 😉 🎁

For Spottedpaw/stream

For Sunnypaw

For Willowlight

“muhahahaha i have stolen all of your monies and hidden them away! to recover them, all you must do is solve my riddles three. riddle one involves you finally handing over my OVERSEAS ASSETS you DISNEY BRAND FLAGWIELDING TURKEY. 🙂 and in all seriousness, i’m 100% certain you can tell who this is just by the art style, or more accurately by the fact that i have no tact even when i try and sent you a bunch of ultra-specific questions “from your art volunteer.” You’re a wonderful friend and an amazing person to be around, and I hope you had the best of holidays. Now hand over my money. <3″

For Silverpaw/fin

Silverfin, Silverfin,
A poem to bring a grin.

Silverfin, Silverfin,
Where to begin?

Silverfin, Silverfin,
bringing laughs and cheer,
for in this poem is therein,
the point you’re more than mere.

Silverfin, Silverfin,
How to say you’re great?
Bright your disposition,
You no one can hate.

Silverfin, Silverfin,
as warm as cinnamon,

Silverfin, Silverfin,
you’re always a win.

Happy Holidays!

For Sunpaw/whisker

Here is some hot cocoa, I hold in my paws. I put in some marshmallows, their creamy white soon melting into the deep dark brown. Hopefully you aren’t lactose intolerant 😛

I then wrap up a small gift, a picture of She-ra (by me! Although this is just a story, I don’t have a card.. sorry. Nor do I have a way to post it.. sorry!!). On it, it says “Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa!
I set the gifts down, with a grin. 

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa Sunni! Strawberrykit

For Flamecloud

For Frostfire

“Hello Frosto! I hope you like your drawing and that your holiday was amazing! 😀 “

For Rabbitflame

Rabbit, a quick and email creature.
Flame, a quick and merciless burn.
Soon you will see, my kit.
How these words will ever earn.

For Lionpaw/pool

For Falconpaw
“not my best work but i hope you like it! :))”

For Frostcrystal

“”Merry Christmas, Frost! I drew your fursona, and I’m not the proudest of it, but I hope you like it. :3”

For Bristlefrost

POV: you’re a cat
Breeze ruffles your fur as you walk through the dense snowy forest under the rosy dawn sky.
Refreshing as the way I remember it,” you remark yourself while sniffing in the chilly pine-flavoured air.
Ice has occupied the nearby pond, and is now sleeping soundly on the water.
Suddenly, a crisp sound of crunchy leaves being crushed from behind catches your attention.
Turning your head, you notice a glimpse of gray fur in the trees.
Long whiskers then poke through the pine needles as a thick-furred pale gray cat makes her way out.
Euphoria blooms in you at the sight of the cat, the cat you have always longed to meet.
Fancy a walk with me?” she suggests, her blue-green eyes glimmering in the soft sunlight.
Roses are blooming in your head, birds are singing in your heart– you have never been this happy before.
Oh… sure,” you stutter, so overwhelmed that you cannot process any words properly.
She smiles and breaks into a small run, then playfully flicks her tail to signal you to chase her.
Tails high, you both disappear in the pines, only the joyous purr of chasing and chatting can be heard in the icy air.

For Gingerpaw

For Eaglepaw/flight

“Have the best year possible this upcoming year!!”

For Ravenpaw/wing

“Ravenwing, you are an amazing person! I truly hope you have a wonderful New Year!


For Aspenshade

For Silverkit/moon

For Briarpaw/blaze


For Falling Feather/Driftpaw

For Blueheart

For Swanfeather

For Rainpaw/song

For Darkwing

For Shimmerpaw/sky

For Moonbreeze

For Moonspirit

For Speckleleaf

For Lupinetail

“Hey Lup! I hope you like the enclosed drawing; I’m not a very good artist, but I did my best! I really like talking to you, and you’re a super fun person. I hope you had a great year, despite everything going on, and I hope your new year is even better 😀 Happy Holidays! <333”

For Nightkit

“This poem is based off of a scene from the old tv show ALF, which is a sitcom about an alien who eats cats. I hope you enjoy. It’s not meant to be very seriously.”

The Great Orange Hunter by Eaglefrost

The great orange hunter stalks his prey.
With jubilee he cries, “I’m having cat today.”
Carefully, he begins making his plans
For he has stumbled upon the leader of ThunderClan.

