BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange 2020: Your Gifts! – Part 2

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s gift exchange! We had record turn outs! 😀⛄

With so many participants, I had to make two posts. Click here for part 1! If you can’t find your name, it’s probably there. If it’s not there please let me know as I’m bound to have make at least a few mistakes! 

Ctrl + f to find your name easiest. If you can’t find it by your current name, try warrior names or nicknames. Ex: Goldenpaw is named as Goldenfawn. 

I want to thank you all for making this gift exchange awesome to organize and do (even with so many gifts). You made the experience as smooth as possible and are all fantabulous! 

I also want to thank the amazing volunteers that helped with last minute submissions, Mapledrift, Moonbreeze, and Viperfrost!

A few people may have two gifts due to last minute submissions! 

Now, without further ado, your amazing gifts! 😉 🎁

For Mintkit

For Ivykit

Click here!

For Redblaze

For Ebonyrain

“Hi Ebay! 😀 So I’m RELATIVELY confident that you’re the one who really really likes shiny Alolan Raichu, and I didn’t want to like… draw your purrsona like I did for everyone else, since we’re closer friends and I wanted to do something special haha 😛 So anyways, I gave it a bowtie and a top hat because I thought that would be cute, and I really hope you like it! Happy New Year, and thank you for being an awesome friend! :D”

For Meadowpaw

“Hi, Dawny! I hope you had a fantastic holidays and New Years! 🙂 I hope I got the little leaf thing right as you described it as leafy :P”

For Bramblefire

For Flowermistle

“Have a wonderful holiday, Flower! I hope your celebrations and New Years’ are everything you could wish for! <3”

F for fantastic
L for lovely
O for original
W for wondrous
E for exciting
R for real

For Minktail

“Hoya Minktail, This is Cinderpaw/whisker, your Gift Exchange buddy!!!!!
You are AWESOME and every word that means awesome I can think of or exists!!
Cinda OUT”


For Plumehaze/Mojocloud/Trillcloud/Plumeflake

“Hi! Happy New Year!”

Secret page

For Dovepaw

““happy holidays dovepaw, i painted this little kitty in the snow for you! sorry it’s not your fursona really it’s just a random cat in the snow and sorry it’s kind of rushed, but i hope you still like it! happy holidays <3””

For Turtlepaw/dapple

For Halfpaw/heart

For Shadesong

“Happy Holidays ! I couldn’t find your sona so I drew a character from your fanfic – Lifetail.”

For Wolfspirit

“Hiya, Wolsi! I hope whatever holidays you celebrate were amazing and happy New Year!”

For Auroralight

“Hey Aurora! So I honestly read your purrsona and immediately went “oh wow, that’s so cool!” I absolutely adore the aurora borealis theme 😀 I wasn’t going to do a background, but I’m not a huge fan of how the cat turned out, so I wanted to make up for it a little bit – so I drew the aurora borealis behind your purrsona! I’d never tried drawing them before, but I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like them too! Happy Holidays! <33”

For Hollyfern

For Brightkit

“Hello dear Brightkit!

Merry Christmas! I’m sorry I couldn’t make a lovely fanfic just for you, but I couldn’t find your name on the form page, so I don’t know what your personality or what you like, but here’s a cute Christmas poem for you~ :D”

Christmas is coming soon in the breeze
Hurry up and decorate the Christmas tree
Ringing bells and drinking tea
In the snow, people ski
Santa’s arriving, but fell on his knee
Travis the elf, is laughing with glee
Merry Christmas, Santa said to the bee
A present for you, to bring to the sea
See you, Santa

“I know this poem doesn’t make sense at all, and the last sentence doesn’t even rhyme, but I just ran out of words that rhymes so, I wish you could accept it 😛

Wish you the best Christmas and happy new year ever! Hope your wishes come true!

Best of all,

For Lostkit

For Swallowstripe

For Asterstorm

 The Cheesefic

Motto: “You can never have too much cheese.”
GOUDASTAR – Floofy pale yellow tom with a red belly and green eyes
BRIEWHISKER – Cream she-cat with a yellow belly and blue eyes
CHEDDARHEART – Ginger she-cat with golden eyes
There are no elders because cheese is timeless, it never gets old. When it ages, it only becomes *more* tasty.
PARMESANTAIL – White she-cat with pale amber eyes, mother of Jarlsbergnose’s kits, Mozzarellakit, Fetakit, and Cheesefonduekit
ASIAGOFOOT – Cream she-cat with yellow feet and green eyes, expecting Scamorzaclaw’s kits
MANCHEGOSHINE – Brown she-cat with a cream belly and blue eyes, expecting Ragusanosky‘s kits

