My top 5 favorite and least favorite characters by Windpaw

Windpaw shares their thoughts on their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by Kotenokgaff

Hi I’m Windpaw and this is my first article! Please don’t judge. So today i’m going to be talking about my top 5 favorite and least favorite cats. Let’s start with the least favorites. Spoilers and opinions ahead!

5. Berrynose/ Bumblestripe
Yeah I couldn’t decide between these 2. The two annoying ThunderClan toms. Let’s talk about Berrynose first. He’s really arrogant and none of the main protagonists even like him. He could’ve shown more compassion to Poppyfrost when she was carrying his kits but instead he’s all like ” my mate can’t go out to get a drink of water because she’s expecting my kits!” Yeah, Berrynose, lighten up! And it looks like he’s not going to get any better in the broken code either. He may be annoying, but he’s not so dumb that he doesn’t notice that there’s something wrong with Bramblestar. Okay, now onto Bumblestripe. I love Dovewing and the more you think about it, the more you realize that he is just creepy. He constantly tries hitting on Dovewing, and I think he tries to get other cats on his side to pressure Dovewing into liking him. And he gets even worse in Bramblestars Storm. He is muzzling Dovewing like she is his mate even though she expresses no romantic love for him. He thinks she is his mate, and he is just so wrong. And now he treats her like crow-food, when all she wanted was to be friends.
4. Bramblestar
He was okay in New Prophecy, despite being kind of boring at times. But now he’s a monster. I can’t even read Squirrelflight’s Hope anymore because of the way he treats her. Squirrelflight is just trying to help cats that don’t live by their rules, and Bramblestar can’t understand that. Being a warrior isn’t the only way to live, Bramblestar! He’s being really selfish. He was prepared to let Sunrise die because he had a fight with Squirrelflight, who was only trying to do the right thing. And what’s up with not letting Velvet and Fuzzball join the clan? He wanted to let all three kittypets join during the great storm, just because he loved Jessy! So he has no reason to reject Fuzzball and Velvet, who were better clan members than Minty ever was! (And this is coming from a Minty fan)
3. Sharpclaw
Sharpclaw is a jerk and really rude. He shows little to no respect for Leafstars daylight warriors, who just wanted to become loyal members of SkyClan, and he just makes them feel bad for no apparent reason! He’s deputy, he should at least let them join in Clan wide activities. You would have thought he learned his lesson after the rat attack, but he excludes them again and again! And he undermines Leafstar constantly. Whenever someone asks him something, he just says what he wants without waiting for Leafstars okay. He nearly caused a SkyClan civil war! He’s just a jerk.
2. Raggedstar
As much as I hate this cat, I don’t have very much to say about him. He is a bit like Bumblestripe when he tries to force Yellowfang to stay a warrior when she was trying to set her paws on the path that was right for her. And he let the Brokenstar situation get out of control really quickly without stepping into control! He knew that Brokentail was training the ShadowClan cats ruthlessly and he didn’t intervene, he just brushed it off.
I hate this cat so much. She doesn’t give Bramblestar any space. She moved her nest next to his without even asking! She also interrupts Bramblestar constantly, interfering with both his private Clan business and his relationship with Squirrelflight. One example is when Bramblestar and Squirrelflight are watching Jayfeather and Lionblaze act like kits in Bramblestar’s Storm. They are having a really tender private moment and Jessy interrupts it with blatant sucking up to Bramblestar, and bringing him back to reality. She shows off to the other warriors of ThunderClan constantly, and it is really annoying, especially when she tries to tell other warriors what to do! She is just a visitor, why should she be asking other warriors if she could take over their apprentice?! She’s just so annoying, and a Mary-Sue. I literally now feel a sense of dread every time she’s in a scene.

And now that i’ve finished my long Jessy rant, let’s go on to my favorites.

5.Clear Sky
This is an unpopular opinion, but hear me out. He is, without a doubt, the best antagonist of the series. Almost no villain characters get a redemption arc, and having Clear Sky realize that family and love were more important than sheer power was really nice to see. His redemption is one of the best parts of Dawn of the Clans. And while some people may not like his relationship with Star Flower, I think it’s really cute. She was what Clear Sky needed to balance out his cutthroat attitude. I just love grumpy cats.
I love the three new Broken Code protagonists. Her role so far in the Broken Code is pretty interesting, and I really hope she gets together with Rootspring. I also like her role as a spy for the rebels better than I like the other Warrior Cat spies, such as Ivypool. This is because I think Bristlefrost has more to lose, making the stakes higher and more interesting. I don’t have much to say on Bristlefrost, but I will update my opinions on her after Broken Code finishes.
Crowfeather’s Trial is THE BEST SUPER EDITION EVER. Hands down. I love edgy cats, and Crowfeather is no exception. I really hope he becomes leader and makes Breezepelt his deputy. His relationships with Leafpool and Feathertail I really like. I don’t really have a lot to say about him, I just like him.
He is SO CUTE. I really like the lesson he teaches us about it being okay to be afraid, and the story of finding his place with Barley. He could just forget about the clans after running away, but he chooses to help them again and again. This shows he is a kind and devoted warrior. What he did for Riley and Bella in Ravenpaw’s Farewell was really sweet, and showed that he really cared about every clan. That journey to find SkyClan probably led him to his death, but he chose to go there anyway. His was the only Warrior Cats death I cried over. Even as a loner, Ravenpaw had the heart of a warrior.
Jayfeather is, in my opinion, the best protagonist we’ve ever had. His blindness is super unique to the series, and I love his grumpy personality, it makes things so much more interesting than a happy, smiling character. His power I also love, and after he starts making connections without his powers, it is so much better. Even if he does complain about Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Alderheart, and Briarlight, you can tell he really cares about them, especially after the loss of Leafpool. He is a much deeper character than most in the series, and that is why I like him.

