Why Crowfeather Won’t be Leader by Whitepaw

Whitepaw shares why they think that Crowfeather won’t be the leader of WindClan.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hi, Whitepaw here, and I felt like writing another article and I had a good idea: Why I Think Crowfeather Won’t be Leader. It’s not that I don’t want him to be a leader, he’s one of my favorite characters, but I don’t think he will. Here’s why.

Reason 1: He is pretty old. He’s been around since the second series, and that’s five serieses that he’s been alive. Giving him nine lives and making him a leader could double his lifetime, and that would be the kitty who lives forever! And there are many problems with cats living forever. Anyway, the next reason ties on to this one.

Reason 2: He is older than the current leader. I think that Crowfeather is due to become an elder soon, and an elderly cat as leader doesn’t really work (source: Nightstar). There might have been some cases where cats became deputies that were older than the leader, but they usually die before they become leader (source: Whitestorm).

Reason 3: This reason is more like if this happens, this might happen and then this might happen and I will not be fine with this happening and whatever. So, not really a reason so much as a seriously Crowfeather. If Crowfeather becomes a leader with nine lives, he might as well become the leader with nine loves (hahaha?). If his lifetime doubles, he will outlive all of his previous mate options, and knowing Crowfeather, he will probably choose another mate. I’m not sure if anybody else has a problem with this, but I certainly do.

Reason 4: His family. Both his parents, Ashfoot and Deadfoot were deputies that didn’t become leaders. I feel like this should continue with Crowfeather, just because I believe in stuff like that. Also, leaders’ children tend to become leaders, I guess deputies’ children tend to become deputies, but nothing higher.

Reason 5: This isn’t a reason, but who would he choose as deputy? There are almost no warriors his age still working as warriors, and leaders tend to pick deputies they know very well. Crowfeather could choose somebody like Heathertail, but isn’t she a queen? Also, I don’t pay much attention to who is alive in WindClan, so I really don’t know who his deputy would be.

Reason 6: Crowfeather’s Trial. No, I don’t mean the events of the book which I barely remember anymore, I mean the title itself. It has never happened before that a super edition name is outdated not as far as I know, and with this theory, you can cross off all sorts of warriors who will never become leaders, just by their name. Anyway, I think that the Erins would wait if they wanted to write a super edition about Crowfeather.

Also, when warriors gets to like the seventh or eighth series, we’re already going to know whether Crowfeather becomes a leader, and then this article will be pointless. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article that I wrote. Whitepaw signing off!

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