Defending Bumblestripe by Thornfeather

Thornfeather shares their opinion on Bumblestripe.

Art by kewlgingerbat

Hello! On this article,i’m going to defend Bumblestripe,a frequently hated character!
Well,i see that Dovewing lovers and Tigerdove lovers are many of the readers,having spark and fire in their eyes and having a face like “WHO DARES TO DEFEND BUMBLESTRIPE”,i imagine! 🤣🤣

Well,at this time,There is much more Bumblestripe haters then Dovewing haters. Almost everywhere i go,there is a great amount of Bumblestripe haters and a small amount of Dovewing haters.I also know what Kate dislike Bumblestripe. So i brought an interesting topic-Defending Bumblestripe. I know i will get a LOT of disagree comments on this,but im going to risk that :/

First of all,at Omen of the Stars. Whitewing,Cinderheart,Blossomfall,Ivypool had pressured Dovewing about Bumblestripe. People hate Bumblestripe for that,but as i defend Bumblestripe,all i have to say is,that Whitewing,Cinderheart,Blossomfall,Ivypool pressuring Dovewing is not Bumblestripe’s fault!!
This happened basically in Bluestar’s prophecy too! Bluefur was constantly pressured about Thrushpelt on Rosetail,and Larkwing. You would say,”Dovewing had 4 cats! Bluefur/star had 2!” But Rosetail pressured about Thrushpelt about 5 times,and Larkwing one,so if you count,Bluefur has been more pressured. Bluefur had been pressured more harder,as Rosetail even said “Why don’t you like him?”.
And why i don’t count Rosepetal saying apologize to Bumblestripe to Dovewing,was because Dovewing first snapped and called Bumblestripe a mouse brain,so i think Dovewing really needed to apologize then. And many people mention when Bumblestripe snapped and was to hard on Dovewing,but Bumblestripe apologized too! Anyways,my point is,all the people saying that Bumblestripe borderline harrassed,means they think Thrushpelt ‘borderline-harrassed’ too. But obviously,no one says that….

And Many people say Bumblestripe’s bad because she asked her in front of a corpse,but Bumblestripe didn’t really know all that well about Dovewing and Purdy’s friendship. Also,i think he thought this was the time to ask her out,to get to populate the clan as well.

“You will be a great mother” People make a big fuss about this as well……But Bumblestripe obviously didn’t think that as pressuring. Also,in Bluestar’s prophecy,Thrushpelt says to Bluefur “You will be a great mother” too. No one says Thrushpelt is pressuring. I don’t know why people hate Bumblestripe so much….I like both,Bumblestripe and Thrushpelt.

I do not ship BumbleDove,im no big fan of it. However,the reason i’m defending Bumblestripe in this article is because i really hate TigerDove,As i both hate Tigerheart/star and Dovewing. My hate for Dovewing is wavering a little these days, But i still hate Tigerheart/star. I don’t really think Tigerheart/star deserves Dovewing. As far as i knew,I know that Kate said Tigerheart/star cared about himself more then Dovewing.

I’m trying to love my most hated ones,especially Tigerheart/star,Dovewing,Appledusk and Reedshine. Well,i’ve given up my hope on loving Appledusk and Reedshine,but I still try to love Tigerheart/star and Dovewing. But i can’t when people insult about Bumblestripe or Ivypool……I wish all of the people try to love their least favorite characters. I’m not pressuring or guilt tripping you,only a suggestion!!

Lastly,i think Bumblestripe is not bad or a meaning of sexism,but i think he just isn’t tactful and he doesn’t attention to many things. I personally think he is misunderstood. Well,that is for today readers! 😀
Hope you have a nice day!

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