The great blue leader launches a counterattack.
She moves so swiftly so the hunter can’t strike back.
She thrusts and swipes and claws at his nose.
The hunter lowers his head with defeat and away he goes.

The great orange hunter stalks his prey.
With jubilee he cries, “I’m having cat today.”
In front of him is a small orange cat no older than a kit.
Says he, “Him, I’m sure I’ll be able to get.”

The small orange cat screeches like an owl.
“You’re not having cat,” he snarls with a scowl.
With a flurry of paws, hisses, and claws,
The great orange hunter is defeated once and for all.

For Rustlingleaves

“I hope you like the drawing of your fursona I made, I don’t know much about drawing textured fur and fluff so I hope that came out right, and that the colors match well!

Happy holidays Rustlingleaves, and if you don’t celebrate any December holidays then happy December, and happy new year! <3 <3 <3″

For Blueflower/Potato

“Dear Potato, I was really excited to get you. I really wanted to make art for you, even though I’m not very good. I thought it would be fun and interesting. I worked and tried really hard, but I still can’t do it. I’m really, really sorry. And I still sort of have writer’s block and I suck at making poems, so I couldn’t do those either. All I could give you was a compliment. Here it is: Even though I don’t know you well, you are obviously a really smart and funny and kind person, and I really wanted to get to know you more. You deserve way more than a compliment, but I couldn’t give it to you. I know you said that you’re fine with anything, but I still feel bad. So whenever I actually learn how to make art, I’ll make it for you first. I hope you like it when I do.”

For Frosnolga

“I made you an adopt, or warrior cats oc design.”

For Bloompaw

“Hi, Bloompaw! I had a lot of fun with your drawings, and I hope you like them! I did one with the best of my background drawing skills, although in retrospect maybe a winter wonderland would’ve been more fitting sdoifjsdofijsdf. The second one is of one of your teams, and of course your purrsona! I hope they make you happy, and that you had wonderful holidays this season! C:”

For Sandpaw

“You are a gift to BlogClan <3”

Text in image:
Laws of Flight for Fledglings 
1. Your wings will break and scar-this is how you discover your inner-strength. 
2. Freedom is not about the strength of your wings-it’s a spark in your soul, 
igniting the skies of the spirit.
3. To truly attain freedom you must understand that-
a. You are free to choose who you are
b. Free of imprisoned beliefs 
c. Free to be the courageous, inspiring human being you were born to be
d. Free to dream and touch your stars
4. You must set yourself free of doubt, shame, and fear. You are EXACTLY who 
you are meant to be. 

For Fawnspots

For Monkeypaw

Artist credit

For Leafsky

“Hope you like it!”

For Cherrytuft

For Flowerpaw/song

For Starkit

~~ Star ~~
Ribbons of silky moonlight glowed with elegance, shining over the glades in BlogClan’s territory. Starkit gazed out of the nursery, watching as the radiant and captivating Christmas tree enlightened the joyous new spirit. Warriors and apprentices gathered around the tree, dancing and singing the best classic Christmas holiday songs. Just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Like snow that cascaded down from the alluring night sky, tears toppled down her cheeks dropping onto her paws, Starkit longed to go outside and explore the new world. Her gaze shifted up towards the effulgent bright porcelain white star and the enigmatic starry night sky. Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you… 

~~ That Leaps – “Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.” – Michelle Obama ~~ 
The warriors yawned, stretching and lying down on the fluffy green grass. Soft snores blended in with the sound of the gentle chilly breeze. She swiveled around, everyone was asleep. Starkit took a first step out of the nursery. Excitement and joy ran through her body with hope, this was her chance. She galloped. She galloped like a horse, with incomprehensible speed. The snow is like a sandstorm, pushing her closer to her one and only Christmas wish. 

~~ On Christmas Night ~~
The stars bloomed, the snow cascaded down, and the breeze blew. Starkit sat at the edge of a cliff, stargazing. The view, the world that she lived in was like a bed of roses. Starkit beamed in pride, she was able to achieve something unimaginable. All I want for Christmas is… Starkit sat there wandering, wandering hopefully, on this lovely, Christmas night.

For Appleflower

Pale yellow
Pop music
Extra cool
Light blue

For Splashfeather

For Whiterabbit

For Goldenbee

Dawn drifts through the tightly woven trees above your head, illuminating your den, as you rise, paws outstretched. Home. The place to be. A chorus of familiar scents and scenes, the forest rustling as it begins the day.

