Who Does Sunningrocks belong to? by Cherrytuft

Cherrytuft wonders who truly owned the Sunningrocks in the forest territory.

Art by duckei

Hello! Cherrytuft here, and today I’ll be analyzing who Sunningrocks belongs to! This is an issue I’ve heard much debate on, and I’ve wanted to address it for a very long time, and I’m excited to finally do it! I’ll try to make this as least biased as I can, because I am definitely a RiverClan cat! First, I will analyze who I believe it’s FAIR to give it to , but then I will look into who deserves it, as in, who would need it most to survive.
So first, fairness. So, Sunningrocks originally was in the water, so only RiverClan could use it, because they were the only ones who were willing to swim to it. Then the river’s course changed, and it was accessible to ThunderClan, also, so they claimed they should have it. In my opinion, I could compare it to, for example the saying ‘finders keepers, losers weepers.’ Most people know this saying is not fair. For example, you might say that phrase if someone had, a cookie, for example, and they dropped it. You picked it up before them and claimed it as your own. That is not fair, because it’s their cookie!
The same applies to Sunningrocks. I feel, if we’re using a sense of fairness, it rightfully belongs to RiverClan.
However, in a sense of who needs it more to survive, it might lean a little bit on ThunderClan’s side. ThunderClan has stated that RiverClan is not able to hunt there, they just like it for the sunlight and relaxation. Which… is fair. ThunderClan needs it for food. In retrospect, however, some might argue that ThunderClan lived without it for seasons, and never tried to take it. Which is also fair. In my mind, I believe ThunderClan is kind of being bullies about it. They are taking advantage of nature’s natural course. They survived for a long time without it, and I think they can go longer. I think RiverClan should be the rightful owners of Sunningrocks. I guess it doesn’t really matter much, anymore, however, now that they’re all near the lake in a new territory.
That’s just what I believe, thank you for reading!

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  • They should rotate. One moon it’s ThunderClan’s until the gathering, then the next it’s RiverClan’s and so on.

    • I thought this too! Why can’t the clans just share?? (Btw, I think tc should actually have it, even though I am a rc cat through and throygh

    • I feel sharing is right… but I also feel any kind of sharing will lead to battles caused by hotheads in both clans. Not to be biased, but I think the rocks belong to ThunderClan. I mean, all RiverClan does there is laze, while ThunderClan actually uses the rocks to feed the clan.

  • Honestly, I think Sunningrocks belongs to nobody. Since everyone fights over it, a simple solution is to make it “shared territory”, so that means both RiverClan and ThunderClan can chill there
    however, if that doesn’t work, both ThunderClan and RiverClan should rotate their ownership on Sunningrocks. ThunderClan claims Sunningrocks in leaf-fall and leaf-bare because that’s when they need it the most (they use it for hunting), while RiverClan claims it in newleaf and greenleaf because that’s when they actually use to sit on.

    • I don’t think so. No offense, but the river changed, which made it on TC’s territory. They also use to it to feed the clan, while RC just lazes on it.

  • Sunningrocks should be a territory that’s forbidden to hunt in, it is purely the elder’s territory that elders from both (or all) Clans can use to share gossip and rest ‘their old bones’. Great and unique article though!

  • I think that one of the best things about the new lake territories is that ThunderClan and RiverClan aren’t killing each other over a bunch of rocks anymore.

    • i think it’s TC’s, but when you think about it, fighting over a pile of rocks isn’t that smart.

  • I also think that ThunderClan and RiverClan should have shared! It would have saved several cats’ lives (Birchface, Flowerpaw, possibly Redtail, and many other cats). If the two Clans hadn’t shared though, ThunderClan should have gotten it because it is on their side of the river, not RiverClan’s side.

    Great article!

    P. S. I hope for whoever would steal a dropped cookie (CRIME!) that it was at least in a wrapper.

  • I think they should share it. The elders could sun themselves and have a little chat. Hunting on it should be a grey space, the RiverClan cats get fish, ThunderClan gets mice, voles, etc. Somewhere in the forest where more than one Clan was allowed (minus Fourtrees). Just imagine Purdy, all nice and warm- wait was Purdy in the forest? Ah who cares- with a mouse, telling stories to RiverClan elders about how he *totally* caught a fish at the Sundrown place.!

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