MOZZARELLAKIT – Floofy white tom with bright yellow eyes
FETAKIT – Small white she-kit with blue eyes
CHEESEFONDUEKIT – Floofy bright yellow she-kit with bright blue eyes
VELVEETAPAW – Dangerously floofy yellow tom with dangerously yellow eyes
GORGONZOLAPAW – White she-cat with gray splotches and amber eyes
CAMEMBERTPAW – White tom with a yellow belly and blue eyes
MASCARPONEPAW – Long-haired cream she-cat with bright green eyes
STILTONPAW – Pale yellow tom with dark gray speckles and yellow eyes
SWISSPAW – Cream tom with a white belly, muzzle, ears and tail with green eyes
COTIJAPAW – Fluffy white she-cat with cream and yellow splotches and bright blue eyes
ROQUEFORTPAW – White tom with black speckles and green eyes
MONTERYJACKPAW – Pale yellow tom with orange eyes
SCAMORZACLAW – Golden tom with a white belly and amber eyes
MUENSTERFANG – Pale yellow tom with orange tail, belly, muzzle, ears, and paws, and bright orange eyes
JARLSBERGNOSE – Yellow tom with a light-ish ginger belly and green eyes
PECORINOLEAP – Cream tom with black belly, muzzle, paws, and tail; bright green eyes
COLBYJACKWING – Orange-and-white she-cat with green eyes
ROMANOFLAME – Whitish-cream tom with a floofy, jet-black belly and green eyes
COTTAGECHEESEFERN – Very floofy white tom with orange eyes
CREAMCHEESEFEATHER – Long-haired white she-cat with a floofy white chest and yellow eyes
STRINGCHEESEFACE – Pale yellow tom with green eyes
LIVAROTSTEP – Bright brown-orange tom with a cream belly and amber eyes
CACIOTTAWILLOW – Pale warm orange she-cat with yellow eyes
MIMOLETTEWIND – Bright orange she-cat with a pale gray-brown belly and blue eyes
RAGUSANOSKY – Pale orange tom with blue eyes
BOSWORTHMIST – White tom with black flecks and a cream-yellow belly and yellow eyes
RICOTTAWHISKER – Floofy white she-cat with green eyes 
GOATCHEESETAIL – Pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes

Velveetapaw dashed through the mounting snow. He would have been cold, had he been an average cat, but he was a cat of CheeseClan, where every cat grew an extra-floofy leaf-bare coat of fur, even more floofy than that of the average cat, for leaf-bare.
Still, there was an icy chill in the air as the young tom pranced through the snow. He didn’t mind, though; he was too excited to care about the weather.
Catmas was coming, and Velveetapaw needed to be ready! He had already gotten Catmas gifts for his mother and father, Colbyjackwing and Romanoflame, and for his best friends, Monteryjackpaw and Gorgonzolapaw. 
He wondered what Santa Paws would give him. His pelt tingled with excitement as he thought of the possibilities. Fresh moss to line his nest with? A moon of first pick from the fresh-kill pile! But what Velveetapaw wanted most of all was a little brother or sister. All his friends had siblings! He was the only apprentice who was an only kit. He loved Monteryjackpaw and Gorgonzolapaw, but they were his best friends, not his siblings! 

He heard a yowl from the Cheeserock. The floofy tom glanced up to see Goudastar addressing the Clan, his green eyes glinting in the late afternoon sunlight.
“May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Cheeserock for a Clan meeting!” he yowled.
Velveetapaw bounded over to the Cheeserock. He had heard something about a gift exchange between Clan members. He wondered who he would get! He hoped it was Creamcheesefeather, his mentor. Or one of his friends. Or maybe his parents! I don’t really care! I just like spreading happiness. He thought to himself.
More cats gathered around their leader, and Briewhisker took her place as deputy beside Goudastar. 
“Cats of CheeseClan, with Catmas approaching, I’m sure you’ve all been busy with gifts for your loved ones and full of holiday spirit. I would like to announce CheeseClan’s first ever gift exchange!”
Murmurs of joyful applause rippled through the crowd. Fetakit got so excited that she transformed into her namesake. Velveetapaw now remembered that kits couldn’t control when they turned into the cheese they had been named for, and once they became apprentices their mentors had to teach them to control it. This was because kits of CheeseClan were born as the cheese they represented, and the cheesy part of their bodies was very much alive. Velveetapaw remembered being so nervous about not being able to control turning into cheese, but then being relieved when it was a lot easier than it sounded.
He snapped his attention back to the Clan meeting just as Goudastar was instructing them on how to find out their partners.
“Here I have a pile of cheese-scented crackers. Choose one randomly from the pile and sniff it. Whatever type of cheese it smells like, that is your partner. Any questions?”
Velveetapaw wasn’t entirely confident in his cheese-sniffing skills, but that wasn’t exactly a question. Besides, he could probably sniff out any cheese in this Clan.
Soon it was his turn to sniff a cracker. He detected a smell that would be pungent to a normal cat, but it was nothing unusual for CheeseClan. He recognized that scent… it was Gorgonzolapaw’s scent! He felt a rush of happiness. He had been hoping to get her. He licked up the cracker and gestured for the next cat, Muensterfang, to choose his cracker.


Two days later, Velveetapaw hadn’t figured out his gift for Gorgonzolapaw. He wanted to please her, and he really wanted to get her a gift that showed her how much he cared. He still had time. Ten more days, in fact. But he had no idea what to get for her! He supposed he could catch her a piece of prey, but that was something she could just get for herself. It wasn’t anything special. Unless it was a rare Crackerjackrabbit. In that case it was special… but not made by him. 
He wondered if he should make something out of gorgonzola cheese to represent his friend. He knew exactly where to find some. It was where any cat went if they needed some extra cheese. 
Right next to the fresh-kill pile lay the Cheese Pile. Velveetapaw padded over to it at the crack of dawn, when no other cat would be up yet. He carried a decent amount of gorgonzola back to his nest, and on a quick last-second decision decided to create some velveeta to carry as well. He replenished the Cheese Pile’s stock of his cheese as well; they were running low.
He then made his way back to the apprentice’s, stashing the cheese under his cozy feather nest.


