Why a Warriors TV show would be better than a movie by Springflower

Springflower shares their opinion on the Warriors movie and why it should be a TV show instead.

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This is my first time writing an article, so bare with me.

I’m just going to talk about how I think a Warriors TV show would be better than a movie.
~ Seaons + Episodes
~ Characters + Plot
~ 3D or 2D animation?
~ Ratings

Seasons + Episodes
First of all, with a movie how much would you fit into it before it gets too long? Especially since there are so many books.
With a TV show you can sort everything easier. I would much prefer each series being a season and each episode being around 2 – 3 chapters. There will of course be lots of episodes, but this keeps people interested.
Super editions and novellas could maybe be their own seperate season, or they may be thrown in between the different episodes. But for the people who haven’t read Warriors, it would be better for them to be their own seperate season. Or not even make the super editions or novellas.

Characters + Plots
Secondly, the characters and plots. The main trouble with a TV show would be designing and animating all the side characters. In many scenes there are characters sitting off to the side, repetitively drawing these would get annoying. But I suppose that’s what you have to do when animating a TV series.
The characters however would look more decent and might be more distinct to one another.
The plot is the big problem with a movie. Lots of big pieces would have to be taken out from the movie just to keep it short. With the TV series , all the side plots would be kept. For Warriors you need all of the points to have the story make sense.
If a movie was to be created lots of characters would have to have their stories cut short. Cinderpelt’s accident, Ravenpaw’s problems, Princess meeting Fireheart, Snowkit’s death, many warrior and apprentice ceremonies, and much more would be taken away. Imagine the story without some of these parts. It won’t make much sense.
Having a TV show will allow all these characters have their stories shown. All the smaller things will be seen in the different episodes.

3D or 2D animation?
2D animation would definitely work better for a TV show of this size. Distinct character designs would be easier to create. 3D animation mainly focuses on realistic designs, all the characters would look the same and would be hard to tell apart. Expressions would also be hard to distinguish in 3D animation. 2D would have more cartoonish expressions and designs which would make it enjoyable. (As long as it’s not too cartoonish)

I’m talking ratings like G, PG, M etc. Since Warriors has a lot of violence, death and blood what rating would it have? If it’s a higher rating then the main audience Warriors have won’t be able to watch the show, (though I don’t expect that to stop them).
I’m completely fine with a lot of the blood and gore being taken out, especially Tigerstar’s death where Scourge practically tears him apart. I don’t expect the show to be rated G, maybe not even PG.

To conclude, a TV show would definitely work better than a movie. Would you like to watch a movie series with each movie being 3 hours long?
Anyway, if you have any more points you want to discuss, pop them into the comments and I’ll take a read. This is just my opinion.

Thanks for reading!


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Violetshard (Violet crystals shattering in storm)
January 9, 2021 11:01 am

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch my dreams come true. But I never really even thought about a movie. I just expected a tv show.

🌺~blossompaw~🌺“who is changing her name to leopardpaw”
🌺~blossompaw~🌺“who is changing her name to leopardpaw”
January 9, 2021 11:13 am

Great article! I totally agree. There should be a warriors TV show😀

Hawthorn skating on a frozen lake with sparkling seals (Hawthornpaw/claw)
Hawthorn skating on a frozen lake with sparkling seals (Hawthornpaw/claw)
January 9, 2021 3:34 pm

I definitely agree that it would work better as a miniseries, but for those who don’t this article is very convincing. It would work well as a Netflix or Hulu series, probably.

Wolves howling after Mindnight (Used to be Yowls heard after Greenleaf) (Wolfpaw/Wolfstorm/Greenpaw/Greenyowl)
Wolves howling after Mindnight (Used to be Yowls heard after Greenleaf) (Wolfpaw/Wolfstorm/Greenpaw/Greenyowl)
January 11, 2021 2:24 pm

I heard that Netflix will make the Warrior cats series

Brightshine// Brightly shining snow in winter
Brightshine// Brightly shining snow in winter
January 11, 2021 10:54 pm

Wait really??????

Intense screaming and excitement inside

January 12, 2021 1:18 pm

I think that was a April fools prank a few people did

Maplepaw/spot *formerly waterwish *
Maplepaw/spot *formerly waterwish *
January 11, 2021 2:39 pm

there was supposed to be a netflex warriors series, but it never came out, sadness. It would be much better animated then with real life kitties. the ratings must show up before the episode begins so mothers who wanted to show their young kids this show can be cautious. great article!

January 11, 2021 3:59 pm

Yeah I agree

Accidentally Shattered Ice (Ttera || Shatteredmask)
Accidentally Shattered Ice (Ttera || Shatteredmask)
January 12, 2021 10:31 am

I think they would take out most of the gore, and it would be a 12 probably

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