How Firestar is basically related to everyone by Coldheart

Coldheart lists who Firestar is related to.

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

Cats How they are related
Cloudtail Firestar Princess is his sister. Cloudtail is Princess’s son so he’s his nephew.
Brightheart Cloudtail’s mate.
Whitewing Brightheart’s and Cloudtail’s daughter
Ambermoon Brightheart’s and Cloudtail’s daughter
Snowbush Brightheart’s and Cloudtail’s son
Dewnose Brightheart’s and Cloudtail’s son
Frostfur Brightheart’s mother is Frostfur
Thornclaw Brightheart’s brother
Brackenfur Brightheart’s brother
Birchfall Whitewing’s mate
Dovewing Whitewing and Birchfall’s daughter
Ivypool Whitewing and Birchfall’s daughter
Ferncloud Ferncloud’s son is Birchfall
Dustpelt Ferncloud’s mate
Icecloud Ferncloud’s daughter
Spiderleg Ferncloud’s son
Foxleap Ferncloud’s son
Larksong Snowbush’s son
Honeyfur Snowbush’s daughter
Leafshade Snowbush’s daughter
Sparkpelt Larksong’s mate
Alderheart Sparkpelt’s son
Pouncestep Dovewing’s daughter
Lightleap Dovewing’s daughter
Shadowsight Dovewing’s son
Tigerstar Dovewing’s mate
Flametail Tigerstar’s brother
Dawnpelt Tigerstar’s sister
Rowanclaw Tigerstar’s father
Tawnypelt Tigerstar’s mother and Bramblestar’s sister
Bramblestar Squirrelflight’s mate
Juniperclaw Dawnpelt’s son
Strikestone Dawnpelt’s son
Sleekwhisker Dawnpelt’s daughter
Crowfrost Dawnpelt’s mate
Rosepetal Spiderleg’s daughter
Toadstep Spiderleg’s son
Daisy Spiderleg’s former mate
Hazeltail Daisy’s daughter
Berrynose Daisy’s son
Mousewhisker Daisy’s son
Smoky Daisy’s former mate
Leafpool Firestar’s daughter
Squirrelflight Firestar’s daughter
Crowfeather Leafpool’s former mate
Jayfeather Leafpool’s son
Lionblaze Leafpool’s son
Hollyleaf Leafpool’s daughter
Ashfur Ferncloud’s brother
Brindleface Ferncloud’s mother
Robinwing Brindleface’s mother
Fuzzypelt Brindleface’s father
Ravenpaw Brindleface’s brother
Longtail Brindleface’s half brother
Patchpelt Robinwing’s former mate
Swiftbreeze Patchpelt’s mother
Adderfang Patchpelt’s father
Leapordfoot Patchpelt’s sister
Spottedleaf Patchpelt’s sister
Willowpelt Patchpelt’s sister
Redtail Patchpelt’s brother
Whitestorm Willowpelt’s mate
Sorreltail Willowpelt’s daughter
Graystripe Willowpelt’s son
Sootfur Willowpelt’s son
Rainwhisker Willowpelt’s son
Brackenfur Sorreltail’s mate
Cinderheart Sorreltail’s daughter
Honeyfern Sorreltail’s daughter
Poppyfrost Sorreltail’s daughter
Lilyheart Sorreltail’s daughter
Seedpaw Sorreltail’s daughter
Molepaw Sorreltail’s son
Hollytuft Cinderheart’s daughter
Sorrelstripe Cinderheart’s daughter
Spotfur Cinderheart’s daughter
Flywhisker Cinderheart’s daughter
Fernsong Cinderheart’s son
Snaptooth Cinderheart’s son
Myrtlepaw Sorrelstripe’s daughter
Baypaw Sorrelstripe’s son
Stemleaf Spotfur’s mate
Fernsong Ivypool’s mate
Bristlefrost Ivypool’s daughter
Thriftear Ivypool’s daughter
Flipclaw Ivypool’s son
Sandstorm Firestar’s mate
Flickerkit Sparkpelt’s son
Flamepaw Sparkpelt’s son
Finchpaw Sparkpelt’s daughter
Pinestar Leapordfoot’s mate
Sweetbriar Pinestar’s mother
Oakstar Pinestar’s father
Frecklewish Pinestar’s half sister
Birchface Pinestar’s half brother
Nightkit Pinestar’s daughter
Mistkit Pinestar’s daughter
Tigerstar Pinestar’s son
Fallowsong Sweetbriar’s sister
Poppydawn Fallowsong’s daughter
Heronwing Fallowsong’s son
Rabbitleap Fallowsong’s son
Sasha Tigerstar’s mate
Goldenflower Tigerstar’s mate
Juniperkit Squirrelflight’s son
Dandelionkit Squirrelflight’s daughter
Stormfur Graystripe’s son
Silverstream Graystripe’s former
Feathertail Graystripe’s daughter
Mothwing Bramblestar’s half sister
Hawkfrost Bramblestar’s half brother
Tadpole Bramblestar’s half brother
Swiftpaw Bramblestar’s half brother
Scourge Firestar’s half brother
Socks Firestar’s half brother
Ruby Firestar’s half sister
Redtail Sandstorm’s father
Nutmeg Firestar’s mother
Princess Firestar’s sister
Millie Graystripe’s mate
Blossomfall Thornclaw’s mate
Eaglewing Blossomfall’s daughter
Plumstone Blossomfall’s daughter
Shellfur Blossomfall’s son
Moonflower Whitestorm’s grandmother
Snowfur Moonflower’s daughter
Bluestar Snowfur’s sister
Oakheart Crookedstar’s brother
Mistystar Bluestar’s daughter
Stonefur Bluestar’s son
Mosskit Bluestar’s daughter
Thistleclaw Snowfur’s mate
Crookedstar Silverstream’s father
Rainflower Crookedstar’s mother
Shellheart Rainflower’s former mate
Briarlight Blossomfall’s sister
Bumblestripe Millie’s son
Goosefeather Moonflower’s brother
Stormtail Moonflower’s mate
Whew! That’s done. There might be more but I think this is enough. Tell me ideas for different articles and I might do them! I hope you like it! Article number 3. Bye!
Coldheart out.

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