I hope you all enjoyed this article and I plan to post another one soon. Bye everyone!

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  • Jessy is so annoying like ugh if she ever comes back to the clans! Leave squirrelfight and bramblestars relationship alone. I really love bristlefrost she’s my favorite character and I really hope she and rootspring get together! I hate breezepelt and raggedstar. And as for bumblestripe he was the worst mate for dovewing. Berrynose is just a bossy annoying cat. My favorite characters are. Bristlefrost, squirrelflight, rootspring, sandstorm, and fire star

  • I disagree about Jessy and absolutely disagree about Bramblestar, and Im also not sure about Berrynose… I agree with everything els

  • Berrynose- I hate him, he’s so annoying
    Bumblestripe- he’s such a creep..
    Bramblestar- great StarClan I hate this cat.
    Sharpclaw- meh he’s fine
    Raggedstar- I don’t like him
    Jessy- She is my least favourite character and I hate her more than anything

    Clear Sky- I don’t like him
    Bristlefrost- she’s my favourite character in the entire universe of warrior cats and I love her more than Every. Single. Character. COMBINED.
    Crowfeather- ehh he’s fine, really annoying In the first half of TNP and PoT. He’s alright Ig
    Ravenpaw- Eh, I don’t care about him. He’s so overrated and I don’t get it. He’s not even good
    Jayfeather- I’m fine with him. He’s also overrated

  • let jessy switch with crowfeather, and let ravenpaw switch with jayfeather, you’ve got my list.

  • Great article Windpaw!
    My thoughts:
    Berrynose- hate him
    Bumblestripe- love him
    Raggedstar- hate him
    Bramblestar- I hate this cat so much
    Sharpclaw- hate him
    Jessy- Oh my StarClan I hate this cat
    Clear Sky- Sorry, but I hate him
    Bristlefrost- I love her
    Crowfeather- love him
    Ravenpaw- meh
    Jayfeather- I. Love. Jayfeather

  • Least Favorites:

    Berrynose is arrogant and bossy. I mean, who would like him anyway?

    I feel like Bumblestripe was pressuring Dovewing to become his mate, but at the same time, he just wanted to be friends with her, and she was being a bit mean back. Rosepetal had to tell her to be nice to Bumblestripe once! I can cut this character some slack.

    This cat was pretty good in the first series, but when he started mistreating Squirrelflight, I started hating him. NOBODY HURTS MY SQUILF!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe this cat hated the daylight warriors, but they were only half loyal to their Clans. At night, they went back home to their Twoleg homes and got fed pampered, while the normal warriors were still struggling to stay alive sometimes. I feel like Sharpclaw was half right to not respect the daylight warriors. They only gave half of their loyalty to their Clans.

    This cat was okay at first, and when he and Yellowfang started their relationship, he was really cute. But he was a fool to appoint Brokenstar deputy. He was also a horrible mate to Yellowfang. He wasn’t even there to support her when she had her kits. Alone. Raggedstar was a good cat in StarClan, however. He realized his mistakes, and lived “happily ever after”.

    I didn’t really read the books she was in. Nothing much to say. I guess I’m nuetral?

  • Had to break it into 2! 🙂


    Clear Sky (Or Skystar):
    I HATE this cat. He’s a jerk! When Moth Flight needed that bark, Clear Sky started whining about it. He’s always been a jerk, and he probably still is in StarClan. I honestly don’t understand why you like him.

    She is awesome! She is well developed and her relationship with Rootspring is really cute! Maybe the way she treated him at the start, and spilling his crush on her to the Gathering was not cool, but overall, she’s really a good cat! She should be after Crowfeather and Ravenpaw on this list.

    I don’t really like this dude. He literally took three mates, and he didn’t even love his final one! I feel bad for Nightcloud, and I think she deserved better. Crowfeather is the reason Breezepelt grew to be so sour. I think he was okay at the start, but he kinda sucks now.

    I hate this cat. People think he’s cute, and you said there’s a lesson you can learn from him. It is never okay to be afraid in the Clans. Okay, maybe it is, but you should never show weakness like Ravenpaw did. I just don’t see eye-to-eye with this cat. Maybe you see him as cute, but I see him as a coward. He should have stood up to Tigerstar. He’s a big, fat, coward.

    I 100% agree with you! I LOVE JAYFEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry if I sounded a little harsh in the Ravenpaw part. I know you love him, but I just… Really don’t.

  • I totally agree w/ u on jessy, like she is so disrespectful to squirrelflight!! if she had stayed longer she probably would’ve torn apart bramblestar and squirrelflights relationship

  • Berrynose- don’t have a strong apinion.
    Bumblestripe- he’s so creepy
    Raggedstar- hate him he’s abusive
    Bramblestar- I hate this cat so much
    Sharpclaw- hate him he was so bad
    Jessy- Oh my StarClan I hate this cat so much
    Clear Sky-i love him and how we see the protagonist and antagonists point of view!
    Bristlefrost- I love her so mush she is my favorite cat ever!
    Crowfeather- love him
    Ravenpaw- meh he’s so overated the random ruins him!
    Jayfeather-love his pov hate him in the broken code. But I don’t hate him because he’s still grieving over leafpool.

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