Some Things I Noticed About Appledusk and Harley by Gracepaw

Gracepaw draws parallels between Appledusk and Harley.

Art by Fernyfeline

Hey, fellow members of Blogclan! I, Gracepaw, was reading the Super Edition Skyclan’s Destiny and Novel Mapleshade’s Vengeance, when I noticed that Harley and Appledusk had many things in common. So I decided to write an article about this.

Just a little memory refresh for those who need it:
Appledusk is from Riverclan, lived at the Forest Territories, Mapleshade and Reedshine’s mates, Willownose, Shyheart, Applefrost, Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit’s father, Harley is from Dodge’s group (formerly), now leads the group, lives (lived?) near the gorge, Red’s mate, but he didn’t have any kits because Red died. (Oh, by the way, Red is not Russetfur. Harley is not Hal. Although they sound very similar)

1: Harley and Appledusk both had a forbidden relationship.
Appledusk’s forbidden love is of course, Mapleshade since she was from Thunderclan while he was from Riverclan. Harley’s is a little harder to see, but if you read Skyclan’s Destiny, then you understand that Harley and Red live in different rouge groups, kind of like clans. And even though Harley and Red weren’t allowed to take mates from different groups, they did. So it’s a forbidden relationship.

2. Harley and Appledusk both had a loss related to love.
Harley and Appledusk’s second thing in common is that they both lost someone or themselves because of love. Appledusk was killed by Mapleshade, because he promised he loved her but then started becoming mates with Reedshine instead. It was also because Mapleshade thought that he killed their kits. Meanwhile, Harley lost Red when she darted in front of him to save him from her father Stick’s blow.

3. Harley and Appledusk’s losses have been from a wound in the neck.
Appledusk and Harley’s mate, Red both died the same way. Red and Appledusk took a blow to the neck to protect their mate.

Appledusk’s death scene:
There was a thud of paws, then silence, and a solid brown shape flashed in front of Mapleshade. Her claws struck home, piercing fur and flesh, and a spurt of blood leaped out at her. With a grunt, Appledusk dropped at her feet, blood pouring from his throat.

Red’s death scene:
Swift as a snake, Red threw herself in Stick’s way. His claws plunged deep into her throat; at once he tried to throw his weight back, but it was too late. Red crumpled to the ground at his paws, blood welling from the wound he had opened up.

So yeah. You can see that those two death scenes are very similar.

Well, that concludes this article. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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