Velveetapaw was awoken in the night by the sounds of voices. He couldn’t distinguish whose, but they were right outside of the apprentice’s den, whoever they were.
“When will we tell him?” whispered a she-cat. “You decide. He’s your gift exchange partner,” responded the slightly louder voice of a tom. 
“Shh! We don’t want to wake any cat!” hissed the she-cat. Velveetapaw suppressed a mew of amusement. Too late, he thought to himself. He had always been a light sleeper.
He pricked his ears. The two cats were speaking again.
“Besides, just because he’s my gift exchange partner, doesn’t mean you don’t get to help me decide when to tell him! You’re my mate!” the she-cat objected. 
“I know that, and as your mate, I think it doesn’t matter when you tell him, as long as he knows.” the tom reasoned. The she-cat began to object, but her mate wasn’t done. 
“But if you really wanted to know my opinion, the obvious choice would be to tell him when the gifts are exchanged.”
The she-cat sighed. “I don’t know, I just…” she sighed. “This is more than just a gift, don’t you think?”
The tom snorted. “I don’t, actually. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. And this will be the best gift of all.” softening a little, he added, “And I’m sure you’ll do just fine telling him.”
The two moved after that, but not before Velveetapaw caught a familiar, comforting whiff of colby jack. That had been his mother and father, Romanoflame and Colbyjackwing, he realized with a start. 
He wondered who the “he” was. Could it be Goudastar? What would be so important that they had to tell the Clan leader? He shrugged and curled up to fall back asleep. Oh well. I’ll find out soon enough if it’s important. 
That night, visions of Santa Paws and Crackerjackrabbits danced in Velveetapaw’s head. 

All the next day, the Clan was hard at work making gifts for their Gift Exchange partners. Velveetapaw had an idea in mind, but he had to have his full concentration for it. 
He kept having to take trips to the Cheese Pile and back to get more gorgonzola and velveeta. One time, he was almost caught by Gorgonzolapaw, who was also getting cheese, but he dashed back to his den just in time.
Finally, when he was satisfied with his creation, he lay his head down to sleep. He deserved it after his long day.

“Velveetapaw! Wake up, sleepyhead!” 
The floofy yellow tom yawned and stretched. It was a little over a week after he had first started his gift for Gorgonzolapaw and heard about the mysterious topic his parents had discussed, and he had finally finished making his present.
“Huh? Oh, Monteryjackpaw! Is it sunhigh already?”
He blinked blearily at the smiling face of his friend. “Yep! We’re about to exchange gifts. You can’t miss that!”
With a start, Velveetapaw realized it was the day of the Gift Exchange. Already? He thought to himself. “I’ll be right out with my gift!” he promised his best friend. Monteryjackpaw nodded and darted out of the apprentice’s den to get his gift. 

Velveetapaw was nervous. What if Gorgonzolapaw didn’t like his gift? He had sculpted her out of gorgonzola cheese, and put a heart around it out of velveeta cheese. Well, mousedung to that! He chided himself. She’s your friend! She’ll like whatever you get her!
As he padded over to the Cheeserock, where the cats of CheeseClan were gathered, he noticed other cats getting ready, their eyes shining with excitement. He saw that Cotijapaw had managed to catch a Crackerjackrabbit. Good for her! She must really be good at hunting to catch one of those. They’re supposed to be really rare, right? He wondered.
“Cats of CheeseClan! Today we gather together to exchange gifts with each other. Head over to your partner and give them your gift!” instructed Goudastar.
Velveetapaw strode confidently over to Gorgonzolapaw, gift in his jaws, and lay it at her paws. “See? It’s you!” he told her. 
Gorgonzolapaw gasped in delight. “I love it! Thank you so much!” she carried it over to her nest, where she tucked it safely in the feathers. “I’ll keep it forever,” she vowed.
Velveetapaw beamed. She liked it!
He trotted back over to the Cheeserock, waiting for his partner to come over to him. He spotted Romanoflame talking with Colbyjackwing. Suddenly, Colbyjackwing made her way over to him. 
“Velveetapaw, you were my gift exchange partner. I have some exciting news as my gift to you!” she began. That’s what she was talking about with Romanoflame! I’m the ‘he’! He realized. He noticed that Colbyjackwing looked a little bigger. Maybe that Crackerjackrabbit had been for her. 
“I’m going to have kits!” she announced.
Right then and there, Velveetapaw knew that there was no better Catmas gift than that.

The End

For Creekpaw

For Willowsilver

For Larkfeather

“hi, lark! you probably know exactly who i am based on the art style, but i really hope you like it 😀

 it was kinda hard to draw bandit without a real photo, so i’m not quite sure i got the shade of palomino right – if i didn’t, just message me and i can fix it if you want, it’s super easy! i wasn’t in a great place for a lot of this month leading up to the deadline, so i actually had to scrap my original idea with what i wanted to draw for you. turns out, seven fully shaded fullbody characters is a bit much 😛

 but i really hope you like this, even if it’s a bit small! thanks for being a wonderful friend, and happy holidays/new year <33”

For Cinderpaw/breeze

For Dewfeather

“Dewfeather, your purrsona is literally so cute! I had a lot of fun with it 😀 I wrote “beautiful background” because you said you liked beautiful backgrounds on your form, I thought it was kinda funny so I hope you don’t mind 😛 (I suck at nature backgrounds and stuff tho haha sorry about not doing one!) But I hope you like your present anyways, and Happy New Year/Holidays! <3″

For Shadowcloud

For Pebblerose

For Willowstep

For Shadowwing

For Duskblaze

For Dawnpaw

For Frostfeather (you have two buddies!)

