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My fifteen favorite warrior cats! by Dovepaw

Dovepaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

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15: Birchfall. He is the father of Dovewing, where I got half of my name from, so I guess it kinda speaks for itself. Also, he is an amazing father figure.

14: Leafpool. Ah, who doesn’t like Leafpool. She’s totally meant for Crowfeather, so the entire falling-in-love-with-a-Windclan-warrior and the being-a-medicine-cat things work out after all. She’s pretty calm and composed, so that builds up on her character.

13: Squirrelflight. She’s very particular about what she does and hates being told what to do. When Brambleclaw was with her, it was like pairing her with a badger, in Squirrelflight’s mind.(When she was an apprentice.)

12. Whitewing. She mothers Dovewing, so that is the one reason she is number twelve for me. I’m a big Dovewing fan, after all!

11.Brambleclaw. I like Brambleclaw in particular because he’s one of the strongest tabby cats ever. I honestly don’t care that the main villain of the first series is his father! Why should it matter if he can prove himself. He always is, for that matter!

10. Tawnypelt. She has a pretty coat and is very loyal to the clan she chose to be with. Again, why should it matter who her father is? I say, if someone can prove themselves, then that makes them who they are. She really shouldn’t have to prove herself, but she does, many times over!

9. Hollyleaf. YAYYY, Hollyleaf! She’s awesome in my opinion. Even though she sticks to the warrior code as if it’s the only thing that keeps her safe and sane when she goes to sleep at night. Hey, following the warrior code too much isn’t against the code, is it?

8. Cloudtail. He’s the kittypet boi. Yes, but now he’s a noble clan cat! He has given the clan so many reasons to like him instead of hate him. Come on! He’s a good clan cat, so just don’t judge him by his roots! Please!

7. Brightheart. She was a really good cat, I promise! Every time someone looks at the scar where one of her eyes used to be, I almost cry. She didn’t deserve it, but what happens is what happens, I suppose.

6. Graystripe. He’s cool, and Silverstream deserved to be his mate! (Sorry Millie, i had to say it!) He made it all the way from the twolegplace near the old forest to the lake that all the cats were living near. (Yes, I suppose Milllie DID help *sigh*)

5. Silverstream. YES! I REALLY WISH SHE LIVED! She could have been a good mother to Graystripe’s kits, Feathertail and Stormfur. She also would have been a great thunderclan cat if she would have decided to stay with Graystripe!(She is where i got the last part of my name (Stream))

4. Ivypool. She’s a good sister to Dovewing and an even better spy for Starclan. She spied on the dark forest and helped them to win against them!

3. Dovewing. Wow, I’ve talked a lot about Dovewing! She’s just all around a good natured cat, and I’m glad I chose her as number three!

2. Cinderheart. She was Hollyleaf’s best friend before the black she-cat died. She also used to be a medicine cat and Starclan gave her a second chance when she died from the badger attack!

1. Jayfeather. Jayfeather is the number one best warrior cat in my opinion no doubt! He is an astounding medicine cat,and he is blind and can see into the dreams of other cats! Cool right?! I can’t say enough how much Jayfeather is the BEST by far warrior cat there is in any of the series!

Well, that’s my favorite cats from the warriors series! Surprisingly, I didn’t add Firestar there. I guess he’s number 16 then! I LOVE the warrior series and will continue reading it until the end of time. Probably. Anyway, that’s my article! Sorry, It’s bad!

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  • Have I commented? Well I’m gonna comment again!

    Birchfall: I personally love him! He’s not in my top favorites, but I do adore him!
    Leafpool: I know a lot of people who doesn’t like Leafpool when she turned into a real med cat, but I love her! I ship her with Crowfeather too!
    Squirrelflight: Who doesn’t like the famous red headed cat? She’s amazing!
    Whitewing: I don’t know how to feel about her, but I loved that she still wanted to be an apprentice with Birchfall!
    Brambleclaw: I like him too!
    Tawnypelt: I wished she stayed in Thunderclan, but I don’t mid that much!
    Hollyleaf: I like her! I admit, I got annoyed when she ran away 🙁
    Cloudtail: I love him! His attitude his so funny, I like how he acts to Firestar!
    Brightheart:… yeah.. she’s ok.. (cough, she isn’t my favorite)
    Graystripe: Heck yea i love him i also ship him with a waffle
    Silverstream: I.. like her? I don’t know what to feel about her…
    Ivypool: I love her!
    Dovewing: Same as how I feel about Ivypool.
    Cinderheart: Yes I love her too <333
    Jayfeather: Do I have to answer this? I think the blog already knows how I feel about Jay-Jay ok I’ll stop

  • her: ivypool was a good sis to dovewing
    me; hold on (lists book)
    ivypool: is jealous of her and does not want her to love
    end of flashback
    me: B R U H

    • dfvbgnhmj
      I’m not a mod, but I’m pretty sure even spacing out a no-no word is bad..might be wrong tho

    • Ivypool was not a bad sister, in my opinion. [spoiler title=”Spoilers for OOTS?”] She didn’t want her sister to love Tigerheart because it was against the code, but despite being against their relationship, she still held her sister’s secret. And Ivypool was only jealous of her as an apprentice. She isn’t anymore. [/spoiler]

      • Are you sure? I mean, I haven’t read OotS, DoCT, VoS, or TBC, but, from what I’ve heard, Ivypool trains in the Dark Forest because (note: because) of her jealousy over being in her sister’s shadow

  • There’s one thing… I love Warriors and I have doubts about my favorite characters, but the problem is that 50 % fan articles are “my favorite characters” and “my favorite ships”

  • Also, am I the only one here who doesn’t like Silverstream? She was astonishingly ignorant and kind of bratty, in my opinion. She came off as entitled and bothersome to me! She got a bit better as a StarClan cat and was most certainly more helpful than cats like Yellowfang, Spottedleaf, or Bluestar, but as a living cat, I couldn’t stand her.
    On my first read, I was dismayed at her death. But as I re-read the books, her personality stuck out to me more. It was just dislikable.
    I like most of these cats except Brambleclaw, Graystripe, Silverstream, Cinderheart, and Dovewing. Good article!

  • Your article is amazing! I was hooked all the way to the end, and you have a good taste in favorite characters!!

  • Birchfall: 8-10
    Leafpool :1,5-10
    Squirrelflight: 7,5-10
    Whitewing: 6-10
    Brambleclaw: LOVE HIM 10-10
    Tawnypelt: 4-10
    Hollyleaf: neutral
    Cloudtail: neutral
    Brightheart: 7-10
    Graystripe: 4- 10
    Silverstream: pretty neutral
    Ivypool: 6,5-10
    Dovewing: 3,5-10
    Cinderheart: 7,8-10
    Jayfeather: 9-10

    Nice opinions buddyyyy

  • Birchfall- he’s fine, don’t really have an opinion on him
    Leafpool- I love her, and she’s in my top 5 favs
    Squirrelflight- I also love her, she’s tied with my other favourite character.
    Whitewing- I like her!
    Bramblestar- ugh I hate him so much. He’s the worst mate in squirrelflight’s hope and he’s just a jerk in every single book.
    Tawnypelt- I like her a lot!
    Hollyleaf- ahh yes I love her she’s also in my top 5 favourites!!
    Cloudtail- don’t really have an opinion on him, he’s fine
    Brightheart- I don’t like her a lot and I think she’s just.. overrated
    Graystripe- I hate him.
    Silverstream- I don’t like her
    Ivypool.- I love her!
    Dovewing- I love her so much!
    Cinderheart- I like her!
    Jayfeather- he’s ok. I like him I guess?? He’s just overrated.

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