Medicine cats and love by Whitepaw

Whitepaw looks at several medicine cats and who they might have loved.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

So, this is Whitepaw and today I will be writing about medicine cats that love. We know that part of the warrior code (the part for medicine cats) doesn’t allow medicine cats to have a mate or kits. I’m going to start by talking about ThunderClan medicine cats. This does contain some medicine cats that have kits spoilers.

-Goosefeather did not love any cat as far as I know. (I don’t think any cat would have loved him back)
-Featherwhisker did not love any cat as far as I know, but I don’t know a lot. (I don’t even know Featherwhisker’s gender)
-Spottedleaf is one of the most obvious. She loved Firestar and he loved her back except that was forbidden so Firestar’s lucky that she died when she did or else they would have been another Yellowfang Raggedstar pair.
-Yellowfang definitely loved and it’s obvious, not just because I literally have it listed above. She fell in love with a leader!? Perhaps this was not the best choice as it resulted in Brokenstar and we know what happened there.
-Cinderpelt had an unspoken crush on Firestar I think. If it wasn’t for Tigerstar then she probably would have grown up as a warrior and taken a mate and had kits. I also wonder about Littlecloud.
-Leafpool. I know that this is the one you’ve probably been waiting for. Not only was she a medicine cat, but she mated with a cat from a different clan! But her kittens turned out to save the world so Hooray Leafpool!
-Jayfeather x Half-Moon, or should I say Jay’s Wing? I love this one.
-Alderheart and Velvet? Was that her name? I don’t remember anything about this one except that it existed and that I think it happened in Bramblestar’s Storm but I’m not sure.
-Flipclaw. Does this even count? I wouldn’t blame him if he chose to take a mate

Now we can do some ShadowClan medicine cats but I think that it will be kind of boring. Why do almost all of the ThunderClan medicine cats have crushes or mates and then you just get bored with the rest of the clans?
-Sagewhisker did not love.
-For Yellowfang, look at ThunderClan
-Runningnose did not love.
-Littlecloud might have loved Cinderpelt, at least that’s how it is in my mind.
-Flametail might have loved if he had been older before he died.
-Puddleshine is somebody that I don’t know much about. I don’t think he loved.
-I don’t think Shadowsight loved anybody either.
It’s strange how so little ShadowClan medicine cats love and how many ThunderClan ones do. Let’s do RiverClan.
-Brambleberry probably didn’t love. She just seems like the devoted, hard-working medicine cat that thinks the warrior code and StarClan are all that matters.
-Mudfur was apparently the best warrior in the forest before he became a medicine cat. Obviously he had to have had a mate. I think her name started with a b but I’m not sure. Mudfur gave birth to a leader, this time not evil although one does wonder: Leopardstar
-Mothwing did not love.
-Willowshine did not love.
There’s no point in doing WindClan and I barely know anything about the SkyClan medicine cats, but let’s do the early settlers medicine cats.
-Dappled Pelt did not love.
-Cloud Spots did not love.
-Pebble Heart did not love.
-Moth Flight and Micah fell in love and had kits. This one is the most disobeying the warrior code by mating relationship that there can be. First of all, they were both medicine cats and one of them was a medicine cat born a rogue who had just joined SkyClan. They also weren’t even the same clan. Moth Flight probably has kin in all five of the clans too because she gave her four kits to the four other clans which I thought was very strange.
-Acorn Fur loved some cat, but I forgot his name. Something like Reed Whisker? No idea. But, she promised not to have kits.
What is wrong with medicine cats and following the warrior code? When they become a medicine cat, they know they aren’t allowed to love, so why don’t they all be like Cinderpelt who didn’t even ask to be a medicine cat but still obeyed the code. I think she was a much more mature medicine cat. Anyway, now you know that all these medicine cats loved. Whitepaw out!

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  • I feel like the medicine cats can’t have mates or kits is a kind of silly rule. I mean, even if the medicine cat puts their kin first, so what? They might treat their mother or father or siblings before other cats and it’s not like they can’t have parents or siblings. Also, the rule is broken so much that it really isn’t that big of a deal because we’re all so used to it happening.

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