“Hi Frostfeather, here’s your gift exchange present! I hope you like it, your purrsona was really fun to draw, and I loved doing the eyes! Happy Holidays!”

For Owlfeather

For Icepaw/pelt

For Featherkit

For Willowpaw/frost

“Hi Wolli! 😀 I’m not sure if you recognize me based on art style or not – but I really want to make this clear. You’re a wonderful person, we appreciate you, we love you. And when something rough happens, please remember that it does get better! I love talking to you on Discord and listening to you sing – you have a wonderful voice that I’m totally jealous of. You’re a really sweet person, and I hope you like my present for you <33 Happy New Year! :D”

For Rainypaw

Chapter 1: Pine 
It had been moons since Pine left his clan to become a kittypet his life has been easy no starving in leafbare, no more rising his life in battles over sunningrocks but yet something was wrong it might be the fact that his friend Jake had just had kits while he will never be able to watch his own son grow up or it might be the fact that it had been moons since he caught a little mouse no you left Tigerit, Leapordfoot and Tunderclan behind you have your place here with your housefolk and Jake no matter how much you miss them. “Hey Pine don’t go into Thunderclan territory” The voice startled him, it was Jake he was sitting on his housefolk’s fence like he usually does. “Oh I was just going on a walk.” Pine replied “ Again? You’re going on walks every single day.” said Jake “ I know, I guess now that I’m a Kittypet I feel free and I want to explore when I was a warrior I couldn’t wander anywhere outside my clan’s territory but now I can wander so far without feeling guilty that I left my clan as a leader.” “Well I suppose that makes sense but you can’t get lost.”. Pine walked into a cornfield wondering what was at the other side. All the corn reminded him of his clan. The corn stalks live in one place like a clan. On the other side there was a barn full of mice If you come any closer to me I’ll shred you” The voice surprised but there in the corner of the barn he saw a black and white she cat just the sight of her reminded him of Leopardfoot and by the look of her she was expecting kits which made her look more like Leopardfoot. NO she’s not Leopardfoot and you live with your housefolk not your clan. “ I won’t hurt you, I’m Pine and who you are.” he told her “ I’m Bella and I don’t believe you now that you know how many mice there are you’ll bring your friends and you’ll drive me out so then you’ll get all the mice for yourself Toms are all the same.” she told him No I won’t I promise. ” Yeah right. Now go away.” she reminded Pine of Leopardfoot She’s not Leopardfoot you left her and your clan behind you.  
As day’s passed Pine couldn’t stop thinking about what Bella had said. Now you know how many mice there are you’ll bring your friends and you’ll drive me out. Toms are all the same. What does she mean by that it doesn’t make any sense. 
Chapter 2: Shredder 
Tom was well a tom who often got teased because of his name even his littermates teased him. He spent most of his time watching the weird forest cats. He watched them hunt, he watched them send out border patrols sometimes he rolled in their scent just to watch what they did. He figured out some of it by himself there are 4 clans; they each have their own territory their warriors hunt and fight to protect the clan. He learned to hunt and fight by watching warriors teach their apprentices. His only dream was to be able to lead a clan My clan would be the best, most powerful clan in the forest. His mother and littermates all laughed at his dream one day I’ll show them that I’m more than a kit with big dreams. After many moons one of the she cats that lived next to his housfolk’s den had kits one of the kits the smallest was called Tiny just looking at Tiny he knew that this kit would grow up to be like him. After 1 moon Tiny came to live with him Tom knew that this was his chance to shape this little kit into a warrior. “Hey Tiny I’m Shredder” Tom told him ” No you’re not the housefolk call you Tom” retorted Tiny “ Well yeah that’s what they call me but my real name is Shredder.” “Well my real name is Scourge.” and at that moment Tiny became Scourge and Tom became Shredder. Shredder taught Scourge how to hunt. One day while Scourge was hunting he accidently walked into Thunderclan territory and was hurt by a tabby apprentice from that day on. Shredder hated all the clans for hurting the kit. He and Scourge moved to twoleg place their they met a she cat named Bella and helped her escape so her kits could be well fed but when he found out where she was living he took some of the cats at twoleg place to take over the barn as they drove Bella out of her own home he killed dogs and soon all the cats in Twoleg place respected him or was afraid of him. He was soon leader. With Scourge as the deputy. He called his clan Bloodclan. 
Chapter 3 : Pine 
Pine told Jake about Bella and sure enough he said “ Lets go and visit her.” “ What, she’ll pull our whiskers out if we go close to her” Pine told him “so we’ll show her that we’re Kittypets you know also we look like Kittypets” Jake retorted. On the walk to the barn Pine couldn’t stop noticing the fact that it seemed quiet it was so quiet that he could hear his footsteps and the rustle of leaves then something landed on him something kit sized when he looked at his back he saw a black and white kit on his back “Barley get back here and don’t go anywhere near them.” and there was Bella with 2 other black and white toms and a pale orange she cat. The kit or Barley jumped off his back and went over to play with the other kits. Bella turned to him obviously mad that he had come back with another Tom “ Why did you come back” she hissed but so softly that the kits couldn’t hear “We won’t hurt you” Pine replied rather firm “ Fine well know you know where we are I’m not going to move away this fast but as long as you don’t hurt the kits you can stay.” She told them and she motioned to her kits with a flick of her tail “ This is Violet “ she motioned to the she cat “ Barley” Barley was the kit that jumped on him “ Hoot” Hoot was the biggest one  “ and Jumper” the second biggest tom. Violet and Barley were very close as Violet was the smallest kit and he was with her all the time. Hoot and Jumper were always fighting. “Pine can you give us a badger ride?” Violet asked “Hop on” Pine stomped his foot on the ground and the kit squealed with delight. When Pine and Jake returned he thought about how scared Bella was when he brought Jake along as if he was going to attack her and her kits never mind about that it’s her business and she definitely won’t want you to interfere she didn’t even want you to meet her kits just like Leapoardfoot just imagine it’s her. 