A lazy breeze tousles your thin, Summer fur, a mouse scurrying through the undergrowth. You let it be. Just a moment. A moment to relax. The wind carries you away to another world. You pad towards it without hesitation.

“Goldenbee!” You surface, pulled forcefully into reality. “Dawn patrol!”

You groan. “I was having the best dream.”

The she-cat rolls her eyes. “There’s also a Clan that exists, that needs defending.”

For Bluebellsponge

“Bluebell, you’re so amazing and I always love seeing your hilarious comments! I hope you like the picture, it was super fun to draw, your fursona’s adorable!

Happy Holidays!!! <33333″

For Pineblossom

For Heliodor

For Ambercloud

“Hey Ambercloud – Happy Holidays <33

I’m sorry your purrsona isn’t all pale ginger, and the drawing sadly isn’t very good. Still, I hope you like it! Wishing you happy whatever holiday you celebrate <33″

For Maplestripe

“Dear Maplestripe, I hope you liked my drawing. I also hoped you had a wonder-filled Christmas(if you celebrate it). I wish you a joyful and happy new year! You’re an amazing member of The Blog, and I hope to get to know you better.

~ Your Holiday Gift Exchange Buddy. c:”

Secret page

For Cinderpaw/fall

As the cinders breeze,
You begin to freeze.
But my time hasn’t come!
I’m yet to see what my warrior name will become!
You suddenly know you will get through it all.
Then, the cinders fall.

For Snowbreeze

For Maplekit/shine

“I hope I got your purrsona right: Long furred black she-cat with white markings and green eyes

Anyways here they are. Also I dunno what sort of story plot you’d like, so I just came up with a random one ^^ Hope you like it nonetheless.”

The kit crouched behind a log, paws tingling with excitement. The scent of prey drifted through the air, making the kit’s mouth water with the longing of food. The kit poked its head over the log, and then using its small claws scrambled over the log and fell with an oomph on the other side. The kit found itself face to face with a mouse. 

    The kit stared at the mouse in confusion. Why wasn’t it running away? The kit tensed itself, but then looked at the mouse more closely. It was dead. Why hadn’t the kit noticed that?
The kit just scooted forward, warily, just to make sure it was safe. The kit glanced at the prey’s neck. A neat bite of a cat had probably snapped it. The kit didn’t question it and sniffed the mouse. It smelled fresh, and there was no disease that the kit could detect on it, so the kit leaned forward and took a bite.
It was warm and delicious, making the kit tear off another chunk, delighted by the taste. 

After the kit had eaten what it had needed to fulfil its hunger, it looked more closely at its surroundings. The trees loomed high over the kit, the lush undergrowth stretching just too high over the kit. The kit saw a pile of rocks. It was huge, but there was an entrance just big enough for a full grown cat to walk through with no trouble, but no fox or badger would be able to fit. 
The kit shivered. The kit’s mother had told the kit all about the dangers of the forest, the foxes, the badgers, the big, scary wildcats that fed off of their own when they starved. But the kit wasn’t intimidated. 
The kit padded towards where huge rocks were piled together but had a crack just big enough for a full grown cat to squeeze through, and then padded through the entrance, and froze as the overwhelming darkness blinded her. The kit blinked and as she adjusted to the dark, she gaped in astonishment. There was a huge space, and a trickle of water fell into a pool, just enough to provide clean drinking water for cats who might need it. The kit lapped at the cool water and relished it, the need for water disappearing. 

    The kit jerked awake. She’d fallen asleep beside the pool of water and had been awakened when she’d heard pawsteps. A white she-cat with blue eyes poked her head into the little area the kit had been sheltering in. The kit just watched, trembling, and the she-cat set down her herbs that she’d been holding.
     “It’s okay. There’s no need to be frightened,” The she-cat soothed. “I’m not here to hurt you.” The kit flattened her ears as the she-cat came closer. “I’m Softwhisper,” the she-cat said. “And you?” The kit swallowed nervously and responded in a small voice,
     “…Maplekit.” Softwhisper froze. Her eyes widened.
“That’s a clan name,” Softwhisper muttered, half to herself. “So who?-” Softwhisper glanced at Maplekit once more.
     “Do you know who or where your mother is?”
“M-My mother was Shallowsplash,” Maplekit said.
     “Come with me, dear,” Softwhisper said. “I’ll get you back to my home, where it’s safe.” Maplekit got to her paws and padded over to Softwhisper and pressed against her, shivering. Softwhisper led Maplekit out of where she’d been sheltering and out into the forest, towards an unfamiliar area.

