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Giving Dead Cats Warrior Names by Whitepaw

Whitepaw gives names to cats who died before they could receive warrior names.

Art by Warrior-Junkie


Hello, this is Whitepaw and I decided to write an article about giving cats who didn’t become warriors warrior names. Okay, let’s go!

Snowkit: I think that his name would have something to do with either the fact that he is deaf or the fact that he survived the time when he was a kit and got carried of by a hawk. His warrior name might be Snowhawk or Snoweagle, or just Snowbird, but it could also be Snowear to show that she is deaf, but has still become a good warrior. Or maybe, the leader would go a little deeper and do Snowheart or Snowstorm. I really like Snowstorm.

Swiftpaw: I feel like Swiftbreeze would have been a good name, but that would get confusing, so maybe Swiftfoot. If his name starts with Swift, then it would make sense and maybe not that his name would be something like Swiftflight or Swiftwing or Swiftfeather, because swift is a bird. You could also do Swiftrunner or Swiftleg if you meant Swift as fast. I like Swiftrunner.

Ravenpaw: I’m pretty sure that the Erins would have given him the name Ravenwing, but I feel like there has already been a Ravenwing, so let’s get creative. You could to something like Ravenfeather because that’s what Ravenpaw’s fur color looks like. You could also describe the fur just with a fur or pelt ending, but I think we can think of something more creative than that. Maybe it could be Ravenflight because Ravenpaw would have had to come out of the nursery and impress Tigerclaw and live through Tigerclaw, and that requires a nice no worries name.

Mosskit: Because Mosskit would have been raised in RiverClan, he would probably have a RiverClan name. I doubt it would be Mossfur or Mossfoot because of his littermates. I don’t think it would be Mosspelt either, because there was a RiverClan cat named Mosspelt I think. Maybe Mossheart, because it seems like a nice inspirational name, and I think that Mosskit would have been kind to everybody as a warrior.

Gorsepaw: I’m not entirely sure about Gorsepaw, and I think something like Gorseheart would fit well, except I think that’s overused and you don’t get to see very much of Gorsepaw anyway. I don’t think it would be Gorsefur either because I know Gorsepaw’s awesome, but not so awesome to be named after the second leader of his clan. I think that if he actually survived Tigerstar’s attempt at killing him, then he should get a name worthy of that. If he managed to slash one of Tigerstar’s warriors’ noses, then he might have managed to let other cats in to help him, and also fought more himself. That would definitely earn the name Gorseclaw.

There are a lot more cats that I could do, but these are the ones that I had the most ideas for. If you have any better ideas than the ones I chose, you can always comment them. Goodbye!

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