Chapter 4 Shredder
Shredder’s new life was good getting fed by cats that are afraid of him some of the cats looked up to him others  where afraid of him but of course he fought some of the dogs but not enough to be in danger of being killed which would be terrible because he’d be too young to die,of course he doesn’t let Scourge do to much fighting either ever since he took over a barn that was were the best hunting was but he had to send other patrols to different places as eating mice everyday was boring. Sooner or later we’ll have Thunderclan territory and then Windclan territory after that we’ll get Shadowclan and then Riverclan territory we’ll get more cats too. It’s not fair that real clan Leaders have 9 lives while I have only 1 life. “ Hey Shredder” Scourge called “What Scourge” “I found some territory that looks pretty good why don’t you come check it out” “Fine” they were walking toward a area behind Thunderclan territory “hmm this look like it’s full of prey we’ll take it and with one of the she cats having kits we’ll have more warriors in no time plus the annoying apprentices better become warriors soon” he told him. “ These three apprentices are read to become warriors Grass, Root, Tree you will be known as Ember, Coal and Bone” said Shredder “You must serve bloodclan with loyalty or else and Smoke, Finch are you going to listen to your mentors and catch at least 1 piece of prey before you eat” “Yes” said Smoke and Finch at the same time “Then Ember you will teach Smoke and Bone you will teach Finch” finished Shredder. Eating in the clan was easy leaders and deputies gets first pick queens and kits get second as queens will make warriors and kits will become warriors then Warriors as they are the ones who hunt and protect the clan and last is apprentices but only if they have caught at least one piece of prey otherwise they go hungry. In Bloodclan the leader, deputy, queen and warriors have dens sometimes apprentices do if they are being punished they don’t. “Shredder” yelled Scourge “ What is it this time” “ You know that she cat we drove out I know where she is.”  
Chapter 5 Bella 
Bella was sleeping when she heard some noises when she went to look at what it was she realized her kits were gone! “Where are we going” she heard heer kits and she saw a cat she never wanted to see again with her kits. Shredder when I get my paws on you. When she also saw 5 different cats there’s no way I can fight all 6 of them I’ll have to follow them.  They walked into Bloodclan territory Bella knew she couldn’t get them from inside she would have to sneak in and then sneak back out. I can’t do it alone. I need help. Pine that’s it I’ll have to ask Pine. Bella knew it would be hard to find Pine but she could follow his scent even if it’s a couple of days old she could still scent it as it had not rained so she could follow the scent. Just a bit closer he’ll be close by and then I’ll get back my kits. “Bella, what are you doing here?” Pine said. “Oh good I found you. my kits have been stolen.” she told him “ What your kits have been stolen” said Pine, astonished.”I’ll get Jake” Pine hoped over some fences over to Jake’s garden “Hey Jake Bella’s kits have been stolen so we’re going to get them back.” “WHAT!” you could hear Jake’s voice over all the fences “Lets go get them back” “Wait Jake we need a plan let’s go back into my yard” Bella heard his voice Well at least Jake will get then back or die trying either way. Pine will try at the least but I can’t understand how 3 cats are going to get 4 kits out of a place with who knows how many cats guarding them. “ Well there’s one thing we can try” said Pine “But it’s super risky.”  “What, I’ll do anything just to get my kits.” she told him “Well we have to make a distraction to get most of the cats outside the camp and then a few cats have to go in and get the kits.” Pine told them “Well brilliant plan but you might notice that there are only 3 of us.” said Jake “That’s where you’re wrong we can get other cats to help like the-”  “No don’t say it not the Sisters” protested Jake  “Do you have a better idea?” retorted Pine “ I guess not” muttered Jake “Good now here’s the plan.”. So right now Pines got a crazy plan that will probably not work which Jake thinks will definitely not work. 
Chapter 6: Red 
Red was happy she was living with her wonderful housefolk and she was happy living with them her mother had named her Red probably because of her Russet fur. Her housefolk call her Cinderella. One day Red’s housefolk left and didn’t come. Red knew that they had left and she had to leave. I’m sooooo hungry and worst of all I can’t hunt. “ Hello I’ve been watching you and I have something you want, food.” said a voice “What where!?” Red yowled “Now now I can’t just make food appear can I. You will have to join my clan. We teach you to hunt  and you help us survive.” The voice told her “ Yes yes I’ll join your clan.” she replied desperately “ Good I’m Shredder. Nice to meet you Red.”  Shredder told her “Follow me.” Red followed Shredder quietly. I wonder how he knew my name was Red. I don’t remember telling him.  