Graystripe vs. Dovewing by Whitepaw

Whitepaw draws parallels between Graystripe and Dovewing.

Hi! Today, I will be comparing Graystripe and Dovewing’s choices. Now, what do they have in common? Hmmm. I wonder. Oh, yeah! They both mated with a cat from a different clan! But they did make some very different decisions. Let’s see.

First, we’ll look at Graystripe.
-He mated with a cat from RiverClan
-His mate died
-He went to live in RiverClan, but didn’t like it so he came back
-Both RiverClan and his clan had trouble accepting him at first, but they eventually got over it and he was ThunderClan deputy
-He eventually got another mate and started another happy family

Now, let’s look at Dovewing
-She mated with a cat from ShadowClan
-Her mate survives as the leader of ShadowClan
-She went to live in ShadowClan and stayed there with her mate
-ShadowClan started to accept her, but many ThunderClan cats don’t like her
-There was another cat that she could have been with, but she chose Tigerstar II

Let’s compare their choices
In my opinion, Dovewing found the most inconvenient time to have kits with a ShadowClan cat. Graystripe mated with a RiverClan cat, which the ThunderClan leader understood, because it happened to her. I can’t think of any other ThunderClan ShadowClan mixes though, but there is probably another obvious one.
Graystripe got his punishment worst, because his mate died. Dovewing’s mat became a leader and was welcomed like a hero. I guess she could have been welcomed too.
It was just Graystripe’s luck that the leader at that time was probably the RiverClan cat that hated him the most because he accidentally killed her college sweetheart, or that’s how I like to put it. But, somehow, she still let Graystripe in. Dovewing had it easy. The leader was her mate, so of course she was welcomed.
Graystripe struggled with acceptance in both clans, but he established himself as ThunderClan deputy and the clan started liking him again. Like I said earlier, Dovewing had no problem with acceptance.
Graystripe started a new family, and it wasn’t just the Crowfeather reason; he had no need to use the Crowfeather reason, because his clan leader was his best friend. Too bad he had to try to come back while Bluestar was still leader, but at least she was going crazy. (at least!?) Anyway, he had a nice happy family in the end. Dovewing chose to stay in ShadowClan so far, and I can’t imagine her coming back to ThunderClan and taking a mate, especially not the one that she rejected.

So, that was my article on Graystripe vs Dovewing! Bye!

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