BlogClanner in the Spotlight: Dovepaw

In this month’s edition of BITS, we are catching up with Dovepaw!

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a great holiday season. Now that 2020 is over…finally…let us ring in the new year with an edition of BITS! Today’s guest is none other than Dovepaw (Dovestream). Dove is such an active and awesome member here. Let us all get to know her better.

Q: What made you fall so in love with Warriors? After you discovered BlogClan, what made you stay?

A: Well, my middle school librarian showed me the books, and I really loved cats at the time. So, I decided to read it, and I got hooked on it after the first book 😛 As for how I discovered the blog, I just ran across it while looking at warrior cats stuff and I’m pretty sure there was an announcement on the front page of the warrior cats’ website about Blogclan, though I can’t remember what it was about. The thing that made me stay was the amazing people I met, and how kind and friendly they were to me.

Q: How has Warriors influenced your life, art, writing, reading preferences, or anything like that?

A: Well, every time I go to draw something, I always want to draw something warriors’ related, for one. Writing, well, before Warriors, it wasn’t good 😛 but, after reading a few books or so, my writing style changed to sound similar. 

Q: If you could have a conversation with any person in history who has passed away, who would it be?

A: Would Firestar count as an answer? Haha, well, I honestly don’t know. George Washington, maybe? 😛 Probably to ask him how he led America or something XD. Winter Edit: It is a hard question! I might choose Princess Diana.

Q: Favourites! Subject in school, streaming platform, and book-to-movie adaptation. 🎥

A: My favorite subject in school, currently, is science. It’s really interesting! Streaming platform, hm, Roku. That’s what my family and I use to stream stuff, if that’s what you mean. As for Book-to-movie adaptation, I gotta say, “Guardians of Ga’hoole” is a good one, although the events are kinda twisted from the book version. 😛

Q: If someone offered you the job of running an entire country, would you take it?

A: I gotta say, no. Me being the extremely lazy not-wanting-to-work person I am, I wouldn’t want to take that much responsibility. It would be a hard job, maybe too hard :P.

Q: If you could achieve the one main goal in life that matters most to you, what goal would that be?

A: To become a Veterinarian! That’s a goal I strive to follow! I love animals and helping them! It would be such a fun job too!

Q: And finally, if space travel ever becomes a commercial and affordable luxury, which three BlogClanners are you raking with you up into the sky? 🚀

A: Hm, Bramb, for starters. Tey are the best mentor ever and tey would be great company! Secondly, Mapledrift! Xe is so kind and sweet to me, even when I’m acting quite dumb 😛 It would be great company as well! Lastly, a tie between Aquila and Viper, because they are both awesome, and I would love to have them along! Winter Edit: Great choices!

And there you have it! Wasn’t that lovely? Dovestream is such a bright and entertaining interviewee. I hope you guys enjoyed this round of BITS, and I’ll see you soon for the next one.

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️


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