The camp had shelter, food and dens probably. Shredder climbed onto a pile of junk and bones and started talking. “ I have found another cat for our camp, Red come will you be an apprentice and catch prey for the clan.” “Yes” she replied “ Then you will be apprenticed under Coal.” Red couldn’t believe what had happened she was now part of a clan and an apprentice in 1 day “Red” came a deep voice as she turned around she saw a muscular dark gray tabby tom “I’m Coal your mentor come on I need to teach you how to hunt.” Now that she looked at him she realized that he was around the same age as her. “Pay attention Red if you’re going to eat you need to catch food and for that you need to learn how to hunt.” Coal meowed “Now to do a proper hunting pose you have to bend down – No tuck your tail in prey will see it from the bushes good, now can you have a big sniff around what can you smell?” “Mouse” Red replied “Good now which direction is it in” asked Coal, Red looked in the direction of the mouse. “Good now try to catch it.” Red got as close as she could without scaring it and pounced. She got it in her paws and swiftly bit it. “ Nice let’s try to catch more,” Coal told her. Soon they caught 2 more mice, a voal and a sparrow before they headed back to camp. “We wanna go home.” “Yeah take us to Bella” Red heard the sound of kits then she heard a she cat say “ No if you complain anymore we’ll give you to the Foxes.” What!? these Kits act like they were stolen or something… 
Chapter 7: Bella  
It had been 2 sunrises after the kits had been stolen. Bella stayed at Pine’s housefolk for some rest but otherwise she caught mice to eat but when she tried some of the food the housefolk gave she almost stopped hunting mice. “Bella we have to put or plan into action.” Pine rasped“Okay Pine.” One thing Bella was noticing about Pine was that he was getting old. Well he’s a Kittypet he doesn’t have to hunt or fight. Bella saw a squirrel and Chased after it into the Sister’s territory she chased until she slammed into another she cat “Well lookie here a trespasser. Finch what do we do to trespassers.” She heard the she cat say to another one Finch said “ Well before we took the kits we would injure them badly at the edge of our territory and we still do to Toms but since this is a She cat we’ll take her to Shredder and he’ll decide what to do with her.” Well at least I’ll be with my kits but how could Pine not now this. Well he’s a kittypet how was he supposed to know that the Sisters are gone. When she reached a camp where she saw a tom one that she had recognized as the father of her kits, someone she never wanted to see again. “ Ember, Smoke good job you found.” He told the 2 she cats the smaller one, Smoke looked like she was so proud that she could explode. “Bella after looking for you we have found you, don’t you know better than to walk on other cats territory.” “How was I supposed to know, anyway I came to get my kits back from you, you Foxheart.” she growled at him “Bella you know better than to insult me in front of my cats I could get you killed, anyway they are my kits too.” he told her. “You lost your right to call them yours moons ago.” she retorted “Fine but you 5 are my prisoners and I can kill anyone of your kits if I want to so stay quiet and don’t try to break out and you can still be part of my clan.” What am I going to do surely, someone will know I’m gone well. I hope they do at least.  
Chapter 8 Pine: 
Okay so now I just wait for Bella to bump into the sisters and if the plan goes well she’ll come back and bring the sisters. “ Hey Pine I heard you muttering something about the sisters I’d hate to break it to you but they left the forest the big she cat had kits and when they could walk the sister left know that part of the forest belongs to a massive Tom who used to be a kittypet.” “WHAT!?” yelled Pine “Wow Pine that was loud any way the sisters don’t let Toms live with them.” “Sorry Alex  , I just can’t believe it.” Pine said “Nah that’s okay.” Alex told him. “I’m used to it.” Alex hopped over the fences. Oh no oh no oh no. She’s in danger and it’s my fault, Well at least I was Thunderclan’s leader so I have some skills. I have to go find her. Pine rolled in mud and leaves to get the scent out of him and followed Bella’s scent trail, after a while he caught the scent of two more she cats. Oh know they found her. He followed her scent trail for a while then he smelled all sorts of things and lots of cats. He saw Bella with her kits. She was sad but happy that she had her kits with her. Oh thank Starclan, wait no you’re not a clan cat you don’t believe in Starclan. Pine went back as fast as he could and into Jake’s garden”Jake, Jake where are you.” “ Pine, you’re acting like Bella has been stolen.” From the look on Pine’s face Jake understood “ Oh no, What happened.” he asked “ Well the sisters had moved on and the cat that kidnapped the kits had taken over that area and then she ran in before we knew I followed her scent until I reached their camp and it was terrible” “Well if this were a different situation I would have totally said I told you so but I’m not so now we need to rescue her I’ve got a plan but we’ll need another cat to carry the kits unfortunately do you agree to do this.”  “Of course I do.”
Chapter 9: Red
Red was an amazing hunter but when she catches things Coal gets all the credit which is totally unfair because she was the one that caught everything. Well at least I get to eat which one of the apprentices barely does since she never catches anything anyway the kits that were crying all the time stopped. Shredder captured her and the kits so now the kits aren’t crying but still this place isn’t a place for cats who weren’t interested in fighting. The she cat was always picking fights with Shredder; she has know idea how dangerous Shredder can be. “Red come on we’re going hunting with Shredder.” Coal said, Reds eyes opened wide the clan leader never went hunting he barely even goes out and knows he’s hunting with the newest apprentice. When they went hunting Shredder sat and watched them hunt but didn’t do any hunting. Figures going hunting with the clan leader means the clan leader watched you hunt while he just sits there well. I still have to do my best. He is the clan leader. Soon Red had caught a thrush, a shrew, a few mice and a vole. “Well she is an amazing hunter and it’s the middle of leaf bare, Coal I think we should make her a warrior soon.” Shredder told Coal. Red  puffed up her chest the 2 older apprentices were still trying to please their mentor while Red had pleased the clan leader. When they were at camp Red summoned all her bravery and courage and asked Coal “if she could keep her name.” his only reply was “You’ll have to ask Shredder.” She walked over to Shredder’s den and asked in a firm voice. “Shredder can I keep my name when I become a Warrior.” “Well no one’s ever asked me but I suppose I can do something about it.”