For Coldheart

For Needlepaw

For Lilykit/foot

For Viperfrost

Very good mod
Really kind

For Pearpaw

Your gift is on this secret page!

For Sparrowpaw/moon

For Birchfoot

“Btw, a note from your gift exchange buddy, you might be surprised to know that the star design thingy behind the cat has no curvy lines! 😀 😛 “

For Mapledrift

For Treepaw/light

For Pinestripe

For Cinderpaw/frost

For Starkit/feather

“I promise I’ll make more chapters, Starkit/feather, although this one was blandish. “


Cometstar – sleek silver she-cat with unusually red eyes

Sunmuzzle – powerful gold tom with orange specks on his muzzle and golden eyes
Apprentice, Streakpaw

Eclipseshadow – small black she-cat with amber eyes

Saturncream – cream furred she-cat with rings of tan around her body and brown eyes
Apprentice, Nebulapaw
Plutoshiver – dark gray tom with blue eyes
Apprentice, Galaxypaw
Ringsnarl – broad-shouldered golden tom with brown eyes
Asteroidstreak – brown she-cat with streaks of darker brown down her back and yellow eyes
Apprentice, Raypaw
Dwarfclaw – small gray tom with blue eyes
Apprentice, Aurorapaw

Neptuneslash – blue-gray she-cat with gray eyes
(mother of Ringsnarl’s kits; Celestialkit and Gravitykit)
Moonripple – silver she-cat with blue eyes
(mother of Sunmuzzle’s kits; Eternitykit, Planetkit, and Starkit)
Novalight – black she-cat with brown eyes

Streakpaw – silver tom with gray eyes
Nebulapaw – blue-gray she-cat with blue, pink, and green eyes (yes, multicolored)
Galaxypaw – black she-cat with white, gray, red, and silver speckles, with blue eyes
Raypaw – golden tom tinged with red with brown eyes
Aurorapaw – orange she-cat with white patches and yellow eyes

Marsdapple – red tom with brown eyes
Atmosphereprism – silver she-cat with blue eyes

4 moons ago…
“Push, Moonripple, push!” Eclipseshadow grunted as the silver she-cat wailed in pain. Moonripple shuddered and the last kit fell into her nest. “Here you are, Moonripple! Three healthy kits.” Sunmuzzle shouldered his way into the den. “Where are they? Can I come in? Can I see them?”
“You already are in.” grumbled Eclipseshadow.
Sunmuzzle covered Moonripple in licks. “What should we name them?” she asked.
“Whatever you like.” he replied.
“Okay, the golden tom will be named Planetkit, for his round head.”
“His silver sister is Eternitykit, for her eyes feel like I could fall into them for an eternity.”
“And the black she-cat with white speckles?”
“Her name will be Starkit, after her pelt.”
“Those are wonderful names.” Sunmuzzle purred.
Sunmuzzle slid out of the den. Saturncream and Plutoshiver were sharing toungues nearby. Saturncream leapt to her feet as he passed them. “Have you seen them?” she asked. Sunmuzzle nodded. Everyone came up to him to congratulate him on his newfound fatherhood. Two daughters and a son, he thought happily, his heart warming. Two daughters and a son!
Eclipseshadow was curled in her nest. After a long kitting and a feast, it was definitely time to rest.
She woke up in a forest filled with stars and mist. A cat was padding towards her. “Venusleaf!” Eclipseshadow exclaimed. Her mentor was not someone she’d expected to see. But then she saw that Venusleaf’s expression was grim and serious. Apparently, something was up. “I have a prophecy for you, Eclipseshadow. I’m sorry this could not be a friendlier visit.” Venusleaf announced. Eclipseshadow drew closer, her eas pricking with interest. Venusleaf scratched a star in the earth. She pointed at the bottom two points. “Stars have the lightest feathers, and will take flight. In order to help them, you must let them go.” Venusleaf turned to leave. “Wait! Don’t go!” Eclipseshadow called out. But the starry cat was already gone.
Eclipseshadow woke up to the mewling of a kit. “There there, quiet down, Starkit.” said a voice from the nursery. The prophecy! Eclipseshadow realized with a jolt. Venusleaf mentioned stars… this prophecy is linked to a newborn kit!
Chapter 1
“Get out, EarthClan warriors! SpaceClan will destroy you!” Starkit squealed, pouncing on Eternitykit. They fell to the ground in a bundle of fur and squeaks, tussling in a play fight. Suddenly Starkit went limp. Eternitykit let out a squeal and pinned Starkit down. Starkit surged up, knocking Eternitykit into Planetkit. “I win!” she declared in triumph. Sunmuzzle padded over. “Well done!” he rumbled, purring. Starkit, Eternitykit, and Planetkit tackled him together. He pretended to stagger and collapse under their weight. The kits pinned him down. He tumbled them off and they jumped on his back, squealing. “Badger ride!” They cried. Sunmuzzle carried them all the way to the elders den, where Marsdapple was basking in the sun. The kits scrambled over to him. “Tell us a story, please!” Sunmuzzle said goodbye and left to go organize the patrols. Marsdapple began to tell his story.
“A long time ago, when I was young like you, a fox came into camp! It slaughtered my best friend, Mercurykit, but not me. I jumped on it and kept it there until the warriors came….” Starkit didn’t hear the rest of the story. She was too busy imagining the vicious red fox, tearing up the vines that bordered camp and snatching up kits. She shivered.

