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Terra Sky takes a deep dive into Riverstar’s character

The famous founder of the Clan of river cats, Riverstar is by far one of the most fascinating characters in Warriors, at least to me. The wise and kind-hearted RiverClan leader came from a group called Cats of the Park, where he used to meditate. Fascinating, isn’t it? The concept of meditating is something entirely new in Warriors, and it builds up a compelling backstory for RiverClan’s founder.

Riverstar is many things : kind, calm, wise (very!), friendly, enigmatic and charming. All the qualities to shape a character that everyone would love. And that is especially true among the Warriors fans, since I’ve never seen anyone say anything but nice things about him. All the fans love him; he’s by far the most appreciated of the founders, and everyone would be thrilled to know more about him. And we might get what we want, since a recent survey on the official website gave fans the chance to suggest which characters they would like to see as protagonists in a Novella or Super Edition. Needless to say, Riverstar would be the perfect choice for the latter.

Not only is he already a very impressive character, but he’s the most underrated of the five founders; he’s the only who doesn’t :
1. Have his face on any of the Dawn of the Clans covers
2. Appear in the first Dawn of the Clans book
3. Have a lot of spotlight given to himself; Skystar, Shadowstar and Thunderstar all have POV’s that are not just Bonus Scenes; and Windstar may have the same amount of POV pages as Riverstar, but not only does she appear a lot throughout the entire prequel series, but she’s also a main character in Moth Flight’s Vision, the first leader to receive her lives (and lose one of them!) , has her face on the Dawn of the Clans Box Set, and there are still cats who are descended from her in the present day Clans. Riverstar is the only character with not much attention, and he rarely appears in the books as well. With that in mind, plus the aforementioned characteristics of Riverstar’s character, it’s very easy to see why he’d be the perfect choice for a Super Edition. Not to mention, the fans LOVE RiverClan and are constantly asking for more RiverClan content, so that’s another reason.

But we’re not here to discuss what might happen in the future. No, we’re here to see what makes this mysterious tom so special. For a start, mysterious characters are something that I think everyone likes. His backstory is really interesting too, for as mentioned in the first paragraph, we don’t see any other character in the series meditate. His kindness and calm nature are things to be appreciated as well, for the RiverClan tom has helped save the day many times : saving the cats from a fire; rescuing Turtle Tail’s kits; and helping them in the battle against One Eye, along with being a welcoming nature for any who wanted to join his Clan. He’s the type of character who doesn’t appear much, but when he does, he always leaves a very good lasting impression. That’s just who he is.

Thank you for reading until the end! What are some of the things you enjoy about Riverstar? Let me know in the comments!

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  • He is surely very wise!
    It has been mentioned that he ‘doesn’t care about the other clans very much’, and ‘would skip gatherings if he could’ but hey! That’s one of the reasons I like him.

  • Riverstar is ok, but RiverClan is overrated and they are kind of umm (boring?) because they only swim and eat fish and are like every single other Clan. I got really bored in Crookedstar’s Promise until Mapleshade came in.

  • In my opinion, Riverstar is more like an under developed mary sue character. He is perfect. Too perfect. I do absolutely not dislike him. But he’s overrated. So is RiverClan in particular. They’re just boring. Riverstar does almost nothing. I do not care about him at all. Windstar is tough and sometimes a jerk, Thunderstar is the biggest jerk you can imagine (my opinion), Skystar is agressive but still a great character, and Shadowstar is fierce and strong. Riverstar is just… wise, and perfect… He is one of the biggest mary sue characters. Dovewing isn’t a mary sue. Firestar also isn’t. Riverstar is even a bigger mary sue than Ivypool and Sparkpelt (Sparkpelt is one of the biggest mary sues in the series in my opinion). He is just there.

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