Chapter 10: Bella 
Shredder and his clan don’t feed Bella but everyday a few warriors take her out to hunt, she and her kits get to eat every piece of prey she catches but if she has leftovers she has to give it to the clan which is why she doesn’t catch extra. The only good news was that she saw Pine on the day she got here but how could Pine attack so many cats by himself. The only reason that Bella couldn’t leave was because she had her kits. They were only 3 moons old even if they couldn’t even hunt yet if she left them then they would starve. A moon later she saw one of the newest Warriors, a russet fur she cat called Red said to her “Hello it’s time for your daily hunting this time Shredder wants you to take your kits too.” Bella did as she was told and took her kits with her she assumed she would have to teach them hunting and she did. She was growing used to living with bloodclan, so where Hoot & Jumper. Violet was still scared of living in Bloodclan and Barley wouldn’t care about what he thought as long as Violet didn’t like it he didn’t like it. Bella couldn’t wait to get out of the camp for real not like a prisoner. I can escape now the guards are asleep but so are the kits. “ Kits wake up.” Bella told them “what.” Barley said sleepily “ We’re leaving”. Bella and Barley followed her but Hoot and Jumper were hesitant “Well, aren’t you coming” she said sharply “Yes” they said in perfect union. The moon was red that night like blood was spilled all over it. Weird the night I chose to leave the moon is red. As they walked out without Bella seeing Hoot & Jumper woke up the guards and hissed in their ears. “Stop right there.” said the guard Bella could have fought both of them but it would have woken the whole camp the guard leaped at Bella and she clawed at his ears but he was too fast and dodged. The second guard leaped on her back and she tried to shake him off but his grip was too tight. She let out a yowl of pain which woke up almost the whole camp. The second guard fastened his jaws around her neck with a yowl of pain she fell limp in his jaws. 
Chapter 11: Pine 
Pine had decided to go back that night. The moon was red like an omen that Goosefeather would interpret and say it was an omen of a fight but Pine decided that it was for him. He made his way over to the camp. He saw a  tom bite Bella on the neck, Barley and Violet looked so scared while Hoot and Jumper were expressionless. I vow to help those kits no matter what. It was my fault that Bella is dead but I will help those kits. Pine wanted to leap out at the tom and fight but he knew it was too dangerous, he backed away and ran out of the forest and back to his twoleg’s house. The red moon means Bella and that means Starclan is still watching over me. Pine ran over to see Jake Jake, Jake. ”  Pine called “Pine let a cat get some sleep will ya.” Jake said clearly exhausted “ Bella’s dead.” He blurted out “What, how.” Jake asked “She was trying to escape but she was caught but the kits are still alive.”  A moon passed Pine was still trying to think of a plan to get the kits out. One day he saw Leapardfoot and a patrol of other warriors, probably a border patrol. She didn’t seem happy that she had to patrol the border near Twoleg place. Seeing her made Pine feel worse then what he was already feeling. He’de left her and their only kit he remembered her begging for him to stay in Thunderclan with her. Pine hid under a bush so he could see her but she couldn’t see him. He saw Bluefur one of the warriors which made him feel even worse if it was possible it was his fault that her mother died, she was fighting a battle with Windclan that Goosefeather said should happen. With them he saw Lionpaw. He was a warrior now but he didn’t know his warrior name and behind them was Trushpelt and his apprentice. She looked so excited which reminded him of when he was an apprentice when he went on his first patrol with Mistpelt. When he was a kit he could always play during the middle of the day since there were barely any warriors to annoy. That’s it the Middle of the Day is when we get them back.
Chapter 12: Red 
Ever since Bella died Red had been thinking about living with Shredder she could leave and run away she had been in charge of taking care of the kits Hoot and Jumper where apprentices but Barley and Violet aren’t. “Psst” Barley said “ What is it Barley.” she asked “ I know that you don’t like it here and I don’t either so when you leave ask around for a kittypet called Pine tell him I sent you and that Bella is dead also tell him to come and rescue me and Violet.” he told her “Sure thing Barley.” she told him over the time Barley had been like a little brother to her and she would do anything he asked her to do even if it was impossible. Okay so now all I have to do is escape this terrible place it’s not like I need their shelter. I can hunt for myself. It was the middle of the night when Red decided to leave. If anyone catches me I’ll tell them that I’m going for a walk. Red got out of her den and walked right into the forests, soon she was running as fast as she could through the forest and towards Twoleg place “Hey slow down” said a kittypet “Who are you and what do you want.” Red asked him “ I’m Alex and I prefer to wake up early.” “Whatever, do you know a kittypet named Pine.” she asked “Oh you’re looking for Pine yeah his housefolk are the ones with a big pond filled with fish and his housefolks den is blue.” “Right thanks.”  Red told him. She walked through the houses for a long time then she saw one that was big and blue. There was a pond in the back with lots of colorful fish. I wonder how fish taste. “You don’t want to try to catch them, they’re disgusting.” “Are you Pine.”  She asked “Yes and who are you.” “I’m Red, Barley sent me to tell you that Bella is dead and he wants you to get him and Violet out. Hoot and Jumper are staying with Bloodclan.” 