Cometstar came padding out of her den. “Scaring the kits, eh, Marsdapple?” Marsdapple purred. “They asked for it.” Cometstar shook her head. She looked like she was about to say something when Nebulapaw, Saturncream, Ringsnarl, Asteroidstreak, and Raypaw burst into camp. “Invasion!” Saturncream yelled. “EarthClan has crossed the border!”
Cometstar was there in a flash. “Where?”
“Near the old sycamore tree. Boulderstar is standing right underneath it!”
Cometstar leapt onto the Great Meteorite. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather underneath the meteorite for a clan meeting!”
Cats began to shuffle towards the rock. Starkit looked at Moonripple. “Can we go?”
“If you behave.”
Starkit scampered to the rock with Eternitykit, Planetkit, Celestialkit, and Gravitykit. “EarthClan has crossed the border.” Cometstar announced.
Several warriors snarled. “Two patrols will go. I’ll lead the first one. Dwarfclaw, Aurorapaw, Plutoshiver, Galaxypaw, and Ringsnarl! Come with me.” Cometstar snarled.
“Sunmuzzle will lead the second patrol. Asteroidstreak, Raypaw, Streakpaw, go with him. We’ll finish the dirt-scum off.”
With that, the two patrols left. Starkit pressed against her mother’s side. “I’m scared.” she whimpered. “Don’t worry. The battle won’t come to camp.” Moonripple soothed.
The kits stayed in the nursery for the rest of the time. They heard screeches and yowls. Finally, the patrols came back. Eclipseshadow rushed from her den. “Did you win?”

“We beat those scum back over their borders with their tails between their legs!” yowled Cometstar. The clearing erupt in cheers of triumph. Eclipseshadow rushed into her den to get herbs. Starkit watched in admiration as the warriors got treated one by one. “I have duties to perform!” Cometstar shouted. She leapt to the rock. “The apprentices have fought well and earned their warrior names.” The apprentices smoothed their fur, there eyes shining. “Streakpaw, come forward.” Streakpaw came nervously, but proudly. “I, Cometstar, leader of SpaceClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Streakpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”
“I do.”
“Then by the powers of StarClan , I give you your warrior name. Streakpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Streakdash. StarClan honors your courage and bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SpaceClan.” Starkit watched in envy as Nebulapaw, Galaxypaw, Raypaw, and Aurorapaw were named Nebuladapple, Galaxyspeckle, Rayblister, and Auroranight. “I will perform one more duty today,” announced Cometstar. “Celestialkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Celestialpaw. Ringsnarlyou are ready to take on an apprentice. You have received excellent training from Atmosphereprism, and you have shown yourself to be loyal and brave. You will be the mentor of Celestialpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her.” Gravitypaw was then apprenticed to Plutoshiver. SpaceClan cheered. “Streakdash! Nebuladapple! Galaxyspeckle! Rayblister! Auroranight! Celestialpaw! Gravitypaw!”
Starkit watched this all with envy. Soon, that’ll be me up there, she thought. One day, I’ll be apprenticed. And I’ll be the best they’ve ever seen!

Secret page 1

Secret page 2



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