Chapter 13: Barley 
It had been a quarter moon since Red had left  It’s been a while since Red left. I hope she’s okay. I think that they still don’t have a plan to get me and Violet out of here. Shredder is super mad that Red left and he liked her a lot. “Shredder.” “ What do you want Scourge.” Shredder asked “I found some good land, want to come and see it.” Scourge told him “ Sure.” Now that Shredder was gone he could have some fun. A while later Shredder and Scourge appeared Scourge had some scratches while Shredder was almost dead he lay down on the grass. Badger, one of the warriors who knew somethings about healing hurried toward him while Scourge told the rest of the warriors that a badger had attacked them and that he and Shredder chased it off but Shredder was badly wounded. Shredder moaned softly and Scourge bounded toward them he caught some of the words that Shredder was saying “Why, Why did you have to kill me like this I would have told the others but who else will be their leader. Lead them well.” “Can’t you do something.” He hissed at Badger, She shook her head “ The wound was too deep.” “ Cats of Bloodclan, our leader, has died. We will mourn for his death but it’s a new era of Bloodclan and we shall take over the forests. Hoot, Jumper  you are now Snake and Ice. Barley come forward, you know how to hunt and now you will be known as Frost.” It had been a moon since Barley was known as Frost, Violet was still prisoner and she was going hungry since every two pieces of prey she caught she would have to give one to Bloodclan and it would probably be the biggest one. Sometimes they took both pieces of prey in and gave her a scrawny mouse. One day I’ll get back at you for treating my poor sister like this. 
Chapter 14: Pine
It has been a moon since Red arrived at Pine’s house. Ugg, we’ll never rescue the kits at this rate I’m going by myself. He went through the forest he saw Barley there “Psst.” he whispered Barley seemed to have heard him “where’s Red” he asked “ Red doesn’t know I’m here she definitely enjoys life as a kittypet.”  Barley looked annoyed “ Whatever I’m fine but Violets starving I’m hunting for her everyday but it’s hard to actually get her the food someone always catches me she only gets a good meal every once a moon.” Pine was puzzled “ But Red said the two of you always had a good meal.” “That was before Scourge came to power. Scourge says that Shredder was attacked by a Fox but Badger, the cat who knows a thing or two about herb, said that he was killed by a cat and it was probably Scourge so he became the leader.”  The way their group worked reminded him about the clan things were so similar. “Barley we’ll get her out I promise.” Pine would have kept that promise if it hadn’t been so impossible. 
Chapter 15: Violet 
Violet was inside her den, her belly rumbling she knew was going to go hungry again tonight. Ever since Shredder died she had been taken out to hunt everyday. She was a really good hunter so Scourge took away all the food she had caught and gave her a scrawny mouse or something small. Barley was hunting for her every other night but she hardly ever got to eat it. “Violet.” She heard Barley’s voice “Barley what is it it” she asked him “I saw Pine he said that Red had given up on us.” Violet didn’t like Red very much but Barely did it was a surprise that she had given up on him. “But Pine is going to come rescue us tomorrow so tonight no matter what I’m hunting for you.” The thought of food made her belly rumble but she couldn’t force Barley to hunt for her  “You don’t have to Barley.”but as soon as she said that Barley was gone. That night Barley appeared with a big juicy mouse in his jaws and as soon as he gave it to her she gobbled it up. She looked around no one was there or at least she thought. The next day Bone came and made her sit in front of Scourge’s pile of bones. After a minute Barley was sitting next to her. “Fang I know that you have been hunting for your sister and don’t deny it.” Scourge said “I have been but otherwise she would have died. Don’t hurt her please kill me.” Barley begged “ I know that but it would hurt you more if I killed her.” Scourge flicked his tail and lunged at Violet; she dogged Pine jumped out from a bush and landed on Bone. Bone acted as if he didn’t care but Pine sank his claws in “ Enough the traitors have learned their lesson plus the she cat will never survive. Leave now and if I ever see you again around my territory I’ll kill you.” Pine and Barley carried Violet out of the forest. Everything was blurry she felt them put her down then she heard twolegs one of them picked her up but she was too tired to fight them they put her inside a small hollow tree like thing then they picked up the hollow tree and put her inside a monster. The monster ran until it got to a twoleg den. The twoleg picked up the hollow tree and then another twoleg made a bunch of squeaky noises then Violet fell asleep. When she woke up she was in some really soft moss. Another cat was sitting next to her. “What happened.” she asked and tried to get up “oh no don’t get up you need to rest. You were found in my Housefolk’s yard hurt so she took you to the vet and the vet healed you.My name’s Mitzi by the way” said Mitzi “I’m Violet.” she told Mitzi. 
Chapter 16; Barley
After they put Violet next to the Twoleg’s den they left Barley went straight back to his old home as soon as he got there memories came flooding in from the first time he met Pine how he and his littermates played in the tall corn, how Bella had taught him how to climb to the top of the barn to get a drink of water. He saw how the barn was flooded with mice. When he looked to his side he realized that Pine was gone. That night he made a nest with some hay. Wow, it’s so quiet. Barley realized that in the Bloodclan camp there always was some noise even if it was just a cat talking in their sleep there was always some noise. Barley knew without even opening his eyes that he was safe. 

The end 

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